Organisation is covered under RTI

It is not relevant if any organsation is covered under RTI or not, the public authority should give information which is available with him or which he can access from that organisation. In the recent matter which came up for hearing with CIC, Public Authority Canteen Stores Department, Mumbai denied information taking the plea that Unit Run Canteen (URC) is not a public authority.

“CPIO submitted that URC is not a public authority and hence information has been denied. “

Organisation is covered under RTI

The CIC recorded that

“even if hypothetically the CPIO’s claim of URC not being a public authority is conceded with, fact remains that the Appellant has sought information from a public authority and not from URC, therefore the contention of the CPIO that URC is not a public authority will not apply to the merits of this case”.

CIC decided the appeal by giving directions to CPIO to provide information to the Appellant pertaining to the RTI Application which is available with him or which he can access from URC. The decision can be downloaded from our website by following the link here:  Bharat_Bhusahn_Khulbe. If you have further questions regarding RTI, kindly go ahead and post it over our forum here.

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  1. I needed a couple of information from our Housing Society for which filed RTI application BEFORE PIO, Dy.Registrar who did not obtain the information from our Society and gave the information which he had with him which I did not seek. However I filed subsequent application before FAA

    who happened to be Dy Registrar, Now I have to see whether he complies with or not. However he verbally told me that there are enough ruling that the Housing Society being a private body who does not come under the purview of RTI. i asked him to dispose the appeal as he wishes.

  2. It is shame on CIC and other government agencies posting such claims after regular intervals. Public Authorities have become so thick skinned knowing CIC or DoPT are tooth less to initiate any action against them. Even IC’s are not afraid , they come out in favor of Public Authorities guiding appellant to move to High Court. I have been complaining against IC for his self invented provision of declaring appeals filed with section 18 & 19 invalid, disposing the appeals without any directions. this killed the vary motive of the Act to provide information to every citizen. Second penalty imposed on CPIO could not be recovered as Public Authority did not imitate any action on directions of the CIC. Public Authority at wishes declares applicant as vindictive as applicant has been active to expose all administrative and financial scams public by use of RTI. Any any authority come forward and say to provide details as they wish to initiate action in the matters listed? if so, contact me through mail all documents are collected under RTI to prove the listed defaults.