Drafting Consumer Cases

Vishram Ashokrao kadam
Address: Sangli
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Myself Vishram A kadam belongs to Karad Maharashtra. I am a RTI and RTS activist by passion. Sorted out many grievances pertaining to Government, Large-scale organisations, and prominent political leaders as well. Love to fight against corruption, corrupt people’s from the system who are damaging the country by doing all these illegal and corrupt things. I don’t charge anything for my services.

Thank you
Er.Dinesh kumar
Address: GWALIOR 474001
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: मुझे लोगो की मदद करना अच्छा लगता है, में सबसे यही कहना चाहूंगा कि अपने अधिकारों की बात रखने से पहले अपने कर्तव्यों का निर्वाह करना ही मानवीय उसूलों का और मानवीय जीवन का सच्चा अर्थ है !
Raguvanshi Chanchal Rana
Address: Shimla 171001
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: I am always ready to help those people whose are tourchered by the system through drafting the RTI, Human right commission, National Women commissions, Pmo & Hmo complaints. I am working as a area sales manager in birla sunlife & also completed LLB in 2019 & MBA in marketing in 2017, I am submitting more then 500 complaints in National human right commission,NCW,PMO & HMO for helping people last 5 years. I am also draft rti application and rti appeals for helping the public, I shall be given free of cost services if complaint and person are true & helpless
Jatinder Malik
Address: chandigarh 160047
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: I always fighting with corruption and corrupt officers specially police excesses
Address: Serampore,Hooghly
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: OCC on RTI Act, 2005 from DoPT, Govt. of India, Ministry of Personnel,Public Grievances & Pensions in collaboration with Center for Good Governance, Hyderabad ,deep experience of more than 3 years in the matter of practical RTI National as well State level.
Address: KARNAL
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: I want to help the victims of corruption and false cases
Arun Kumar Singh
Address: Serampore,Hooghly
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Graduate pursuing LLB and is DoPT, Govt. of India certified OCC on RTI Act, 2005 Activist
Malik Shaikh
Address: Mumbai
Area of Expertise:
Rahul Kumar
Address: Bangalore
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Graduate in Commerce. Society supporter and enthusiastic. Awarded by a number of NGO for my work in different fields around India.
Address: NAGPUR
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: i am also the Member of Consumer forum.
Varun Bansal
Address: Bathinda
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: My Prior Motive is to save Citizens from Victimization. I have also opened one Law firm for Citizens convenience named RTI ONLINE SERVICES . We have already filed more than 400 RTI applications, 1st Appeal and also Fought many cases in all over India State Information Commissions and Central Commission. Many peoples have got relief via us. I also fight cases in various Human Rights Commissions, SC/BC Welfare Commissions, Woman Welfare Commissions, Service Commissions, Consumer Cases and Notices. I was also victim as a MBBS Student in one medical college, from that Incident I have started my journey of RTI Counselor(Govt of India Regd.) and Human Rights Protector & Legal Drafter.
Address: SURAT
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Rti activists surat citizens
Mohammed Wasim
Address: Siliguri
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: I want to aware people with loaves and fishes of the community development. Fights for your rights
Address: SURAT
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Rti activists surat citizens
mohd aslam khan
Address: mumbai
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Maine up men chal rahe awaidh khanan k bare rti kiya jankari liya aur Allahabad high court men case file kiya
Ajay Kumar Bahl
Address: Faridabad
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: Trying to do something for the society, to help underprivileged and weaker sections, especially the kids with their education .
Founder & Visionary at Ek Sangharsh (Regd NGO). Have many success stories of achievements through effective use of RTI Act for self and others.
Advocate Govind Goyal
Address: Noida
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: I am a Lawyer, In addition to this, I provide Free Legal Aid To Poor & Downtrodden. http://www.thelegaladvice.com/
You can contact me for the following:

Here are the examples of certain Legal issues which will be dealt via me:
· How, When and Where to institute a suit for the infringement of a Legal Right.
· What is the Limitation Period for filing a case/suit and how that period of limitation can be extended.
· Service matter related suits/cases e.g. firing and hiring by company, salary release and increase problems, getting back the dues from the company after resigning or being dismissed and service bond/agreement and promotion related problems.
· Difference between the rights and liabilities of an unregistered and registered Firm or Company.
· Recovery Suits to recover the given loan or any other amount worth recoverable either from a public or private person.
· Permanent Injunction/ Stay Matters and Mandatory Injunction Suit.
· Suits for the Specific performance of a contract.
· Rent Matters.
· Title Disputes of Properties Immovable and Movable both inclusive.
· Partition suits of the Ancestral property including issues regarding Will/ Testamentary Successions.
· Declaratory Suits for the declaration of any Legal Right.
· How and when to file a Counter-Claim or Set-Off in a suit.
· House allotment Schemes of the Government under Re-rehabilitation Programmes.
· Land Acquisition Policies of the government and compensation to the owner of the Land.
· Interpleader Suits.
· Right to file Writs in the Hon’ble High Court.
· Consumer Rights protection issues.
· Right to Information.
· Labour Court and Central Administrative Tribunal Related issues.
· Registration of a document and problems relating the same.
· Free Legal Aid And Mediation &Conciliation Under Section 89 CPC.
· Marriage disputes, Family Disputes, Custody of the child, Adoption of the Child, Domestic Violence and Maintenance from Husband, Dowry Demand, Cruelty, Bigamy, Divorce.
· How to file a criminal complaint and right to get the FIR registered through court under section 156(3) Cr.P.C.
· Right to get Bail and to be represented by an advocate during remand hours.
· Crime,investigation and prosecution related issues.
· Motor Vehicle/Traffic Challans and fines thereon and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.
· Crime against Women and Child specially Sexual Crimes.
· Defamation as a criminal and civil issue.
· Gender Issues i.e Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders.
· How to file appeal against any Conviction order and on what ground and right to get Bail under Section 389 Cr.P.C. pending appeal.
· And Many More…

In Today’s environments, due to lack of information of Legal Knowledge, common issues become so dangerous that becomes difficult to handle and to get the honest opinion about the common problems and this soon lead aggravation of the problem in to disaster, So, Hurry up & share you story here, and get the best solution of your problem.
Update your awareness about particular legal issues that is affecting your daily life.
All The very best.
Nitinsinh Raulji
Address: Vadodara
Area of Expertise:
Short Bio: I am a social activist, Right to Informaion/ RTI Activist, Right To Education Activist. I have been involved in social activity for over 15 years. I like to help the citizens learn and exercize their rights to information and support their fight against Injustice, Inequility and Corruption.
I also like to deliver lectures and conduct workshops to educate citizens.
Address: JANGAON
Area of Expertise: