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    You may be denied info for good 4 years if you give extra 2 Rupees in RTI


    2 Rupees in RTIHow important is 2 Rupees in RTI? If you go by the latest decision of CIC, the CPIO thinks it is. The information was denied for depositing extra two rupees for obtaining the information from Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Kolkata. The complaint was lodged at CIC against the CPIO. CIC however, referred the matter to First Appellate Authority (FAA) who disposed of the appeal upholding that RTI applicant should deposit exact 8 rupees instead of Rupees 10.

    2 Rupees in RTI

    Earlier applicant submitted that he has not been provided information sought vide his RTI dt 21.3.09 even though he had submitted the photocopying charges.CPIO/DCIT HQ(Admn) Kolkata, vide letter dt 9.4.09 asked appellant to deposit Rs 8 as photocopying charges. The appellant remitted Rs 10 which was not accepted by CPIO and advised the appellant to remit Rs 8 only vide letter dt 23.4.09. A complaint was lodged with the CIC on 20.4.11. CIC vide order dt 12.4.13 remanded the matter to the FAA. AA vide order dt 13.8.13, disposed of the appeal upholding the decision of the CPIO.

    The whole RTI initiated by Shri Sukumar Mondal in the year 2009 was decided in the year 2013, where the CIC finally observed that the stand of the CPIO and the FAA in turning down the request for supply of information on the grounds that the appellant instead of submitting Rs 8 had submitted Rs 10, is not tenable. The submission of two extra rupees cannot be a ground for denying information to the appellant. And then, CIC directed CPIO to provide information in the next 10 days on 16.12.2013.

    Rajiv Mathur)
    Central Information Commissioner

    File No.CIC/RM/A/2013/000842

    Appellant: Shri Sukumar Mondal, Midnapore

    Public Authority: DCIT (Hqrs)(Admn.) and Addl. CIT (Hqrs.) (Admn.), Kolkata

    Date of Hearing: 16.12.2013

    Date of decision: 16.12.2013

    Link to Decision: http://rti.cc/40

    What are your views? Does this deserve a silent acceptance from us?

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    Any law can be made a joke ! Lokpal has become a joke, even before it came in to existence !

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    The CPIO / SPIO never want to give information sought. Hence they resort to all kinds of silly gimmicks, so that the purpose of RTI is defeated.

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    The CPIO or for that matter FAA will be searching for reasons as to how best the information can be denied under some plea or pretext and extra Rs.2/- is only such plea for not supplying information for full 4 years.This should be noted by our friends and try to avoid such things in future.

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    As far as my knowledge is concerned SPIO was supposed to return extra Rs 2/- as per provisions of RTI Act. I've invoked so many RTIs & have always paid extra amount, requesting SPIO to intimate me if the amount is less & return extra amount, if the fees remitted is in excess. Nowhere I was denied Information. Can't comment how the CIC & FAA observed that payment of extra fees can be a valid reason for denying Information. Quite ridiculous.

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