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  • NPAs under PM Modi's Mudra scheme jumped 126% in FY19
  • shows RTI
  • RTI query reveals banking frauds of ₹ 2.05 Trillion reported in the last 11 years
  • 509 per cent rise in cases under child labour law: Study
  • The Central Information Commission has allowed disclosure of file notings on the mercy petition of a rape and murder convict, rejecting the government's contention that the records cannot be disclosed as these are privileged documents under Article 74(2) of the Constitution.
  • Electoral bonds worth over ₹5,800 crore were bought by donors to fund political parties between March 1, 2018 and May 10, 2019, a Right to Information reply has said.
  • Don't pay 500/- for answer sheet now- Supreme Court says if Answer sheet is asked under RTI, RTI Fees will be governed


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    Certainly, you have done a crime. But your motive is not for any unlawful gain to you or unlawful loss to anyone. Though your friend's letter can not erase/wipe your crime, he is the affected person, and if he has no objection, nothing can happen to you. Do not fear and always use your own name. If you are worried about your safety, request your friend to sign his name as an applicant. Keep silent and nothing can happen. Never do that again.
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    An applicant is not concerned with their internal correspondence, he is concerned only of getting information within the time frame fixed under RTI and he has to focus on further step undeterred by their internal jurisdictional issues.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Service book of Government employee can be disclosed under Right to Information Act 2005 With the recent decision of Central Information Commission Service book of Government Employee can be disclosed under Right to Information Act 2005. This means a third party can have access to most of the information about the employee career including disciplinary action, his leave, place of posting etc. A Service book of Government Employee is maintained for every employee from the date of his first appointment. Every step in official life is recorded in it. All the pensionary benefits are sanctioned mainly on the basis of entries in the Service Book. Hence, it plays a prominent role in the timely settlement of pension cases and proper maintenance of Service Book eliminate delay in sanctioning and payment of pensionary benefits. The Service book of Government Employee consists of 2 volumes. VOLUME-I: Volume I of the Service Book is meant for recording the bio-data of the employees and various events of his service. VOLUME-II: The purpose of Volume-II of the Service Book is to place different types of nominees, declarations, pay fixation memos etc. The Service book of Government Employee contains following information of an employee Appointment and joining.Grant of increment or withholding of increment.Grant of Selection Grade.The crossing of efficiency bar.Fixation of pay.Grant of leave.Deputation/ transfer suspension or interruption in service along with details of the period thereof.Reinstatement.ResignationTermination of service along with its reasons.Promotion.Compulsory / Premature/ Voluntary Retirement.Removal or dismissal from service.Reversion.Reduction in rank or pay along with the precise reasons thereof viz. Whether reduction is on account of inefficiency or reduction in establishment or abolition of the post held by the employee.Retirement on superannuation. The Central Information Commission has decided an appeal on Service book of Government Employee with following directions: The Commission holds that service details of Public servants available in the service book cannot be treated as personal information. (File No: CIC/AD/A/2011/000014)
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    There is a mistake on your part. Time and again, experts advised to record the entire proceedings as Minutes and give it to FAA and PIO duly signed. If PIO has really provided that letter, he might have marked and written to FAA immediately after receiving the first appeal. He should have at least communicated to the appellant. There are flaws in every step. The designation of PIO is different and FAA must be superior in authority over PIO and designated as such. There was never a practice of signature of PIO for FAA. Again FAA can only deliver his orders and can not force any appellant to sign any document when the appellant reported non-receipt. At least the copy was not given. Coming to FAA orders, the orders are defective. Information can be denied only on stating such exemption in RTI Act Sec.8 and subsection and with proper justification for applying that section. The reason for rejection is stated as follows: "That daily status and action taken of an application cannot be supplied through RTI . " There was never any such exemption in RTI Act as stated by PIO and FAA. Ask through separate RTI application to SPIO and seek information as follows: 1. Please provide me a copy of the letter that stated that information was denied tat daily status and action taken of an application cannot be supplied through RTI . " with a copy of such entry in outward despatch letter that mentions details. As the SPIO response is essential for submitting the second appeal and such letter was never received by the Appellant. 2. Please provide me the copy of that section or subsection in RTI Act that exempts and states that "That daily status and action taken of an application cannot be supplied through RTI . " The second Appeal can be filed within 90 days from receipt of FAA. To prepare grounds for the second appeal, get this information also so that you can simply state only simple ground for the second appeal to SIC as follows: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Grounds for Appeal: SPIO has said to have rejected to provide information stating as follows: 'That daily status and action taken of an application cannot be supplied through RTI ." FAA has agreed with PIO. Appellant has neither received such letter nor there is no such stipulation exempting such information under RTI in Sec.8 or Sec.9 of RTI Act. SPIO can only deny information stating such Section and subsection with proper justification. In this case, PIO has neither quoted such exemption section/subsection nor offered any justification. Hence the information denial is treated as deliberate and malafide. PIO was asked to provide such Section and subsection in which there is such exemption and PIO has responded as follows ( or Not responded) PRAYER: Appellant prays for directions to SPIO and to FAA also (as SPIO has signed for FAA) to provide the information as expeditiously as possible free of cost as denial is deliberate and malafide.
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    Is the document made available by the central/state public information officer is admissible as evidence in a court of law? It is very pertinent question. This question is sure to arise when the receipient of the document attempts to put in as evidence in a case pending in the civil or criminal court. The document made available by the Public Information Officer is the one which is already recorded in the official records and published or it may be one which is not recorded and published or the one which is yet to be recorded and published. What the public information officer does is, he just furnishes a copy of the record. Such record may be a true copy but it is not either authenticated or can be vouchsafed as true. The information available will be is something like news. The public information Officer is not a party to such information. He is not capable of speaking anything about the content of the document or about its veracity. The document furnished by the public Information Officer is no doubt a document issued from the proper custody and by the authority which by law is found to keep the inofrmation and disseminate it. That by itself doesnot make the document either authentic or its contents true. Moreover, the document issued has no purpose other than allowing the recipient to know of this content and nothing more. It is not the intention or the purpose of Public Information Officer to support the recipent when he uses it for any purpose either to prove or disprove any fact in which the recipient of the document is only concerned. The document and the information contained therein is neutral as if it is just a news. The public Information Officer is completely ignorant of the purpose for which the applicant has made his request for information nor the Public Information Officer is in any manner concerned with it. In the application for information the applicant is not required to state any reasons why he requires information. Therefore, it is not an application for a certified copy of any information recorded by any adjudicating authority in a dispute. As per the practices of the courts and tribunals the party applying for a certified copy should state weather it is required for purpose of appeal or for reference. No such condition is prescribed for the applicant for information to state the reason why he requires information. The copy furnished by the court can be used only for the purpose for which the copy of appplication is made. As per the practices prevalent with the Government when an application for certified copy is made, the authority or the officer recieving the application will specifically endorse on the copy he grants, that it shall not be used in court as evidence eventhough the information contained theirein is not only true and is also authentic. In such cases, the court recieving the certified copy, before admitting the document requires that the document should be proved to be of the original. It is particularly true so in the case of survey maps, where the court normally as a practice appoints the official surveyour as a court Commissioner and obtain the true sketch. Here, in the case of Public Information Officer wheather he makes an endorsement as is referred to above to the said effect that the documents supplied by him shall not be used in court, it is implied in the circumstances of this Act that the document made available to the applicant shall not be used as a proof in court proceedings. Further, the principal purpose of the Act itself is to make available to the citizens all infomration the Government is possessed off for his self-illumination to function as an enlightned and well informaed citizen and not to help him to score any point with his opponent in any dispute. Thus, when the citizen wants to use the document obtained by him from the Public Information Officer as a document in any civil or criminal proceedings, he should adopt the procedure prescribed for purpose of obtaining certified copies through court process and not by making an application for information under this Act. However this interpretation is yet to be formalized by way of decisions that may occur in future.
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    Wow. Ten years. It's been an incredible ride for all of us at RTI INDIA. A decade is a long time. Few things in our lives or in the world last that long—the average tech startup doesn't quite make two years. I'm honored and humbled that you've stuck with us all that time, and I promise that in the decade ahead, RTI INDIA will deliver more and better work in the areas of Right to Information. We believe in making data that others hide, transparent and accessible. We believe in delivering remarkable education and easy softwares that everyone can use and feel proud about. (See our Android & iOS mobile application) We believe that all of this can be done not just without evil, but with real generosity of spirit and action. Though we took off slowly, but exactly on this day 22nd September 2006 we brought the domain and started our journey. I would like to put a word of acknowledgement for all the team members, active members, and visitors who have been partners and also made us work from the past 10 years. Thank you for the ten remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support. We absolutely couldn't have done it without you, nor can we take the next steps without your help. I hope you'll keep holding us to high standards, and telling us when we've met your expectations and when we've let you down. With Regards,
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    is there any rule to exempt Roll tax for the vehicle carrying differently abled person ? plz share the notification copy if available ? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    You have to go for appeal and in another post, such guidance was already given. PIO may invent and say a hundred things. But, whether those exemptions were as stipulated in RTI Act and whether CPIO has justified for denial must be decided by CIC. If that information is available in the office, file another RTI application and seek information through the form of inspection. or act over smart, If that information through the document is available in a certain file. Let that friend from another place seek certain other information in the form of inspection, let him mark that letter for providing certified copy and produce them before FAA and IC.
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    The digital landscape is ever changing. It exists in a constant state of evolution and revolution, driven by new innovations. For consumers, this means more convenience, more choice and greater access. For businesses this means improved productivity, more efficient processes, faster problem-solving with greater accountability and a wealth of opportunity. Threats to your business’ cybersecurity are also in a constant state of change and evolution. With each year it seems that one business or another has been brought to its knees by malware, security breaches, and data theft. Just as legitimate software developers are constantly at work devising and refining efficient digital solutions, so are their criminal counterparts. Fortunately, for every digital malcontent trying to compromise the networks of legitimate businesses, there’s a cybersecurity engineer hard at work on pre-empting their malicious attacks. Nevertheless, it is important for business owners to make themselves knowledgeable about the issue of cybersecurity and the tools at their disposal as we head into a new year.
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    You can not file the second appeal to SIC but you can only file a complaint. For filing the second appeal there is a prescribed time frame after the first appeal whereas for complaints it can be within a reasonable period. When you have not filed the first appeal you have to go for complaint only after receiving such information from Ministry of Sports and youth affairs that association is receiving such grants for sustenance praying commission to declare the association as a public authority. Before filing application (not petition) go through the website of Ministry for RTI rules and regulations.
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    You can search in blogs of UGC/AICTE/HRD directives mandating that no college should hold original certificates of discontinued students, and refusing to return original certificates may compel them even to cancel the recognition. Govt has treated this as very serious. Hence issue simple Registered notice to Principal and demand for the return of certificates within a week. Regd Notice To Principal ............... I,.........................................s/o......................aged, a student of ............year of..............- residing at...............................(full address) .do hereby demand for return of all my original certificates provided to the college for verification within 15 days as per UGC/AICTE/HRD orders, failing which I will be reluctantly constrained to file complaint to UGC/AICTE/HRD for suitable action for violation of their directives. In case of delay, I may be forced to file a complaint before District Consumer Forum for deficiency of services as certificates were handed over for the purpose of verification and not as security towards future fees. .................................. Complainant. Copy to University Grants Commission, New Delhi, Copy to AICTE, New Delhi.
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    Wait for 45 days from date of delivery of your first appeal. Please go through sec.19 and 20 thoroughly preferably in your mother tongue. Use the same format as the second appeal and if SIC has prescribed a format adhere to that format and provide copies to SIC as per their rules and regulations. (Normally one set is enough) Before: State Information Commission,............................. (No............................................................) Second Appeal dt.10th Mar 2018 under RTI Act Public Authority: 1)SPIO"BAU, Agra BAU, Agra- Date of RTI dt..... Self-attested copy encl as No.1 Page No.2 with service proof. 2.First Appellate Authority, BAU, Agra: Date of FA........Self-attested copy encl as No.2 Page No.4 with service proof Appellant:: Grounds for Appeal: SPIO has neither provided information nor rejected information for RTI Application dt..........till today. As there was no response from SPIO within 30 days of receipt of the application, seeking information as deemed denial this first appeal was filed on....... FAA remained silent and there was no response. Hence treating the information as deemed denial, this second appeal. Copy of second appeal was sent to SPIO on.......and service proof enclosed. PRAYER: Appellant pray for directions to SPIO for providing the information free of cost as expeditiously as possible, for imposing penalty and recommendation for disciplinary action against SPIO for negligence, deliberate and malafide denial and ignoring statutory obligation. I, solemnly affirm and state that the above facts are true and correct to my knowledge and information. Appellant. Encl: self-attested copies of 1. RTI Application dt...........2.First Appeal dt....... 3.Copy of second appeal service proof. proof.
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    What is the link between this latest post and your issue on inspection, as PIO has provided the opportunity of inspection and after FAA orders?
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    Dear Mr. Prasad GLN Thank You for your prompt and valuable reply. You have really been helpful and people like you keep the RTI movement alive. I am really grateful to you and wish you all the best. Regards
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    If you are able to establish larger public interest, you most certainly can file a first appeal under section 19(1) of the RTI Act.
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    Description of Information Required: In-accordance with the provision of section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act, kindly provide me with an inspection of all the documents with respect to the following: (a) (b) (c) Please note that, during the process of aforesaid inspection, I shall select the required information, kindly do provide me with a certified photocopy of such selected information on payment of prescribed fees.
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    Wait for the response for 30 days from receipt of your application by CE-PIO and let them decide as to who is the custodian. If the first PIO mentioned about First Appeal particulars, make a representation to him that both PIOs are passing on the ball game with the citizens and when the officials are not themselves aware of the fact shows the ignorance of their own departmental affairs and throws a bad light on the efficiency of the officers. Request him to direct the relevant PIO to provide the information. Search website of CE for the first appellate authority's name and address.
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    1.Please permit me to inspect the following records pertaining to .....................................................(File notes/documents).and for providing certified copies selected by me under RTI . a b Please propose two convenient dates and provide such permission atleast ten days in advance.
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    What is the present status of your RTI process? If your present query is on filing fresh application, you need no guidance as you have applied for such inspection in the past, and this time either you can request that representative to file RTI Application in his name or file application jointly signed by all three representatives. Please search in the forum as there is a beautiful and useful HC Judgment on such permitting representative in the forum (In previous replies) If I find the time, I will search it for you and provide the link. Please specify whether you wish to file a fresh application in the name of such representative or you wish to file an application to some other public authority as I remember that FAA has refused to provide inspection through a representative in the past and delivered such orders, closing that issue only for the second appeal before Commission. (My last response requesting you to post developments is on the progress in the advice of your HC advocate ON ECONOMIC CELL) This is the link that states HC ruling on permitting representatives.
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    In younger age, everything appears beautiful either a child or new articles. In 2017, none of the members remembered the forum and the Anniversary passed silently without any wishes or celebrations. It is only time that erases the memory. But in short span, most of the experts stored huge information that will be useful for another decade. Though they do not visit regularly, their past contribution still helps every member. The success and rejoice of the forum is not confined to a single day, and every day someone should be benefitted by the forum. Every day is for celebration if members succeed through their learning and guidance..
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    I understand that there is a record book called duty book in any police station ,in which activities of police officers regarding their official duty are recorded.Also in this book ,entries are made regarding activities of police officers who perform investigations of crimes ,It is found that ,there are many corrupt police officers who just write false stories on papers under pretext of investigation instead of doing honest investigation by seeking bribes etc.My query is,whether the entries made in the duty book are available under RTI .as it will help to reveal truth in case of false investigation by police .Are there any other record books ,which can help to reveal the truth about such corrupt practices by police.I request to all honourable members to guide on this
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    As per section 4(1)(b)(x) of the RTI Act, even payslips received by a Govt. employee is a public record and not personal information. Please find section 4(1))b)(x) quoted below: You will have to file a first appeal under section 19(1) of the RTI Act with the concerned First Appellate Authority on the following grounds. GROUNDS OF FIRST APPEAL: 1. The following information sought through the RTI application are a public record and nor personal information. 1) Joining date letter as he joined in the year 1981: This is a public record and not personal information. 2) Retirement date and retirement letter This is a public record and not personal information. 5) Last payslip before retirement: This is a public record as per section 4(1)(b)(x) of the RTI Act and not personal information. 6) Last payslip after retirement: This is a public record as per section 4(1)(b)(x) of the RTI Act and not personal information. 2. With respect to point no. (3), (4), (7), (8) and (9) of the RTI application too the PIO needs to disclose the requested information as it is in the larger public interest (establish the grounds of larger public interest ....)
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    Seeking information under RTI is a time bound procedure, therefore, kindly watch out for the time limits prescribed under the RTI Act. If you have received the FAA reply / order, you are supposed to file a second appeal under section 19(3) within 90 days of the date of receipt of the FAA's Order.
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    Definitely. But, the court expects that the petitioner is coming to them after exploring all options, and when authorities failed to take any action, in the larger public interest the PIL was filed. The inaction of superior must be apparent with efforts of petitioner for getting a good appreciation of the case and the failure of the controlling mechanism.
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    Actually, it is the duty of public authority to upload in the website the marks of total candidates selected and marks scored in order of merit and cut of marks. I sincerely feel that seeking that information is not an invasion on personal issues. There are no restrictions in seeking information under RTI Act, and it is every citizen's right. It is the duty of the PIO either to provide the information or deny information stating such clause and justification for using that section and subsection of Sec.8, as to how informing the marks scored in employment test amounts to invasion on the privacy of such person. Sans that justification, simple denial is deliberately malafide. When transparency and accountability are objectives of RTI, it is the duty of public authority to upload these marks voluntarily. If anyone wants information, simply seek that information, if that information is not provided, then immediately come to the forum stating such reason and justification given. Experts then can guide members in filing first appeal and thereafter the second appeal.
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    RTI applicant is not a consumer as decided by full bench of NCDRC and no forum permits even filing of complaint in the forum. The most contributed thread in the forum is on this issue and go through all efforts made and how SC has not even entertained RP against NCDRC decision. RTI applicant is not a consumer.
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    RBI has approached Court against IC. The then IC has tweeted about several CIC decisions challenged in Court and blaming public authorities for taking court Route on RTI and making IC as a party in such writs. Hope some one will post the tweet, and then discuss about as to when this unhealthy practice started and whose ICs decisions were mostly challenged before Courts.
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    Add 1. Please provide list of all electronic Diagnostic equipment Purchased from 2015 to 2018 preferably in the following tabulated format 1.Nature of Equipment 2. Date of Purchase 3. Amount spent 4. Source of funds 5. Estimated life 6Present condition. Expenditure on repairs 7.Service guarantee period. 8.qualified technicians.9.If not in use reasons 10.Proposed expenditure for repairs. 11.Charges if any recovered from patients 12.Fees in General in other private hospitals.
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    Sir , Please review the RTI drafted and advice on points to be added. [1 ] Please provide list of all electronic equipments at all the departments in ABC Government Hospital along with the date of purchase, the amount spent and the source of funds. [2] Provide information regarding list of electronic equipments that are not in use, due to repair or obsolete or not having technicians at all departments in ABC Government Hospital [3] Provide provide information regarding list of all electronic equipments that are being purchased with the maintenance contract, and the period within which company has to attend for repairs in ABC Government Hospital [4] Provide information on list of electronic equipments not being used for such repairs and pending proposals of identified instruments. [5] Provide information on number of cases being referred to outside hospitals, though the equipment is there but not working [6] Provide details on charges collected from patients for availing services using the electronic Equipments in all Departments at ABC hospital.
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    In general, there can never be substandard equipment in high-end products. Before purchasing such equipment, there are many exercises before placing an order. An expert committee makes inquiries, writes to already users about its functioning, calls references from successful bidder, gets opinions of other hospitals in writing, finally the expert committee sanctions while checking all parameters. They mainly take care of initial teething problems, insist for free maintenance during the first year, makes a condition for visit maximum within 24 hours, and even penalize for late functioning. They also maintain a list of those suppliers who are having bad reputation earlier and lists their names in a prohibited list. The second problem is corruption. As getting a break-even point for private hospitals is very difficult as they have to get 100 patients every day and they depend on outside work. Further, due to the change in technology, the latest machines have more features and cost-effective. Even here there are no experts and one technician prepares the report and sends the same to a qualified doctor for his signature. The collector is in charge and a mere reference is more than enough to inquire in the matter. Some hospitals must send email to all concerned and the expert should possibility come maximum within 24 hours and each visit may cost around Rs.10,000/- but for the first year, it is free. There is also lifetime contract say maximum 3 years. Without this equipment, it becomes an ordinary nursing home:, moving a serious patient to an outsider for all those checkups is itself a difficult task as getting ambulance services, waiting and abnormal costs are also posing more troubles to the patient. The proper course is seeking inspection and with a laptop and digital camera prepare a comprehensive report to submit it to the collector and release the report to media if the applicant is genuinely concerned of larger public interest and good use of public money. It takes a minimum of 60 hours for two persons to prepare the report.
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    On numerous occassions government hospital staff stated that CT scan, MRI scan and other scan machines are not working,I thought that sub-standard machines must have been procured or technicians are lethargic in raising a repair request with maintenance company.However, your post reveals that they have colluded with private hospitals and not reparing the scan machines. My focus is on drafting a RTI application on scan machines and other medical equipments, their current working conditions, number of scans taken per year etc. Will draft an RTI application and post it here for review
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    Immediately search the website of the Hospital and seek information on the most important aspects touching larger public interest. You have to locate correct Public Information officer, a format of application and amount of RTI fee to be remitted and such mode. If you have any difficulty to find those details, file RTI Application to Nodal PIO, Collector of the district and you will certainly get information, though it may be late by another 5 days. (Hon Collector is such committee member in running all Govt. Hospitals) Ask about the list of all electronic equipment, date of purchase, the amount spent, the source of funds, present position, expenses spent so far, Any service contract entered, machines not being used for such repairs, pending proposals of identified instruments. The most important aspect is whether equipment are being purchased with the maintenance contract, and the period within which company has to attend for repairs, number of cases being referred to outside hospitals, though the equipment is there but in working. (There is large corruption in these aspects, as some government servants neither due to ignorance or purposefully spoil the delicate equipment, and refer the cases to outside and get their unofficial commission on all such references)
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    Your Fundamental Right to see the Government Records in a time-bound manner by paying 10 rupees.

    © rtiindia.org

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    Sincerely this is combined fight for non-dilution of RTI Act bring a great relief to all activities.
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    Sorry, I do not get the present position. I am also not to competent to grasp any thing from the images. Have you filed RTI Application ? If the information provided is not saitsfactory, escalate it to first appeal. If you have filed complaint , then file RTI Application seeking information on action taken on your complaint. If there is no response, give a detailed complaint to Vigilance dept., under copy to concerned Ministry. Leap into some type of action. Once it is decided that they are not going to open up, nothing can be done now. By the time it comes up for second appeal hearing, it may take two years minimum and by that time, the entire work must have been completed and bills paid, then there is no further use. Carefully consider what best can be done in limited time before the construction is completed.
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    BIJNOR: As many as 20 senior state officials were slapped with a fine of 25,000 each by state information commissioner (SIC) Hafiz Usman after they were found delaying replies to RTIqueries by applicants in different state departments. The erring officials including public information officer of UP State Ganga River Conservation Agency, Lucknow, district magistrates of Saharanpur and Sambhal, chief medical officer of Saharanpur, BSA of Sambhal, district panchayat raj officer of Amroha, district programme officer of Sambhal, district supply officer of Saharanpur, deputy registrar of Vilaspur in Rampur, BSA of Amroha, chief medical officer of BD Baajoriya Hospital of Saharanpur, CMO of Rampur, DIOS of Sambhal, executive engineer at PVVNL, Khatauli of Muzaffarnagar and Najibabad of Bijnor district, Block development officer of Deengarpur in Moradabad, BDO Nahtaur and Afjalgarh of Bijnor district, BDO Gangoh in Saharanpur and village secretary of Jaleelpur area in Bijnor district, have been slapped with the fine. According to sources, the fine has come as a surprise to the officials concerned.
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    I got my degree after 1 week, this happen cause of (filling a RTI complain against Agra University). Sent from my Redmi 4 using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    Make a complaint signed by those residents which are affected by the bad state of the Road to the authority that maintain such roads. Submit petitions to local representative like Ward Member, Chairman, Mayor,Commissioner,MLA and MP. Contact local Media and get it highlighted through publicity. After all these attempts file RTI Application seeking information on action taken for repairs to Roads on your complaint .
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    1.I am afraid that JD is not correct in transferring the application. I do not know, whether he has quoted that section or you are quoting that section. Sec 6 (3) stipulates transfer to another public authority, within same public authority i.e. land records, they just endorse and send application to concerned PIO as immediately as possible. Mere transfer of application is not certain that information is available with other authority. It only suggests that they (JD)are not custodian of that record, and the other (AD) may be having that information. 2)It is not mandatory to write name and address of the sender but desirable to provide basic information that it is towards RTI fee for RTI Application dt...from............of.............(place) However, not writing the sender's name can not certainly disqualify the information or for rejection of application.
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    This is the proper way of correct usage of RTI Act.
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    hello, i have been getting lot of help from this forum. thought i will take some time to write my success story. - we had this long pending flywor work going on in our neighbourhood for close to 3 yrs. it was handled the tamilnadu state highways dept. filed a strong RTI with the state highways,with 20+ points,back in Jan 2016 and got a satified reply wtih all the details and expected completion by 19th Nov 2016 . guess what, it all happened as stated in RTI and the flyover is now functioning from Dec 2016. sad part - this construction is in outskirts - and one of my questions was - how many RTI were filed in regards to this construction work - the reply was NONE in the last 3 yrs. I personally feel this as a success, regardless of what impact that my RTI may have caused on the officials involved in the construction. I now have 2 more RTI pending to be sent out - one for another flyover in chennai and the other for some corruption and menace that i could sense at a NATIONAL HIGHWAY TOLL closely to my location. I expect success in ths as well.
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    Remember, 'Mantra' may not be one and same for "birth" and "death". Importance of information, urgency, prima facie suspicion of deliberate mischief should be felt by to Hon IC. In not every case CIC decided like that, and only in some cases, where suspicion is apparent, they have decided for lodging FIR.
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    Please be aware that the PIO's decision is not the final word in a given matter and that as a RTI Applicant you have an access to three tier hierarchical system by way of first and then second appeal under the RTI Act, as described below: > RTI Application u/s. 6(1) with the PIO, > Not received the information / not satisfied with information supplied by PIO / no decision by PIO, > File a First Appeal u/s. 19(1) with the concerned First Appellate Authority (FAA), > Still not received the information / not satisfied with decision of FAA / no decision by FAA > File a Second Appeal u/s. 19(3) with the concerned Information Commission. > Also please note that RTI Act also provides for filing a Complaint under section 18 with the concerned Information Commission.
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    You can file application seeking for information, inspection with assistance of an expert and for obtaining certified copies. Every information whether it is a policy or not has to be given if not rejected specifically quoting exemptions under Sec.8 or 9. But you can seek copy of file recordings, and report if any but not entitled to questions against of Public Authority through RTI. 1, It can be accepted by some and it depends on prominence of the news papers. Please try to file RTI application before a Public library and ask them to give certified copy of such and such matter in News paper of that day and Page.No. (just my idea) 2.Yes you can seek information on Budgeted projects, estimation etc., under RTI Act. 3.Depending on informatin solicited, PIO will provide you the file in which information sought by you is supposed to be available. If information is not available, then you can then and there make a gist of documents not available in the file and get ack of PIO on your office copy. 4.You can seek concerned file no by naming specific issue/information. Inspection meaning has to be construed that PIO has to provide information in files pertaining to the queries made by you before him.
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    Disclose information related to corruption cases: CIC to CBI As reported (PTI) in hidustantimes.com on Nov 02, 2012 Disclose information related to corruption cases: CIC to CBI - Hindustan Times Holding that information related to allegations of corruption has to be provided even by organisations exempted under the RTI Act, the CIC has directed CBI to provide all information pertaining to corruption cases. Chief Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra directed the agency to consider on case-to-case each request seeking information about allegations of corruption and see if they do not attract other exemption clauses. CBI was included in the second schedule of the Section 24 of the RTI Act which allows national and security organisations of the country listed under it from making any disclosures under the transparency. However, information pertaining allegations of corruption and human rights violations do not come under the exemption. In a case related to RTI application filed by activist C J Karira, CBI argued before the CIC that the agency by large probed cases related to allegations of corruption and disclosing such information would make the exemption given to it "totally infructuous." The agency, which is probing number of high profile corruption cases such as 2G scam, NRHM scam, Illegal ore mining, CWG scam, Tatra BEML scam besides other such cases pleaded that disclosure of information would defy the objective of keeping it in the exemption list. "It (section 24 of the RTI Act) does not make any distinction between the exempted organisations on the basis of the functions they perform nor between allegations of corruption on the basis whether it is made against the employees of the exempt organisation or others," Mishra held. He said it is true that CBI is primarily responsible for investigating into all cases of corruption cases by public servants of the Central Government.
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    ZONE - I A – WARD, 134 – E, S.B.S. Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001. Tel: (022) - 2266 1353 / 2260 7000 Extn: 7070 / 7022. B – WARD, 121, Ramchandra Bhatt Marg, Opp. J. J. Hospital, Mumbai – 400 009. Tel: (022) - 2378 0133, 23736622, 23794000 C – WARD, 76, Shrikant Palekar Marg, Off Chandanwadi, Marine Lines (E), Mumbai – 400 002. Tel: (022) - 22055450, 22014022, 22014000, 23424669 D – WARD, Jobariputra Compound, Near Shastri Hall, Mumbai – 400 007. Tel: (022) - 23861426, 23864000 E – Ward, Shaikh Hafizuddin Marg, Next to Byculla Fire Stn., Mumbai – 400 008. Tel: (022) – 23083695, 23081471, 23014000, 23081470 ZONE – II F / South Ward, Room No. 19, 2nd Floor, F/South Ward Office Building, Dr. B. A. Road, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012. Tel: (022) – 24134560 F / North Ward, Near Maheswari Udyan, Bhaudaji Marg, Matunga, Mumbai – 400 019. Tel: (022) – 24134560 G / South Ward, Near Deepak Cinema, N. M. Joshi Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025. Tel: (022) – 24223741, 24305031, 24224000 G / North Ward, Municipal Office Building, Harishchandra Yalve Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 008. Tel: (022) – 24397800 ZONE – III H / East Ward, Muncipal Office Building, Plot No 137, TPS 5, Prabhat Colony, Road No 2, Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400055 Tel: (022) – 26114000, 26182217, 26182218, 26182219, 26182839 H / West Ward, Behind Bandra Police Station, ST Martins Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400 050. Tel: (022) – 26444000, 26422311, 26432680, 26485399, 26455641, 26422314, 26513506, 26456466, 26418509 K / East Ward, Ganesh Gavatan, Next To Verma Nagar, Ramesh More Chowk, Azad Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 069. Tel: (022) – 26847000, 26841924, 26837104, 26840103, 26830103, 26840986, 26834475, 26832006 K / West Ward, K / W Ward Office Building, 2nd Floor, Paliram Path, Opp. Best Depot, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058. Tel: (022) – 26237932, 26239166, 26239131, 26239190, 26239499 ZONE – IV P / South Ward, Opp. City Center Mall, S. V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai – 400 104. Tel: (022) – 28721186, 28722808 P / North Ward, 1st Floor, Liberty Garden, Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 064. Tel: (022) – 28826000, 28824269, 28823267, 28823266, 28824625, 28824711 R / Central Ward, Municipal Market Building, S. V. Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 092. Tel: (022) – 28912396, 28946000, 28931342, 28902343, 28902343 R / South Ward, R/South Ward Office Building, Mahatma Gandhi Cross Road No.2, Near S.V.P.Swimming Pool, Kandivali (West), Mumbai-400 067. Tel: (022) – 2805 6000, 28054788, 2806 5185 R / North Ward, Below Sangeetkar Sudhi Phadke Flyover Bridge, Jaywant Sawant Marg, Dahisar (W), Mumbai – 400 068. Tel: (022) – 2893 6000 ZONE – V L – Ward, 1st Floor, L. Y. Market Building, S. G. Barve Marg, Kurla (W), Mumbai – 400 070. Tel: (022) – 26505103, 26503104 M – Ward, 2nd Floor, Late Sharadbhau Acharya Marg, Near Natraj Cinema, Chembur, Mumbai – 400 071. Tel: (022) – 25284000, 25225000, 25281977, 25281994, 25285669 M / East Ward, Deonar Municipal Colony, Madhukar Tukaram Kadam Marg, Govandi West, Mumbai – 400 043. Tel: (022) – 25502270 ZONE – VI N – Ward, 1st Floor, Jawahar Road, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai – 400 077. Tel: (022) – 25013000, 25010161, 25010162, 25010163, 25010164, 25010165, S – Ward, Near Mangatram Petrol Pump, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai – 400 078. Tel: (022) – 2594 7571. 25954000, 25948588, 25947570, 25947845, 25947573, 25947574, T – Ward, Lala Devi Dayal Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai – 400 080. Tel: (022) – 2564 5291. 25694000, 25617410, 25645289, 25617264,
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    Dear Member a. This forum is for discussing issues connected with RTI only. b.First send a written Complaint to the local Municipal Corporation (NDMC or MCD). It is better if you involve more residents and send many complaints, one after the other.If there is no response from the authorities, then you can use RTI to follow up on the Complaint. Please refer post # 2 (just above your post) for details. regards Demerged post from another thread and merged here.
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    There is no single "Labour Act" which is applicable to educational institutions. Labour Laws in general comprise of several enactments like the Payment of Wages Act, EPF Act , Payment of Gratuity etc., many of which are applicable to the educational institutions either by way of a specific definition in the Act or through subsequent notifications or guidelines issues by the respective state governments. If you can be a little more specific, perhaps we can think of a way to find out through RTI if a particular enactment has been duly implemented/followed in educational institutions.
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    Dear Senthil, The answer to your question is yes as well as no. YES: Information officer are apponited by Public Authority for dissemenation of Officer. RTI empowers a public authority for appointing more than one CPIOs. If a public authority has more than one CPIO then information asked from any one of the CPIO though not falling under his specific jurisdiction but under the same public authority has to be provided by collecting from the other CPIOs of the same public authority. NO: In case information is asked from a CPIO of a public authority about another public authority then public authority can transfer the application to anotoher public authority and inform the applicant. Section 6 subsection 3 provides for the same: (3) Where an application is made to a public authority requesting for an information,— (i) which is held by another public authority; or (ii) the subject matter of which is more closely connected with the functions of another public authority, the public authority, to which such application is made, shall transfer the application or such part of it as may be appropriate to that other public authority and inform the applicant immediately about such transfer:
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