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    Please go through Sec.19 and download that simple section ready for your further guidance. FAA has to provide his speaking orders within 30 days of receipt in general and up to 45 days for reasons specified. As appellant can file the first appeal within 60 days from date of his first appeal, it is advisable to go for second appeal on 50th day (45 days + postal transit) as the second appeal may come up for hearing after years, and second appeals are numbered on priority depending on the date of receipt of such appeals. In case of senior citizens, and for citizens having different abilities, priority is given, out of turn on producing a self-attested copy of such certificate of age proof or disabilities proof.
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    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Sir, So kind of you for so many likes. But, the system will not add single like to my account. Compare before your likes and after likes. Please do not waste your time for me. I am grateful for the favour and likes certainly gives inspiration./kick. Now when the system is not recording, please do not waste your precious time. I am glad that you are reading all forum posts. Also contribute, so that members can also learn. regards prasad
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    I applied for RTI but I dnt got reply after 60 days also so i applied for appeal now 20 days over till how many days should I wait for 1st appeal reply Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    The detailed reply is highly appreciated. As far as the query is concerned, as Sub-Registrar office is having a laid down procedure for issuing certified copies, RTI Act can not intrude into that. A lawayer may not be well conversant with law according to you, but he may be knowing fundamentals in the process involved due to his vast experience in his profession. For getting certified copy of such sale deed, in all prescribed forms separate columns are incorporated for writing the bare minimum details of such documents. If there is a fraud or theft, a simple complaint to police may bring in facts. While responding, it is our endeavour to provide general guidance and not specific and those extra ordinary circumstances as narrated. The query is on how one can generate a sale deed / title deed on the basis of a stolen document ? It is true that there are many instances of such exceptional cases. Even in AP State capital of Amaravati, the farmer sold the land, his wife and daughter in law were in the house, and entire Rs.3 crores were robbed and within 24 hours Police have detected that daughter in law master minded the plan through her brother and acted as victim by inflicting such self injuries. These are exceptional. Issue involved is how any one can generate a title deed/sale deed on the basis of documents stolen and the need for such original document for the present, when there was physicial possession since long. Here the issue in specific is related to your query and not to happenings or such reports. In this forum, we offer general guidance and not specific person to person guidance on his issue alone and the response should be helpful to those who require similar guidance in future on same issue. Those who wish to use the response, they may use and some may ignore if they know too much . "As of now, I know its possible to locate all documents based on just postal address alone. The information exists within the sub registrar office - I just don't know how and under what law it can be accessed." Please do post your success story in getting such sale deed, as it may help several other members that are facing same issue. (The digitalization is different and now they are uploaidng title deeds as they are finding it to preserve / protect them and from a cut off date, they are proceeding back and your query was on old document. May be in present digitalization feeding name of the seller or purchaser may also be enough in that village to get transaction details)
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    That is the difference between a common man and aware citizen. Instead of blaming darkness is it not better to throw some light to expose this at higher levels and bring a mpovement to reduce the suffering. When Delhi can not escape from such pollution, it is not proper to look for Government for every thing...One can file PIL and can good remedy, but what about loss of employment to many....These problems are complex...we want the cake and it too. There should be a workshop with experts to reduce suffering.
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    Make an application to Public Information officer, District Collector, of that village seeking information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide me with copies of orders/notifications/circulars that state the eligibility criterion and selection process for allotment of Govt. Land in the district for serving soldiers Check website of Collector for format of application and mode of remitting RTi fee of Rs.10/-
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    True. That is right proccedure and you have to first issue notice pointing out deficiency without stating seeking documents under RTI. If you state RTI, believe me- DF do not even number or admit it. It is ruled by NCDRC that if a document is not delivered after collecting fees (remuneration) it is definitely a deficiency of service. I hope that this RTI query is closed once for all in this forum.
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    "Search website of public authority, find from RTI tab , locate public information officer, format of RTI Application, mode of payment of RTI fee of Rs.10/- You can seek information as follows: Probably you have to file application before Zilla Panchayat Kacheri. Information solicited: Please provide me the certified Hukum copy for the following auction. (details provided below) PLOT NAME :- OLD PRATHIMIK SCHOOL Auction BY:- JILLA PANCHAYAT KACHERI (EDUCATION DEPARTMENT) Date of Auction: HUKAM BY :- TALUKA PANCHAYAT KACHERI Name of the successful bidder: 2.;Please provide certified copy of such registered document.
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    High Court rules framed before RTI Act came into existence and they have laid down procedure for obtaining certified copies and not under RTI, they should prevail. The guidance was given where there were no rules framed for providing certified copy before enactment of RTI. Indian Evidence Act stipulates for obtaining certified copy from all public authorities.
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    You can seek such information from NCTE by filing RTI Application on line. Please solicit information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide me approval No. give by NCTE for the course of B.Ed at Jyoti Sriranga sai college at.......................in ......................district of andhrapradesh.
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    The experts in the forum are always warning our members to first take care of their personal and family safety. The scams/scandals/corruption was never new to India and prevailing since generations but the country is growing in spite of all these nefarious activities. But importance of an earning individual and his need to the family must stand first. It is the Govt's job. As a dutiful citizen, you have done your duty without expecting single rupee in return. It is Govt's duty to hunt for the culprits and book them. Even if they ignore, it is alright, but they should not brand/stamp an honest and courageous citizen as Blackmailer / Extortionist and expose whistleblower and his reputation with ulterior motives. Please take care of yourself first. As a precaution address the risks to Collector,, CIC and to SP. Upload all your correspondence through scan in Cloud. Have some good and trusted friends, move as Group. Keep set of hard copies of correspondence in a sealed envelope and send it to collector asking them to open the same in case of any risk to you.
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    As a society member you have every right to inspect any books of accounts. Make a complaint before concerned Registrar of societies informing the refusal and pray for directing society to permit inspection as per rules and regulations. Before that go through Bye laws of societies and acquainted with your rights. ALso after all this explore possibility of filing consumer complaint for deficiency of services as they have been collecting fees as consideration and failed to honour your rights.
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    First issue a legal notice to CIC narrating in detail every order, letter of correspondence and inform them that you have left with no alternative than to file writ for misfeasance of public authority seeking directions in the form of mandamus. Invariably mark this to Chief ic, and also Transparency officers of SBI and CIC. In the writ your efforts must be reflected and non payment of pension is a serious violation and forms under Life or liberty clause. A very rare case where Associations that might have failed to get pension of retired official. I do not know what member can do with that RTI information whereas focus should be on final remedy of getting pension and huge compensation which is alone possible through writ.
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    Rules and regulations are different from RTI Act.
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    Why to others, you can file application direct to Collector and seek information as follows: (Do not believe that any Government servant cares for complaints to Higher authorities. Even when you file a complaint, they will just push it down to the same office that was involved in misuse of power, and they create files justifying the action. Before making any complaint, make it a rule to get their committed opinion in writing as a record with you, so that they can not go back to justify their action. The efforts made with concerned official is most material. Finally the writ mandamus before High Court is the sure shot option) Information solicited: 1.Please provide time frame fixed under citizen charter for providing Demarcation records after such exercise. 2)Please provide the reasons for inordinate delay in providing such records as demarcation records filed by.................................were not provided even after completing the exercise on 16th Jan, 2018. 3)Please provide certified copies of those land records collected from......................during demarcation exercise and provide office notes and action taken on the issue for the last six months.
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    Central Information Commission Decision No. 287/IC(A)/2006 F. No. CIC/MA/A/2006/00417 Dated, the 20th September, 2006 Name of the Appellant: Sh. A.J. Gedam, “Jagannathshree”, 13-A, Vanjarinagar, P.O. Ajni, Nagpur – 440 003. Name of the public Authority: State Bank of Hyderabad, Regional Office, Rachna Sansad, 1st floor, 278 S.G. Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025. DECISION Facts of the case: The appellant, an employee of the Bank, had sought information relating to the disciplinary proceedings initiated against another lady officer, and the complaint filed by her against the appellant. The CPIO refused to furnish the information on the ground that information sought relate to another person, the disclosure of which is not in public interest. Hence, exempt u/s 8(1) (j) of the Act. The appellate authority upheld the decision of the CPIO. Since there is no overriding public interest in disclosure of information sought, the denial of information by the CPIO u/s 8(1) (j) is justified. The appeal is accordingly dismissed. Sd/- (Prof M. M. Ansari) Information Commissioner Download the decision from download segment.
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    Another interesting CIC decision by Hon IC Bhargava in Harinder Dhingra Vs. Oriental Bank of Commerce on officers involved in Vijaya mallaya scam...IC upheld the denial stating that it may endanger the life of such corrupt officials.
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    I have my own reservations against this decision. As a victim, every complainant has a right to know as to what happened to his complaint. Disciplinary proceedings once again varies from case to case. In a Bank, where trust is the key factor, larger public interest of public money is involved. In case of moral turpitude and personal disorders can certainly hamper public satisfaction. There is no hard and fast rule in such second appeals. The deficiency is with appellant, who has not established larger public interest. If properly presented, every issue involves some larger public interest.
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    RTI must be filed taking into account all the rules as per RTI Act. Unnecessary RTI Wastes time and money for both the parties...
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    Retention of the authenticated copies of Itemized material procurement bills submitted by the contractors made mandatory by CIC. Authenticated copies must be obtained by work executing agencies/ contractors before settling payments. The present directions of CIC shall be applied prospectively. Background of Itemized material procurement bills The copies of raw material procurement bills are submitted by private contractors to the PWD in course of execution of various road construction projects. But in most of the cases, the bills so produced are returned to the contractors by officers of PWD after endorsement in the Material on Site Register (MSB).The process lacked any mechanism to check the authenticity of the material procurement bill produced by the contractor. As per the decision of the Central Information Commission "Accordingly, considering the larger public interest and facilitation of the free flow of information relating to development of public infrastructure; the Commission in exercise of powers vested under Section 19(8)(a)(iv) of the RTI Act directs the respondent department as well as CPWD, MoUD, GoI to incorporate adequate changes in its information/ record retention practices as regards the itemized material procurement bills submitted by the contractors. In each case, it shall be mandatory for the PWD, GNCTD & CPWD to retain the authenticated copies of itemized bills on record invariably irrespective of existence of any terms & condition specified in work award contract." RTI Background RTI Was filled by ‘Road Anti–Corruption Organization’. In his endeavour to curb the alleged malpractices in road construction projects, the Appellant assumed the role of ‘private quality auditor’ and made as many as 11 RTI applications to respective divisions of PWD seeking information regarding the quality of material used in construction of respective road projects. The road building work contracts mandate the private contractor to produce bills of raw material procurement as proof of having purchased the specified quality of raw material. However, the road building contractors are alleged to produce ‘fake’ bills of raw material procurement before the PWD and escape the rigour of quality checks with connivance of few officers. The grievance of Appellant was focused on the practice of non retention of itemized material procurement bills by the PWD. CIC direction to Secretaries of MoUD, PWD (GNCTD & other UTs) Though, in past, it may not have been mandatory for the respondent PWD to retain record of itemized bills produced by private contractors in all instances of road construction works/ civil construction works; however, it is in interest of infusing greater transparency in functioning of a Govt. Department and erosion of faith of public at large; that best practices in Information Management may be incorporated in better interest of efficient Governance and administration. The decision of the CIC is attached. This decision has far reaching implication in ensuring transparency in public road construction departments. 2018-01-31-174720Rahul_Sharma_11_cases.pdf
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    Madam, I am sorry I am unable to understand the directive. What I could deduce is that 1)Those applications in which personal information was provided to applicants need not be uploaded. 2)They should have given clarity on such personal information. The most important aspect is disclosure of name of RTI Applicant may also be dangerous and he should be a whistle blower. For me it appears that there should be more clarity in directive with a single word. Disclose Do not disclose option in RTI Application. Is there any thing I missed from directive and whether that directive is fully in tune with HC decision has to be discussed by experts.
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    I am attaching English version which has been kindly supplied to me by Shri Kariraji. UP RTI Rules 2015 English.pdf
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