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    The confusion comes due to lack of understanding of RTI Act before filing an application. Read in your mother tongue Sec.7 (1) For general information, the period is for 30 days.Sec.7 (1) First para. For information on Life or Liberty of a person --48 hours.Sec.7 (1) second para. Your issue of Ration card comes under Life or Liberty as per CIC decisions earlier, hence PIO must respond within 48 hours from date of receipt. Ask your friend to look at CIC decisions and advise him to learn more before giving guidance to others.
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    The complaint should be addressed to Head of Authority and a copy should be sent to Vigilance dept and Personnel dept (Also known as HRD). You are aware of the facts and Members can only guide. Simple format is provided. To ............................... Respected Sir, Complaint on: Using fake documents for securing employment by........ This is to complain that Shri.................................working as............................at........................is not having such laid down qualifications for his employment and it is believed that he used fake documents in his recruitment. The certificates provided to the department are fake and dept., can write to the University/Board the certificates available as copies in his recruitment files. As using foul means of fraud, forgery and fake documents to deprive the opportunities of really qualified candidates were employed, the complainant seeks for verification of his actual qualifications from his certificates in the larger public interest. Yours sincerely, Complainant. Full address: Copy to IG of Police, Copy to Personnel dept., Copy to Vigilance dept.,
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    Duplicate thread by same member on same issue. Guidance provided in another post. Moderators, kindly merge both posts.l
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    I need to know all the RTI laws and sections under which cpio/spio and PIO and also FAA and CIC, should not reject the information towards the government employee regarding his education qualification details, moveable and immovable property returns as per the record from his govt office to be made public whenever its been seeked by any citizen of India Being suspect to be forged.
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    The order though stated specifically to provide information has warned PIO to provide the information except exempted under Sec. 8 (1) which means that as there is no exemption of this public record, the orders are for providing you copy of the plan approved by the authority which is within the custody of PIO. The following as per your post is relevant. In future the respondent must provide the information as asked by the applicant except the information as in section 8(1) of the RTI act 2005 and by asking the applicant to pay the fees as per section 7(3)(a). Information must be provided after receiving the necessary fees Immediately write to FAA for directing PIO to provide the information as a sanctioned copy by authority is not exempted under Sec.8 (1) and also mark this to SIC. Wait for a month and then make complaint to SIC stating that PIO has continued his old attitude and violating RTI rules and regulations. The plan submitted to Public authority by a citizen is a public record and there is neither invasion on the privacy of any third party nor it is personal information exempted under RTI.
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    You can seek inspection as follows: Information solicited: 1.The applicant wishes to physically inspect the assets/works/items available in the material form that were sanctioned, purchased vide sanction reference:....................................................with all invoices, registers. Another suggestion: You need not make a post or two for simple thanking and you can press the heart tab available at right bottom of the reply given. By posting, there may be several posts occupying valuable space and makes a simple post large running to pages.
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    Duplicate thread and the original thread link is available in the above post.
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    Requesting for physical inspection is also a form of seeking information and citizen as a right can seek such information from Public authority through Public Information officer.. You can prepare the list or tick the items in the information received and can make a written request in writing as information with requite fees for physical verification of such items/assets.
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    File another fresh RTI to Supdt of Police seeking information from him as follows: Information solicited: 1)Please provide me the copy of report about malfunctioning of CCTV footage at ........station. 2.Please provide the status report informing the following. a)Date of installation. b)Guarantee cover or Annual contract from ...to.... c)Name of the technical concern that received such report. d)Date when attended to the complaint. e)Total no. of days expensive system is not functioning in the PS. f)In how many stations CCTV are frequently failing, providing names of such stations. g)Name of the contractor that installed such malfunctioning CCTV and the cost charged by him. i)The time frame fixed for attending such repairs as per the contract...
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    There are number of posts / replies on the issue, please go through earlier replies through search in the forum. You can also file RTI Application with Rs.10/- RTI fee to State Public Information officer of your District women welfare and can get that information. You can seek information as follows Information solicited: 1)Please provide me copies of Government orders/circulars/notifications of both State and Central Govt that state about eligibility and schemes for single girl child as a reservation.
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    You can file a simple application seeking information from Administrative dept as follows: You can file RTI Application under Life or Liberty clause as this is about pensions and arrears which helps sustenance. This must be answered within 48 hours from receipt instead of 30 days prescribed for general queries. If you fail to receive information within a week, file first appeal on 10th day from date of registering the application to PIO. 1. Please provide me a list of principals that were paid arrears with retrospective effect and those principals that were denied such arrears in a separate list. 2. Please inform action taken by the dept., to ensure that all principals (including retired) as on cut off date received arrears. 3. Please provide the laid down procedure and officials accountable for not disbursing arrears to few retired principals. 4.Please provide any copy of order/notification directing those authorities that have not paid arrears and deliberately obstructing such payments.
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    Dear Vyalikaval Members, I fought this case almost for 3 years with the help of a lawyer but no results were seen because at all the levels there were hurdles created by this society. My lawyer had almost given up. My idea was to catch at least one of the Management persons, Secretary or a President and put them behind the bar. I did achieve this in 2010! I became a courier guy.( I literally dressed as a Courier guy, with a cap and shoulder bag) Contacted the Secretary, Mr. Shrinivas, over the phone, telling him that there is a cheque for him received from Mumbai and I need to handover immediately. He told me the whereabouts of his location and I took 3 policemen in mufty and met him at the given location. Moment the police saw me talking to Mr. Srinivas, they swooped on him and took him to Malleshwarm police station. He was put behind the bar from 11 am to 10 pm that day and I was refusing to withdraw the case though there was a pressure from the President and others. At midnight, few people from Vyalikaval Society along with police came to my compound gate asking for release of Mr. Srinivas. When I refused, then the negotiation started. I was representing two more cases other than mine. I could get cheques for all the 3 cases with interest at my doorsteps! I do not want to discourage any of you but fighting against these giants, who have pocketed almost every organisation/department in Karnataka, it's a long battle. One has to find his own way to get his investment back.
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    एक शहीद सैनिक के जान की कभी भी क्षतिपूर्ति नहीं हो सकती । फिर भी, शहीद सैनिकों के परिवारों के लिए किया हुआ ये एक छोटा सा प्रयास । A small effort for the families of martyred soldiers: Since last 2 years, I have been filing series of RTI applications related to Indian Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) for ensuring ex-Gratia etc. to families of martyred soldiers or soldiers declared as battle casualty from Central level. Also, filed different grievance applications for giving ex-Gratia to families of martyred soldiers from State level as required. Attached photo copies are just some of the responses received to the different applications. During above long process, responses and actions were taken by various departments like Ministry of Defense (Navy), Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW) MoD, IHQ of MoD (Army), Air Head Quarters and many Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices and many District Collector offices and also Mantralaya at state level. Note: The RTI applications were primarily around Indian Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). 1) Indian Armed Forces: This includes below 3 professional uniformed services: i] Indian Army, ii] Indian Navy, and iii] Indian Air Force. 2) Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF): This includes forces like: i] Border Security Force (BSF), ii] Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), iii] Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), iv] Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), and v] Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB). and others. Hope the world will reach to a civilization level wherein there won’t be any need of violence. उम्मीद है कि दुनिया एक दिन सभ्यता (civilization) के उस स्तर तक पहुंच जाएगी, जहां हिंसा या war की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं रह जायेगी । Abhijit Dabhekar.
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    Good work. Keep it up and mere getting information is not ultimate aim, and it should be made useful for the purpose of larger public interest. It can happen only if you share the information with necessary stake holders and if you can enlighten them of their rights. Please visit the forum regularly and also guide our members with your expertise.
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    Vodafone being a private entity is beyond the ambit of RTI Act. Lodge this as a grievance in online portal of Vodafone and also in pgrms online portal of TRAI. Search in google for TRAI website.
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    Please go through the links provided in post no. 3 above.
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    Please go through the previous threads in this forum on following links, you should find a wealth of material on the subject matter of your concern: Taking Photographs during Inspection. http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/7537-taking-photographs-during-inspection.html https://www.rtiindia.org/forum/185713-indian-railways-asks-information-fees-5-5-a.html#post448382 Inspection when most Effective. http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/67957-inspection-when-most-effective-5.html Dig Camera during Document Inspection. http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/126792-digi-camera-during-doc-inspection-2.html
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    and you have to file second appeal to State Information Commission. As you have a friend who is RTI Activist, he can guide you in filing second appeal. You may include the following for second appeal. Second Appeal befoe State Information Commission, ....... dt..........................filed under Life or Liberty clause. Against SPIO: FAA: Appellant. Brief facts: PIO has neither provided information nor denied information for my RTI Application dt.....on status of Ration card. Treating the information as deemed denial first appeal was filed before FAA..............and FAA remained silent. The service proofs with self-attested copies of the application and first appeal enclosed as Encl:1 and Encl:2. Though the information solicited was under Life and liberty clause, neither PIO nor FAA responded. The copy of the second appeal was sent to PIO and a service proof of Registered post pasted hereunder. Grounds for Appeal: Deemed denial of information by PIO and no response for First Appeal. PRAYER: Appellant prays for directions to SPIO for providing the information as expeditiously as possible free of cost for a penalty against deliberate and malafide denial of information under life or liberty cause for recommending disciplinary action for failure in his statutory obligation. Appellant.
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    You can make a complaint by Registered post to District Educational officer and to Director of Secondary school education (Board). You have to publicise about the same in local media and through pamphlets to warn parents about the future of their children who have taken admission. Norms in educational standards are only considered by parents and not others as 90% of schools can not function within the norms if applied strictly. If no action is taken you can file PIL before HC seeking directions against the school, if only you have no personal axe to grind or enimity with the management and if you are one among the parents.
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    Have you contacted the manager, and got the rejection challan (Remitting into Bank) rejected. Have you filed an online complaint on their website? If not please do both the things immediately. Also, file this as a complaint in RBI portal. Wait for maximum two weeks If you are not satisfied, file a complaint before Banking Ombudsman online, and also in District Consumer Forum for deficiency of service and seek costs, and compensation of Rs.5,000/- for harassment. RTI is not necessary as there is no such directive from either Government or RBI not to accept coins of Rs.5/- and Rs.10/- contrary, RBI has directed all banks to accept these coins without providing any room for complaint from citizens. Also, release this news to the media and collect such CCTV footage of entire happenings under RTI during your efforts to deposit the same on that day as it establishes the entire drama.
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    Let us not make comparisons as expenses depend on various considerations. Compare this with past Govt expenditure. I personally feel that still most of the very good schemes ad'vertised by Government is still not known to even educated persons and advertisement purpose is not for publicity alone, to publicise those schemes that are helpful to common man. Comparing this publicity for sake of reaching to common man should not be compared by a natural calamity when central govt strictly stated that it is immediate assistance and further assistance can be sought on estimation of loss. The central government assistance through Navy and Army can not be converted to money. If you calculate such expenditure the expenditure exceeeds Rs.1000 crores.
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    It was touted as a sign of changing social mores. In May this year, the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), under the Maneka Gandhi-led Ministry of Women and Child Development, claimed that since 2012, nearly 60 per cent of those adopted across the country were girl children. CARA CEO, Lt. Col. Deepak Kumar, even went on record to say that this had nothing to do with more girls being given away for adoption. He instead asserted that Indian couples were “preferring” girls. According to the response, there were 4,170 children available for adoption in 2017-18 — 2,547 girls and 1,623 boys. Of these, 3,846 children were adopted, while 324 were not. Even if these 324 children were all girls, it would still mean that more girls were adopted. “If 10,000 people want to adopt boys, there are 15,000 who want to adopt girls,” he said. “The registration is a more accurate indication of people’s preferences than the availability of children,” he added.
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    You can make a complaint to the Municipal Commissioner. The fabricated documents were on their behalf and when their attention was brought, they have the responsibility to file a police complaint. Immediately make a complaint to Commissioner and enclose the fabricated documents and request him to file a complaint before Police for further investigation into the insider's role. Enclose this as copy to complaint. You can just send the complaint by Registered post to concerned police station. If possible, leak these facts to a local press reporter to give it adequate publicity and to save innocent public from such frauds through fabricated documents. Infact you have to issue Notice under Sec.80 CPC and also involve Municipality as respondent, municipality fails to act on information.
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    1. If the local Police Station has refused to register an FIR then send your complaint under section 154(3) of CrPC, in writing and by speed post to the concerned Superintendent of Police. Wait for say 7 days after the date of receipt of your complaint by the Office of the Superintendent of Police and then file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Office of Superintendent of Police to seek information on the action taken on your complaint. 2. If you have not received any reply from the PIO of Building Proposal Department of Municipality, then you should file your first appeal within 60 days of the date of receipt of your RTI application by the Office of the PIO
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    Normally an information should be supplied in the form in which it is sought. The Right of the Applicant is to seek and obtain information held by the public authority. If soft copy is held/available, the PIO may supply it, else the public authority shall not convert the information from one from (hard copy) to another (soft copy), if it disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority. Provisions only mentions that the information shall be supplied in the form in which it is available i.e. if it is available in hard copy it should be supplied in hard copy only and need not divert the resources of the public authority disproportionately to convert it in to soft copy or vice versa or similar situation. The object is simply that the PA shall not divert its resources disproportionately to change the form of information.
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