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Feedback on tax evasion complaint- A consistent stand of CIC

The complainant has a right to know whether the information provided by him has been found to be false or true. It has been CIC consistent stand that feedback should be provided to the appellant once investigation into a tax evasion complaint has been finalised. Therefore, kindly remember that you have the right to get the broad outcome of the complaint but not the details of the investigations.

Blank ban on disclosure of information regarding the action taken on tax evasion complaints may not always be in the best interest of the state revenues. In fact, it may dis-enthuse the information givers as information givers are generally keen to know whether the information provided by them has been of some value to the authorities or not. Feedback on tax evasion complaint would motivate the information givers to provide further informations to the authorities and thereby enable them to curb tax evasion and enhance the state revenues.

In the present case too, the CIC ruled that Read more ›