BSES under RTI – yet to be decided

bses under rtiThe fate of B.S.E.S as public authority is still not settled and the matter has been stayed by the Delhi High Court in Stay order 23.1.2007 in W.P. (Civil) No. 544/2007 (BSES Rajdhani Power Limited vs. CIC).

The commission decided that this matter be listed for hearing once the Delhi High Court pronounces its decision.

Following the privatisation of Delhi’s power sector and unbundling of the Delhi Vidyut Board in July 2002, the business of power distribution was transferred to BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL). These two of the three successor entities distribute electricity to 33.96 lakh customers in two thirds of Delhi. The Company acquired assets, liabilities, proceedings and personnel of the Delhi Vidyut Board as per the terms and conditions contained in the Transfer Scheme. The details of the BSES can be read here.

BSES under RTI

The decision can be read here!

You can discuss this decision at our forum here! This is an extract of the decision available on the CIC public website, and is meant for generating interest in our readers only. For the true detailed and authentic copy you must download the decision from the CIC website!
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One comment on “BSES under RTI – yet to be decided
  1. DEEPAK DANG says:

    In one of the case (Detail not in mind) Delhi H.C. or SCI had described that any one receiving Subsidy from “Public Exchequer” or took the advantage of allocation of land/ building/Infrastructure on subsidized rates, is also comes under the definition of “Competent GOVT.”, hence has to provide information under RTI ACT-2005.

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