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    Just be polite and formal like a professional. Download the blog on inspection by JP Shah and carry it in the form of hard copy and take usual precautions . Search in website for Hon'ble Sailesh decision in our forum, wherein in CIC decision he ruled that PIO has to provide the information as on record, irrespective of the type of query. Write a thanks letter, seek for specific appointment date, timings, officers to be contacted and provide him the list of files you wish to inspect. Wait for their call and attend inspection atleast before 15 minutes to the given time. Never argue, do not show ego or knowledge, just focus on information required by you.
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    Focus on what an appellant can do and forget these routine highhandedness of ICs. Because it is the first time, you might have felt bad, and this is usual and most of the ICs are biased. If you wanted real remedy, take the lead and file writ after receiving decision. Sitting or standing is not important, even some persons were are imprisoned on false charges for seeking information under RTI as public authorities are having such power. Getting information is the only priority, focus on that, ignore others as some persons are having attitude, power, arrogance issues and just pity them for lack of minimum decency towards a citizen that has taken up larger public interest sacrificing his time and money.
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    The most learned in Gurus, Sri C.J.Karira, who is the main architect of this forum and a valiant fighter for RTI till recently. His contribution to the forum is immense and without mentioning him RTI is not complete. Just check for his contribution to the forum, it is a diamond mine, free for all for digging.
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    Unless members read the PIO response, it is not possible to guide. You have to submit the appeal within 30 days of completing inspection, as early as possible. It is surprising as to how it is possible that you can not get any information in such an important task. There is something wrong somewhere. Please submit first appeal as expeditiously as possible and state Grounds for appeal clearly. If PIO provided information query wise, then prepare a three column table and explain the reasons as to why you are not satisfied with reply. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Information solicited............................Provided by PIO.......................................Reasons for first appeal. ______1____________________________2_________________________________3_______________ 1 2 3 4 to10 ___ Pray for personal hearing, and take permission for taking assistance during First appeal hearing in the appeal itself.
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    When PIOs do not want to part with information, without application of mind, they will select all 8 (1) clauses one by one to deny information. Mere quoting of section and denying information is not lawful denial. They have to justify as to how such exemption clause applies to this specific information now being provided in the query.. Unless you provide the exact query, it is not possible to guide you on 8 (1) (d) you have to inform name of public authority also. Application of 11 as exemption is unknown. It is only formal letter written to third party seeking objections if any as courtesy and that is not binding on PIO and when larger public interest is involved there are never any exemptions. It is not clear as to whether they have referred your application to third party and also informed you of his objections if any. Subjudice is never a reason for denial. TO use such exemption, the court should order for not disclosing that information specifically and then only it can be rejected. I could find these smart tricks only of one Public sector oil company notorious in their RTI implementation Appellant should always stress larger public interest and transparency and acccountability, and PIO can not claim any exemption.
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    The Sec.2 (f) definition for information includes "data material held in any electronic form' and as such CITIZEN is entitled to get that form through CD from the custodian, if that information is stored, preserved and under custody of that authority.
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    I personally feel making separate applications to X Y Z police stations help you more in getting information. Never club several issues in one application, when the subject matter has to be collected and compiled from different places.
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    Sir, Drafted an RTI for your kind perusal 1. Please provide information on false cases, false final reports and number of prosecutions under IPC 182 during the period Jan 1 2019 to Jan 10 2020 at the following police stations X,Y.Z Kindly advice on requisite corrections in the above mentioned RTI application
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    In my opinion, making a written complaint to NHRC about contempt of their decision and making this a copy to relevant person by name is the only remedy. Through RTI, you can only get information that is on record. When they have not obeyed NHRC decision, what can you get as information from CPIO when there is no such record mentioning such reasons for disobeying of NHRC orders.(!!!! no one records such notes on paper) Focus only on remedy. Getting NHRC decision is a successful achievement. Deal through NHRC only as they have powers to order for arrest of accused who refused to obey NHRC decision.
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    Please inform FAA through Regd post about wilful insubordination of higher authorities order , and gross negligence in performing duties of CPIO as he has not obeyed FAA orders. Marks this to CPIO.
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    I suggest that you will for 30 days from the date of receipt by the second PIO and then file a first appeal. Ignore certain legal imperfections i.e. 5(5) / 6(3) for the moment.
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    Please refer to the blog of Shri J. P. Shah, adopt and tone it to suit your requirement,and file a RTI application to seek information on action taken: http://jps50.blogspot.com/2012/08/long-pending-issues-with-govt-use-rti.html
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    Please find the J P Shah's blog for seeking information on action taken report: http://jps50.blogspot.com/2012/08/long-pending-issues-with-govt-use-rti.html
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    Sir, Filed the RTI query as suggested 1.Please provide the place/office/address where I can get copy of record that states the details of unclaimed funds and total number of in operative accounts with each EPFOs office The RTI application has been forwarded to Balance Sheet & Data Analysis Team at EPFO Office New Delhi, I will post the reply once I receive it from the PIO
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    File RTI Application and seek information on action taken on your complaint and enclose latest photographs also. Escalate this upto SIC. You can search for JP Shah's blog for suitable RTI format of applications on action taken on complaint. Please inform whether there is any progress and development after your complaint or not.
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    OK sir.. Thanks Sent from my vivo 1806 using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    @gangadharappa : Sir Any citizen who desire information available in the form of physical material on record with custody of public authority has to seek information from Public Information of that Public Authority . 1.Search website and find the format of application. 2.Learn the prescribed RTI fee and mode of remitting the same to Public authority (Rs.10.-) 3.Send application with fees that Public Information Officer in Registered post. Paste that postal receipt to your copy of application. 4.Track delivery status of your envelope to PIO (optional) 5.If you fail to receive the information within 35 days from date of posting of your application, or if you are not satisfied with that public information you can go for First appeal to higher official to PIO designated as First Appellate Authority. 6.Download RTI Act available for free in any website preferably in your mother tongue and get one A4 copy with sec.2,5,6,8,9,10, 17,18,19 and 20 , at one section each day. Within 10 days you can become a master and can guide others.
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    Sir, Thank you for the guidance.Will file the RTI and let you know the reply
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    File a fresh application to the same PIOs seeking information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide the place/office/address where I can get copy of record that states the details of unclaimed funds and total number of in operative accounts with each EPFOs office Let them respond and then go for Central PFO
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    1.Please kindly confine to the information solicited alone and never attribute presume motives for providing information. The motives may be there and your argument may be true. Because he is having motives, as PIO you can not deny information. Sorry, this forum is not meant for giving wrong guidance to deny information without stating any reason, because that applicant is not maintaining good relations. It is left to your individual decision because it is you that has to face the commission. I am sorry, please do not use this forum seeking reasons for denial of legitimate information. You ought to have contacted your appointed advocate instead of making so many posts to find a reason to reject a bonafide request.
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    As a regular member, you know better than others that even after 14 years of enactment, PIOs still are not aware of one section Sec.6, ignore those petty things, and wait for information. Information is the only focus and not vain and useless correspondence that wastes time and money.
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    GO for first appeal immediately as there is gross negligence and apathy in dealing with citizen subscriber's account. Can a bank say that they are not aware as to how much amount is available as deposits when some one questions. EPFO must be having that information. The same information was solicited from each public sector bank, when those banks denied raising pension stating that they do not have sufficient funds. One RTI Applicant has solicited information from Kerala by making applications to each and every public sector bank. The information provided to him is shocking, as more than 2.5 lakh crore was lying with all PSUs. It was also disclosed that several PSUs are not depositing proportionate sums as their contribution to the fund. Some banks like Oriental bank of commerce has with drawn crores of money from that fund for their use without stating any purpose and not used for pensions. A descriptive article appeared in Malayalam paper "Mathru Bhoomi". Please search in google for more details.
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    The simple reply should be There is no such record of amendment for Sec.5 (1) of RTI Act available in custody and control of this public authority:
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    Irrespective of final outcome and without expectations, appellants as per law has to approach commissions. If appellants are fortunate, the decisions may be in their favour. Our Mahaguru many times stated that the chanting of Ram Naam Satya hai started even in 2009 and RTI is on ventilator. One can expect better decision on his individual luck. You might have observed the quantity and quality of queries during last two years in the Forum.
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    Only if there is an intention to bring a logical ending to entire issue once for all till writ, then only step into RTI. Otherwise spending amount and money only for getting such copies is a futile exercise.
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    First get a photocopy of all the plans and documents of the Society from the Building Proposal department of the BMC by filing a RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO), Assistant Engineer, Building Proposal Department, XX Ward, BMC. Kindly download a draft RTI application attached to this post. You will need to file such a RTI application with the concerned Municipal Ward applicable to your locality. Kindly refer to the following link for address of your ward: https://rtiindia.org/blogs/entry/2177-municipal-wards-of-mumbai/ RTI_for_Municipal_Plans_Maharashtra.docx
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    The only remedy is making a written complaint to BMC with such photographs and original sanctioned plans and specifically pointing out deviations, use of property for commercial purpose etc. Then for waiting for two months and filing writ mandamus before HC.
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    dear friends. with the help and support of many of you,I could ensure a due pension to around 3200 ex Indian Naval sailors. Around 100 RTI applications,40 first appeals and 5 second appeals,during the period since 2012. I could dig out copies of orders of the GOI as old as 1976. Finally all these materials were used for our legal fight before the honorable supreme court. Even though,the SC had given a favorable judgment in 2016,the actual payment of pension has started only in 2019. The concerned authorities had diluted the SC orders in this regards, and not paid the due entitlements fully and the case is still going on. But all this we could achieve,only because of the RTI Act,and the numerous rti applications from time to time. This forum has helped me in clearing my doubts from time to time. I was lucky enough to get associated with this forum almost from the beginning. Thanks to all for providing a wonderful platform for a great cause.
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    In younger age, everything appears beautiful either a child or new articles. In 2017, none of the members remembered the forum and the Anniversary passed silently without any wishes or celebrations. It is only time that erases the memory. But in short span, most of the experts stored huge information that will be useful for another decade. Though they do not visit regularly, their past contribution still helps every member. The success and rejoice of the forum is not confined to a single day, and every day someone should be benefitted by the forum. Every day is for celebration if members succeed through their learning and guidance..
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    ‘No expenditure has been incurred on (the) filming of the video posted by Shri Narendra Modi. The video was filmed at the Prime Minister’s Residence. The videography was done by the PMO cameraman. Nothing has been procured for the video,’ the PMO said. The 'Fitness Challenge' was started by Rathore on Twitter as part of the 'Hum Fit Toh India Fit' campaign on May 22.While taking up star cricketer Virat Kohli's 'Fitness Challenge', the Prime Minister on June 13 shared a video of him performing yoga on Twitter. Later, some reports said that Rs 35 lakh were spent on making the video.
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    I have compiled guidelines to be followed while undertaking inspection of records under RTI. The same is attached herewith. GUIDELINES FOR INSPECTION UNDER RTI 1. Even if you do not desire to carry out an actual inspection of records, invariably request as under in RTI application: This will have deterring effect on PIO against providing false information. 2. If you are not very conversant with the language of record or have any other disability, please also add the following sentence in RTI application: 3. When you get permission for inspection from PIO, FAA or Information Commissioner, send a letter by speed post to PIO stating list of records that you would like to inspect. Please also mention three tentative dates with time which would be convenient to you and also seek an exact name, address, email ID and phone number of PIO. 4. On appointed day, visit the office well before fixed time with your assistant [if permitted] and with copy of relevant decision, photocopy of your photo ID proof [election card, PAN card, passport etc], digital camera, mobile [with recording facility], blank papers, carbon papers, note pad, blank CD, 20-25 paper flaps [ for putting in registers or files to identify papers], pen, pencil, copy of RTI Act and Rules etc. 5. Please make note of your visit and that of your assistant in register maintained at entry point or reception as now most of govt. offices are having such register. This will be proof of your visit at the fixed date and time. 6. Contact the PIO and request for inspection. 7. Ask PIO to prepare inspection slip for noting down date and time etc of commencing inspection and ending inspection and payment of inspection charges. Some offices have register for these details. If he insists that charges be paid in advance before commencing inspection as per tentative hours required for inspection, pay the amount against receipt and then start inspection. 8. Please insist that PIO or any other person from office should be present with you during inspection. 9. In case if sitting arrangement, lighting and air in the room are not conducive to inspection, inform PIO orally and in writing [if need be], with time and date. 10. Start inspection and whatever record you find worth obtaining certified photocopies, use your digital camera and put a paper flap. 11. Go on making notings in your notepad of whatever is necessary from the record with page number and name of register or file etc. 12. In case despite all efforts, you are not in a position to inspect, give in writing to PIO all the reasons and obtain his acknowledgement on copy then and there. Also inform personally or on phone to FAA. 13. If you need data from computers, ask PIO to provide assistance of office staff for accessing computer data. Note down details so that required information can be obtained in a CD. Do not operate office computer yourself. 14. Whenever you talk to PIO keep the audio recorder on in your mobile and ensure that conversation is recorded. 15. At the end of inspection or during it ask PIO that you need certified photocopies of record where flaps are kept and collect the same before leaving the office. 16. Once you end inspection, make entry into inspection slip or register with problems faced by you if any or that you want to continue inspection on next date. Put date and time and pay or seek refund of balance of inspection fees. Pay as per RTI rules applicable for central govt. or state govt. rules for inspection as the case may be. 17. In case certified copies or CDs are not provided before leaving the office, give a written request [against acknowledgement] with page numbers of record etc to PIO for the certified copy. 18. Be cool, collected and courteous during entire visit and inspection. Thank all the staff and PIO if they have cooperated with you for inspection. 19. Do not write anything on govt. record. 20. Next week mail a list of papers you require from PIO which have been identified by you during inspection, as a reminder. Pay the charges if papers are provided within 30 days of submission of RTI application. 21. If you face serious difficulties in inspection, file the detailed written complaint with FAA or Information Commissioner [with copy to PIO in his name] and request for appropriate orders to facilitate proper inspection. 22. CIC has permitted videography and photography during the inspection in following two decisions: Happy officially inspecting of govt. records by a common citizen under RTI. J. P. Shah, Junagadh [Gujarat] Cell: 09924106490 _______________________________________________________ “The real swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few, but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused.” Mahatma Gandhi Please also refer INSPECTION GUIDE.doc https://rtiindia.org/blogs/jps50/2749-assistance-inspection.html
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    A sworn affidavit on plain paper ? Where did this Tehsildar do his schooling from ?
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