RTI Activists

Hrishikesh Saraswat
I am social worker and hindi poet.
Mukesh S Agrawal
chhota udepur
I have got 100% success in individual cases pending to any govt. department or office, solved by RTI. Have faced so much troubles to get info regarding public interest matters or big scams. I am using RTI for last five years and helped so many individuals to get their work done by RTI. I never take single rupee from anyone for help given by me.
Mohit Khanna
Ready to help all in need
Priya De
New Delhi
I am working for people who want to file RTI in matters of Public Interest. I also file RTI on behalf of others.
Rajiv Ratnam
San Francisco/Bangalore
Human Rights Violations/Not-for-profit issues. Low volume. Email contact only.
Running a group under the name of TRAP in ALIGARH, U.P.
Have been involved with this forum for last 5 years. Have experiemce in soliciting information on societies affairs , PF issues and administrative affairs.
Ravinder Mehta
Successful RTI use
Paras Nath Singh
I am a law student at Aligarh Muslim University. I am working in the field of RTI and Human Rights activism since 2010.
A RTI Activist since 2005. DNA scientist by profession,civil society activist by choice. Use my strength of language in drafting RTI Applications.Working in RTI area to expose corruption and misappropriation in scientific organisations. Have already exposed Rs 100 crores misappropriation and corruption in Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics (CDFD) at hyderabad.
Debabrata Mallick
PALTA, Barrackpore;
Retired State Civil Servant; Worked in West Bengal Food and Supplies Service Cadre from 1979 to 2010; specialization in Food Laws and Administrative matters.
lissing perme
members of rtiindia.org since 2011.practicing at guahati high court itanagar permanent bench, naharlagun.
Debashis Nanda
Passed Certificate in RTI, Centre for Good Governance,Hyderabad
Santosh Kumar Sahu
A RTI activist who tries to help fellow citizens from bureaucratic inability and misdeeds.
Vinod Bansal
I have filed more than 500 RTI Applications in Public interest only & contested so many cases/matters upto SIC & CIC & In consumer forums
Hitesh Hindustani
Already dealed with 150 RTI in Haryana and increasing day by day to support public
M.Parthasarathy Advocate
i am An advocate of 4 years of Experience, with B.A.(Academic Laws.,LLB, Degree, and B.A degree for Hindi Literature, ready to really needy people as a service, when i am free from court cases.
S. Alexraj
I can be approached for Drafting RTI Query, 1st and 2nd appeal under RTI
Mumbai-Mira Road.
Working for welfare of senior citizens of the Country. Representing and then following up with RTI Applications & Appeals with President, PM, other Ministers, Chief Minister, Maharashtra & Local Bodies for various matters pertaining to senior citizens.Got a ruling from CIC that Public Authorities have to outline the Plan of Action for implementation of National Policy of Older Persons, 99 and indicate its outcome for larger benefits of the Society (Decision no. 2701/IC/(A)/2008 dt 27-6-08). Lot of streamlining of various Public Authority & CIC office has been achieved.
S M M Rehman
I am a retired senior bank official. Financial Advisor & Legal Consultant. Presently practicing law at Patna High Court. Chairman of an Educational & Social Welfare Trust. Attached with various RTI & Human Right forums.