rejected-bak-proposal-rtiThe CPIO need not provide information regarding those proposals that were received, but were rejected and no disbursal was made.- CIC

He (the Appellant) has sought information regarding the financing proposals under the subsidy scheme, received by the bank from the District Rural Development Agency, Balasore.

Rejected proposal under subsidy scheme

Taking into account the above and Section 4 (1) (b) (xii) of the RTI Act, we direct the CPIO to provide to the Appellant, the names of those who were given financial assistance under the subsidy programme on the basis of proposals received from the District Rural Development Agency, Balasore from 2009 to 2011 and the amount of subsidy disbursed in each case.

The decision can be downloaded from our repository here: Rejected proposal under RTI. If you have queries and want to help others go to our forums here!


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  1. public interest in the information sought by RTI PMO Railway Section 7 ( 1 ) within the ordered letter pending in DLW , Varanasi

  2. The decision per se perverse and lacks understanding the scheme. The beneficiaries are selected in open Grama Sabha. Further scrutiny is through a sanction committee consisting of village surpanch, lead bank officer and another officer from Bank. The moment the beneficiary gets his name included, the transparency starts. There is nothing like fiduciary relationship with DRDA and when no such customer relationship commence with bank, when such relations were nipped in the bud when application was rejected. . There is a controlling statement on No.of beneficiaries identified, selected, sanctioned, grounded, pending for grounding etc. Such sanction communication/ rejection is sent to DRDA, which again is not held by them under fiduciary relationship. Appellant has not placed his arguments properly before IC.. Every thing is transparent in subsidy schemes, whether the subsidy is granted or not is a different issue. Whether eligible /deserving candidates were selected in the scheme or not, whether rejections were made by higher authority over sanctioning authority of the bank on valid grounds are the only issues.