UIDAI settles out of CIC for withdrawal of Appeal

UIDAI settles out of CICIn response to his appeal before the Commission, the UIDAI, Hyderabad called up the Applicant and provided an e-Adhaar copy  to his satisfaction. The CIC also let go UIDAI by treating appeal as withdrawn. Earlier, Dr. Ravhuvir Prasad Mathur, has filed the appeal before the Commission against the respondent Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI), Hyderabad for not providing satisfactory information in response to his RTI-application.

The appellant vide his letter dated 13.12.2013 informed the Commission that in response to his appeal before the Commission, the CPIO, UIDAI, Hyderabad has called him and provided EIN and an e-Adhaar copy for Garima Mathur to his satisfaction and he may be allowed to withdraw his appeal. In view of above submissions of the appellant the instant appeal was dismissed as withdrawn by CIC.

In a discussion thread posted here at our forum : Can an RTI application be withdrawn?, the provision of the RTI Act has been quoted. In one such curious hearing available here: “Can CIC continue with SCN Proccedings if appeal has already been withdrawn before date of hearing of appeal.“, CIC refused to allow withdrawal stating that “When an appeal is made to the Commission public resources are being expended and the Commission would still go ahead with the penalty proceedings even if the Appellant wishes to withdraw the appeal.”

UIDAI settles out of CIC for withdrawal of Appeal

Even in this thread you shall read some interesting details on such withdrawal of appeals: Man withdraws plaint, NGO fumes

The question arises is the act of withdrawal by complainant a success story for RTI, or does it points to manipulation?

Case No. CIC/SS/A/2013/001752
Dated: 06/01.2014
Name of Appellant : Dr. Raghuvir Prasad Mathur
Name of Respondent : Unique Identification Authority of India, Hyderabad
Date of Hearing : 06.01.2014

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