Chandrashekara Hebbar Kollya

Area of Expertise:
City: Mangalore
State: Karnataka
Address: 2-51(10), Sannija Nilaya, Opp.Govt P.U.College, PO.Chelairu, Mangalore, PIN 574146
Time of Availability: 10AM to 10PM
Detail Bio :

I’am a born HINDU, brought up in Mangalore, did my higher education at KGF. I have 20 years of professional experience in construction of mega residential and industrial projects in India and 4 countries abroad, those are UAE,KSA,Oman and Gabon.
My struggle for living propagate me to be aggressive and fight for our rights. Although we are a independent republic country since last 66 years, the basic living standards of food,cloth,shelter and more importantly education and employment is still a major problem for major portion of the 1.2 billion population.
The law of the land has double standard like stipulate the right rule and implement the opposite to win election and capture the power. For simple example, we say our self a sacred secular country, but when it comes to actual practice, entirely we follow the opposite like, divide the population on religious ground, then religion on cast and sub cast basis. With all such mess, today country is like direction less and with out strong leadership. To overcome this situation every citizen should be knowledgeable, aware about their rights and fight for the same till achieving our benefits being born citizens of this country.
Further to safeguard our Independence and integrity every citizen must morally support our defense forces, because of whom, irrespective of all irresponsible political leadership and turmoil, we still enjoy the Nation hood.
Country’s economy is in the hands of rich 5 to 10% population, where as 90 to 95% population is still suffering by many difficulties due to inflation, regular price hike for the fuel, unemployment, uncertain stock market and economic invasion by the multinational companies. There is no any financial system to make flow of huge reserve of money controlled by the 5% rich population. Some where those fund could be utilized for the growth of the Nation but it is either getting corroded or kept unaccounted. Instead the country’s supreme financial institution is eyeing to capture the gold reserve in the Hindu Temples.
The citizens of country needs equal rights for all, if not the fight for their rights will continue in a divided society. So the choice is left to the rulers whether they want to keep this system continue to keep suffer the population or bring drastic change to see prosperity in each and every individual Citizen. To all this TIME is the best solution and right answer, let us wait and watch for a historic revolution in the near future.

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Listing Title: Chandrashekara Hebbar Kollya