Getting Water in the upper stories by RTI

Water_Delhi_Jal_Board_RTIIn this classic case a common but long standing problem was solved by a Right to Information. A simple RTI solved the big problem of water supply of the Sainik Enclave, Mohan Garden at New Delhi. Because of the low level of pipes which are bringing water to the colony, some houses which are at a height, were not getting the water. Therefore RTI applicant made an RTI application to Delhi Jal Board by asking whether during carpeting/repairing of roads, height of roads should be increased or kept at the same old level/height,etc. The Official of DJB did not reply to the RTI query.

The RTI Applicant complaint to the CIC for non reply of information. DJB official during hearing at CIC agreed to do the needful and requested the appellant to collect some more signatures of the residents of the area, so that they will take action as desired by the appellant.

Getting Water in the upper stories

The Commission having satisfied that information has been furnished to the appellant, closed the appeal.

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  1. actual judgement link has not bee provided with this matter for detail reading of the matter by the subscribers

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  3. Do a willful wrong and let the affected find his means of getting it corrected if not through bribe. For The Govt It is the order of the day , whether issue or no issue procrastinate the matter,till CIC or any Court direct the Govt what to do. If possible misinterpret the ORDERS and further mess up the issue. Govt of the people, for the ” People in the Govt” may change for the “people not in the Govt”.

  4. Thank you for mailing me RTI judgments on regular basis. It is helping in filing RTI application.