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Shadow file under RTI

In a recent decision, Central Information Commission directed the Public Information Officer (PIO) to provide certified copy of the Shadow file under RTIShadow file under RTI. This issue was discussed in the discussions here “Shadow files in Government“. As per the Manual of Office Procedure of Government of India: “If the reference seeks an opinion, ruling-or concurrence of the receiving Department and requires detailed examination, such examination will normally be done separately and only the officer responsible for commenting upon the reference will record the final views on the file. This separate examination can be done through routine notes or on what is commonly known as “shadow files“‘ which are opened subject wise in the receiving department.”

In the discussion it was raised that “The Main file is available under RTI, but the shadow file is not revealed. Has anybody got the copies of the shadow file under RTI? If one gets to access the shadow file, which generally contains a lot more information than what main file would contain, the level of transparency shall improve…Read more ›

Activities of Anti-Corruption NGO are for Public Interest

EWS_DElhi_admissionWhile obtaining information regarding details of selected candidates of economically weaker sections (EWS) from Doon Public School the PIO alleged that RTI Applicant has threatened her saying that “My dekhunga, my kuch karunga” and that applicant is not having any public interest behind his RTI applications.  The RTI applicant denied all the allegations made by the officer and further stated that he is heading an NGO and all his activities are for public interest.

The Commission having heard the submissions and perused the record directed the PIO/Education, West­ B District to provide point wise revised information to the appellant. The EWS Form is for application in Delhi can be downloaded from here Read more ›

People have right to know the policy on political publicity

political-advertisementIn a significant decision, Commission has asked the Chief Secretary of Delhi and Union Cabinet Secretary to disclose their policy on usage of photos of political leaders on various kinds of advertisements issued by state at the cost of tax payer’s money under Section 4 of Right to Information Act.

Earlier Lokayuktha of Delhi have given recommendations for effective prevention of photo publicity of the political rulers. The Lokayuktha has found usage of photographs of Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dixit and former Minister Shri Rajkumar Chouhana Government on Loan Application Forms of SC/ST/OBC Minority Finance and Development Corporation, which was sold at Rs 100 per application, being unusual and without any justification. Read more ›