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    They have uploaded Policy document in websites, just search in google with key words National Litigation Policy and down load the act. It is applicable for all public sector undertakings, but in practice many PSUs are not even aware of those Act and such objectives. In practice, no one cares for those objectives. The simple process is file application to that PSB from which you want information. Information solicited: 1)Please provide certified copy of the circular/directive informing implementation of National Litigation Policy in the Bank.
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    Make an addendum of first appeal to DCE and to PWD stating that 1)As per Sec. 6 (3) RTI application has to be transferred within 5 days to the other authority, 2)That it is the duty of PIO to send such calculation and demand stating the amount of fees to be sent and the procedure for sending such copying fees. 3)That PIO is not legally correct in demanding the fees after 30 days and as there is delay in transfering the application by first PIO, the first PIO is supposed to reimburse the amount. We in the forum believe that though the Act stipulates no payment of such fees, as we are paying actual costs to our own government, we should not penalize Government for deficiency of the officers and hence if they prescribe and intimate certain amount and no of fees, it is better to pay the fees and get the information, as information is priority for a citizen.
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