No RTI to Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) till Supreme Court Decides

No RTI to Indian Council of ArbitrationThe Indian Council of Arbitration established in 1965 is the apex arbitral organisation for settling commercial disputes says NO to RTI citing that Department of Commerce (DOC) neither provides any financial assistance to ICA nor has any administrative control over it; ICA is being treated as an independent autonomous body and therefore, it is outside the purview of ‘public authority’ as defined in RTI Act.

CIC has also allowed to keep ICA out of RTI citing that Electronics & Computers Software Export Promotion Council, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts and Apparel Export Promotion Council is subjudice before Hon’ble Supreme Court, it would not be appropriate for the Commission to take a view whether ICA is ‘public authority’ u/s 2(h) of the RTI Act.

The CIC advised applicant to approach the Commission in second appeal afresh, only after the judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court on Export Promotion Councils is decided. 

No RTI to Indian Council of Arbitration

Thus till the decision of Court comes, the stand remains that “ICA is an independent autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960 and it is outside the purview of “public authority” as defined in RTI Act.”

Case No. CIC/SS/A/2012/002190 dated: 05.09.2013
Name of Appellant Name of Respondent Date of Hearing, Dated: 07.01.2014
Shri Anuj Kanwal Vs Indian Council of Arbitration


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