bar council and bar associationThe CIC has brought both Bar Council and Bar Association under RTI. The Bar Council being the statutory body constituted under Advocates Act 1961, to protect ethical standards of Advocates and admonish the members for misconduct are not exempt under RTI Act, ruled the Central Information Commission.

Similarly, though Bar Associations are different from Bar Councils, they are also constituted under a law made by Parliament, i.e., the Advocates Act, 1961. They too have a duty to inform the people about their activities.

Bar Council and Bar Association now under RTI

The appellant wanted information regarding the number of complaints against the advocates, how many cases were disposed of, number of advocates who had violated the provisions of Advocates Act, number and percentage of complaints disposed of within a year of the lodging of the complaint, etc. practising/registered with the Bar Associations and how many disciplinary cases against the advocates were sent to the Bar Council by the respective Bar Associations located. The appellant complained that he was not provided with the required information and his first appeals were also not heard by the FAA.

The decision can be read here!


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  1. This is great initiative Bar council n Bar Association now under RTI ACT. Common man must know what what advocates n legal professional are doing n the status.I am Shibu George, President, MASSINDIA, NGO for Mumbai Rgn central. I understand many cases are pending in various courts and also noticed fair justice is not meted to certain cases. One old National issue case is open now under our pressure. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.

  2. I made RTI Application In Thana BAR District Lalitpur UP. The PIO Reply as No application received. I have got signed POD from Post office by separate RTI. The same I produced to State Information commissioner Shri Gajendra Yadav he refused to take as POD. Even No order passed my My RTI second appeal. Please guide me What I can do? How can change my SIC?

    1. Instead of filing in high court apply fresh RTI, send a copy to state bar council and bar council of India too, the concern PIO will redirect the same u/s 6(3) to the district APIO, the same will be marked to you.

  3. An absolute need of the day. An example that in India, whenever an Act is passed, we the people probe its exceptions first. Welcome decision.

  4. sir, what about a case given to bar council of delhi in oct 2014 , heard in march 2015 and is Dismissed.
    complainant want to go for review petition with bar council of india but as per rule “Order copy ” should be attached with review petition, here is catch , till date after dismissing complaint in march 2015 the order copy is not ready.
    communication with PIO at bar council of delhi is not yielding any result.
    RTI & Appellate authority is not responding.
    complaint to law ministry is not showing response.
    where to go?
    what should be my action?.

  5. Thanks to RTI INDIA FORUM for implementing under this act. Bar and Associaton of Advocates office will also run in a good System and will be very good needful to the clients and for the puplic by giving the Right Informations to those who have applied for informations. Thank you One & All.

  6. It’s among greatest start if will be used by the aggrieved at the hands of the unprofessional lawyer’s attitude faced by the clients.