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Delhi Chief Minister and CMO playing Ping Pong with RTI Application

PING PONG RTIDelhi Government 38 Departments are allowing Ping Pong with RTI Applications, claims the RTI Applicant. A senior Citizen RTI Application asking for handicapped pension for his wife was transferred to 29 Public Information Officers (PIOs). Among those authorities, some of them transferred the application to each other.  The issue is in fact, multiple transfers of the RTI application from CM office to a number of PIOs, spending huge amount of money on the correspondence and yielding nothing.

Can Govt spend public money on such purposeless transfers? There appears to be a serious governance crisis as the appellant and the citizens similarly placed, are not getting any information under the RTI Act from Delhi Government, noted CIC.

Applicant stated that “When the question was nonpayment of pension, it is supposed to be decided by the office of the CM, and it cannot simply shirk its responsibility by transferring the RTI application to the MCD”.  Read more ›

Don’t wait for the hearing Notice from CIC

hearing Notice from CICIf the information asked under RTI is available after the reply to RTI, the PIO should not wait for the second appeal to happen to give those documents, instead it should be provided to the RTI applicant immediately. The PIO has earlier furnished incomplete reply due to unavailability of the documents. However, subsequently he had the documents, but did not give to the RTI applicant for approximately a year. Instead it waited for the second appeal hearing at CIC for more than a year and then produced the documents in front of the CIC. If you have any question regarding RTI, please post at our forum here!

Central Information Commission directed the PIO that he should not wait until he receives the hearing notice from the commission. The commission directed the PIO to stick to this principle that as and when he is able to collect the information sought by the applicant, it should be provided to the applicant immediately. Read more ›

DMRC to provide complete list of incidences of Delhi Metro train halts

delhi metro haltsDelhi Metro Rail Corporation are under legal obligation to provide complete list of incidences when Delhi Metro trains services are halted due to technical snag or due to other reasons on all routs/ lines, along with duration of halt and service, free of cost rules CIC. The decision can be downloaded from here!

Does this decision has a wider ramification? Can citizen ask for information about other trains, bus services and also the flights which are delayed or cancelled. Post you views at our forum. Read more ›