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    RTI brought respect back to teacher after two years


    rti brought respect to teacherThis is a case study of how after two years of suffering and harassment, a teacher got his respect back by using an RTI. A must read for all of us who are still exploring about RTI. If you want us to help you in drafting or correcting your RTI, please post at our forum here. You can also learn how to file RTI Online by following our guide.


    On a false complaint of a student, an inquiry was ordered against a maths teacher wherein feedback was taken from students asking them whether they liked the teacher or not. The school dropped the charges against the teacher after finding that there was some kind of politics at play in the school and there was an attempt to vilify the teacher.


    RTI brought respect to teacher after 2 years

    However, this did not end here. The report that the charges has been dropped against him, was never told to him from the past 2 years. He was put to serious suffering, agony and anguish for the last two year's. When he filed RTI to know the inquiry report and feedback received, this was denied by PIO. The school went ahead of suppressing the vital information to First Appellate Authority, ie Directorate of Education, GNCTD, Delhi. The teacher filed a second appeal with the central information commission (cic) but school didn't give any bit of information to the teacher even then.


    During the hearing at CIC, however the school did produce the inquiry report wherein it finally revealed that the charges were already dropped on Feb 2013 and that it was never told to the teacher. It was indeed a very pathetic non-responsive attitude of the PIO against a teacher who was liked by most of the students and he is made to suffer without any relief or information about the dropping of charges against him.


    CIC recorded that PIO has a harassing attitude as was evident from the denial of teacher right, and from the fact that there was an attempt of suppression of information from FAA. Teacher has the right to have a copy of the inquiry report, whether it is favorable or not. Teacher also has right under RTI Act but also under the principles of natural justice, especially when the inquiry into allegations was completed.


    CIC issued show cause notice to PIO for imposing maximum penalty, ordered that certified copies of inquiry must be supplied and ordered token payment of Rs. 1000/- as compensation.


    The citation is available here Vinod Kr. Malik  Vs. Dte of Education, GNCTD

    (This is an extract of the decision available on the CIC public website, and is meant for generating interest in our readers only. For the true detailed and authentic copy you must read and download the decision from the CIC website)
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    Compensation of rs.1000 is too meagre comparing the agony he had particularly when he was not getting the replies on his rti application.

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    PIO's should respond to applicants letters/queries clearly & it shud be to the point in simple language refering to sections if necessary.Penalty shud be imposed on them if they fail in their duties.Replies of PIO's should be made mandatory.They shud not remain silent.The teacher would not have faced problems for 2 years if this was done.All pending cases shud follow this suggestion too at earliest.

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    Sir, The PIO was vindictive, deliberately suppressed the facts to the applicant as well as to the CIC. His Motto is very clear to harass a honest teacher. He was made to suffer a mental agony for two years. The remedy is just 1000/- INR for no fault of the honest teacher and for his two years of suffering. What a judgement. The cruel and stubborn cheat PIO can continue to harass any other teacher for two years with 1000/- compensation later. In my opinion due to the gravity of the suffering of the applicant and the cruelty of the PIO, THE PIO MUST BE DISMISSED AND A COMPENSATION OF 1,00,000/- TO BE COLLECTED FROM HIM.

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