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    Many Grant in Aid Colleges of State Ignoring Implementation of Important sub clause 4 (1) (b) of RTI : Study Need to make RTI Training Mandatory for College Employees Nagpur. A study conducted by a renowned RTI expert Shri Naveen Mahesh Kumar Agarwal, Registrar, Dada Ramchand Bakhru SIndhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur reveals that most of the grant in aid colleges in the state are ignoring the implementation of a very important section 4 (1) (b) of the Right to Information Act according to which it is mandatory for every public authority to upload the information about the stipulated 17 points on their website so that common people have an easy access to the information without seeking it from the Institutions under the provisions of the act. Many colleges receive huge financial assistance from the government and therefore such private colleges also fall in the category of Public Authority as per 2 (h) (d) (ii) of the Act and so uploading the information about the stipulated 17 points on the website becomes mandatory for such colleges. Since many of the colleges don't implement the said provisions, people have to seek information by applying to the institution concerned. Naveen Agrawal informs that his study was confined to total fifty grant in aid colleges, five from each division, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Amravati, Mumbai, Pune, Jalgaon, Nanded, Panvel and Solapur falling under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra, which has total 1162 grant in aid colleges across the state. The findings of the study reveal that out of the fifty sample colleges, only 14% of the colleges have on their own uploaded the required information on their respective college websites. 86% of the sample colleges have not complied with the demand of the act in regard to the information on the said 17 points. If we observe the division wise, from Mumbai division 60% colleges, Pune 40 %, Nagpur and Panvel 20% each have uploaded the information on their websites whereas from the remaining 6 divisions not a single college has done it. The study also finds that the lack of RTI training to the information officers and the first appellate authorities of the colleges is mainly responsible for the non-compliance of the said RTI rules. It has come to notice through the study that only 10% of the sample colleges were imparted RTI Act training. Naveen Agrawal has written to the Higher Education Departments of Centre and the state, UGC, Central and State Information Commissions appealing them to make RTI Act training compulsory for aided colleges as it is for Government officers. He has further suggested that a vigilance Committee be constituted to monitor whether the colleges follow the provisions of the R T I Act Naveen Agrawal who is an RTI expert and Guest Faculty identified by YASHADA, Pune, the apex body of Government of Maharashtra in Administrative Training as well as a certified trainer in RTI by the ISTM, DOPT, Government of India,opines that if RTI Act training is made compulsory for aided colleges, the required information will be uploaded on college websites and the information seekers will not have to go through the tedious process of applying for the information under the Act, due to which the number of RTI applications will decrease and transparency in work will increase.
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    दादा रामचंद बाखरू सिंधु महाविद्यालय के रजिस्ट्रार नवीन अग्रवाल राजस्थान में सूचना अधिकार का प्रशिक्षण देंगे कोटा विश्वविद्यालय द्वारा आयोजित कार्यशाला में मुख्य वक्ता के रूप में आमंत्रित नागपुर। दादा रामचंद बाखरू सिंधु महाविद्यालय के रजिस्ट्रार एवं जाने माने सूचना अधिकार विशेषज्ञ श्री नवीन महेशकुमार अग्रवाल को सूचना का अधिकार विषय पर आयोजित कार्यशाला में राजस्थान के कोटा विश्वविद्यालय द्वारा मुख्य वक्ता (Keynote Speaker) के रूप में आमंत्रित किया गया है, कार्यशाला का आयोजन दि. २७/०२/२०२० को कोटा विश्वविद्यालय स्थित कुलपति सचिवालय के सेमीनार हॉल में किया गया है जिसमें विश्वविद्यालय के शिक्षक एवं वरिष्ठ अधिकारी गण सूचना का अधिकार विषय पर मार्गदर्शन प्राप्त करेंगे. महाराष्ट्र सरकार की शीर्ष प्रशासनिक प्रशिक्षण संस्था यशदा, पुणे के सूचना अधिकार केंद्र के अतिथि व्याख्याता एवं सचिवालय प्रशिक्षण तथा प्रबंध संस्थान, कार्मिक व प्रशिक्षण विभाग, भारत सरकार द्वारा प्रमाणित सूचना अधिकार प्रशिक्षक नवीन अग्रवाल अब तक लगभग १५०० से अधिक सरकारी एवं गैर सरकारी अधिकारियों को सूचना का अधिकार विषय पर प्रशिक्षण प्रदान कर चुके है. श्री नवीन अग्रवाल की उपलब्धि पर सिंधी हिंदी विद्या समिती के अध्यक्ष श्री एच.आर. बाखरू, चेयरमैन डॉ. विंकी रूघवानी, महासचिव डॉ. आई.पी. केसवानी, महाविद्यालय के कार्यकारी प्राचार्य डॉ. संतोष कसबेकर, उपप्राचार्य सतीश तेवानी, आनंद थदानी व विजय पाटील, अजय मुंधड़ा, ए.ए. कुरेशी, मुकेश कौशिक, योगेश भूते, मिलिंद शिनखेड़े, राजकुमार खापेकर, जयंत वाल्के, सुनील दहीरे, उपेंद्र वर्मा, ज्ञान ऐलानी, रामा राव, संगीता रूघवानी, अनुराधा पोद्दार, लीना चंदनानी, सपना तिवारी, रत्ना सरकार, ज़ीनत कश्मीरी, सुजाता मानकर, भारती अनेराव, ज्योति महात्मे, माया वासवानी, संघमित्रा शिम्पी, सुचिता वाघाए, सुनीता हिवरकर, सीमा अच्छपीला, राजू गेहानी, श्याम शेंडे, दिनेश गुप्ता, मिलिंद अम्बादे, महेश आसुदानी, राम तेजवानी, शैलेन्द्र हनवते, कपिल कुकरेजा आदि ने अभिनन्दन किया है।
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    I have compiled guidelines to be followed while undertaking inspection of records under RTI. The same is attached herewith. GUIDELINES FOR INSPECTION UNDER RTI 1. Even if you do not desire to carry out an actual inspection of records, invariably request as under in RTI application: This will have deterring effect on PIO against providing false information. 2. If you are not very conversant with the language of record or have any other disability, please also add the following sentence in RTI application: 3. When you get permission for inspection from PIO, FAA or Information Commissioner, send a letter by speed post to PIO stating list of records that you would like to inspect. Please also mention three tentative dates with time which would be convenient to you and also seek an exact name, address, email ID and phone number of PIO. 4. On appointed day, visit the office well before fixed time with your assistant [if permitted] and with copy of relevant decision, photocopy of your photo ID proof [election card, PAN card, passport etc], digital camera, mobile [with recording facility], blank papers, carbon papers, note pad, blank CD, 20-25 paper flaps [ for putting in registers or files to identify papers], pen, pencil, copy of RTI Act and Rules etc. 5. Please make note of your visit and that of your assistant in register maintained at entry point or reception as now most of govt. offices are having such register. This will be proof of your visit at the fixed date and time. 6. Contact the PIO and request for inspection. 7. Ask PIO to prepare inspection slip for noting down date and time etc of commencing inspection and ending inspection and payment of inspection charges. Some offices have register for these details. If he insists that charges be paid in advance before commencing inspection as per tentative hours required for inspection, pay the amount against receipt and then start inspection. 8. Please insist that PIO or any other person from office should be present with you during inspection. 9. In case if sitting arrangement, lighting and air in the room are not conducive to inspection, inform PIO orally and in writing [if need be], with time and date. 10. Start inspection and whatever record you find worth obtaining certified photocopies, use your digital camera and put a paper flap. 11. Go on making notings in your notepad of whatever is necessary from the record with page number and name of register or file etc. 12. In case despite all efforts, you are not in a position to inspect, give in writing to PIO all the reasons and obtain his acknowledgement on copy then and there. Also inform personally or on phone to FAA. 13. If you need data from computers, ask PIO to provide assistance of office staff for accessing computer data. Note down details so that required information can be obtained in a CD. Do not operate office computer yourself. 14. Whenever you talk to PIO keep the audio recorder on in your mobile and ensure that conversation is recorded. 15. At the end of inspection or during it ask PIO that you need certified photocopies of record where flaps are kept and collect the same before leaving the office. 16. Once you end inspection, make entry into inspection slip or register with problems faced by you if any or that you want to continue inspection on next date. Put date and time and pay or seek refund of balance of inspection fees. Pay as per RTI rules applicable for central govt. or state govt. rules for inspection as the case may be. 17. In case certified copies or CDs are not provided before leaving the office, give a written request [against acknowledgement] with page numbers of record etc to PIO for the certified copy. 18. Be cool, collected and courteous during entire visit and inspection. Thank all the staff and PIO if they have cooperated with you for inspection. 19. Do not write anything on govt. record. 20. Next week mail a list of papers you require from PIO which have been identified by you during inspection, as a reminder. Pay the charges if papers are provided within 30 days of submission of RTI application. 21. If you face serious difficulties in inspection, file the detailed written complaint with FAA or Information Commissioner [with copy to PIO in his name] and request for appropriate orders to facilitate proper inspection. 22. CIC has permitted videography and photography during the inspection in following two decisions: Happy officially inspecting of govt. records by a common citizen under RTI. J. P. Shah, Junagadh [Gujarat] Cell: 09924106490 _______________________________________________________ “The real swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few, but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused.” Mahatma Gandhi Please also refer INSPECTION GUIDE.doc https://rtiindia.org/blogs/jps50/2749-assistance-inspection.html
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    Please be aware that the PIO's decision is not the final word in a given matter and that as a RTI Applicant you have an access to three tier hierarchical system by way of first and then second appeal under the RTI Act, as described below: > RTI Application u/s. 6(1) with the PIO, > Not received the information / not satisfied with information supplied by PIO / no decision by PIO, > File a First Appeal u/s. 19(1) with the concerned First Appellate Authority (FAA), > Still not received the information / not satisfied with decision of FAA / no decision by FAA > File a Second Appeal u/s. 19(3) with the concerned Information Commission. > Also please note that RTI Act also provides for filing a Complaint under section 18 with the concerned Information Commission.
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    ZONE - I A – WARD, 134 – E, S.B.S. Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001. Tel: (022) - 2266 1353 / 2260 7000 Extn: 7070 / 7022. B – WARD, 121, Ramchandra Bhatt Marg, Opp. J. J. Hospital, Mumbai – 400 009. Tel: (022) - 2378 0133, 23736622, 23794000 C – WARD, 76, Shrikant Palekar Marg, Off Chandanwadi, Marine Lines (E), Mumbai – 400 002. Tel: (022) - 22055450, 22014022, 22014000, 23424669 D – WARD, Jobariputra Compound, Near Shastri Hall, Mumbai – 400 007. Tel: (022) - 23861426, 23864000 E – Ward, Shaikh Hafizuddin Marg, Next to Byculla Fire Stn., Mumbai – 400 008. Tel: (022) – 23083695, 23081471, 23014000, 23081470 ZONE – II F / South Ward, Room No. 19, 2nd Floor, F/South Ward Office Building, Dr. B. A. Road, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012. Tel: (022) – 24134560 F / North Ward, Near Maheswari Udyan, Bhaudaji Marg, Matunga, Mumbai – 400 019. Tel: (022) – 24134560 G / South Ward, Near Deepak Cinema, N. M. Joshi Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025. Tel: (022) – 24223741, 24305031, 24224000 G / North Ward, Municipal Office Building, Harishchandra Yalve Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 008. Tel: (022) – 24397800 ZONE – III H / East Ward, Muncipal Office Building, Plot No 137, TPS 5, Prabhat Colony, Road No 2, Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400055 Tel: (022) – 26114000, 26182217, 26182218, 26182219, 26182839 H / West Ward, Behind Bandra Police Station, ST Martins Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400 050. Tel: (022) – 26444000, 26422311, 26432680, 26485399, 26455641, 26422314, 26513506, 26456466, 26418509 K / East Ward, Ganesh Gavatan, Next To Verma Nagar, Ramesh More Chowk, Azad Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 069. Tel: (022) – 26847000, 26841924, 26837104, 26840103, 26830103, 26840986, 26834475, 26832006 K / West Ward, K / W Ward Office Building, 2nd Floor, Paliram Path, Opp. Best Depot, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058. Tel: (022) – 26237932, 26239166, 26239131, 26239190, 26239499 ZONE – IV P / South Ward, Opp. City Center Mall, S. V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai – 400 104. Tel: (022) – 28721186, 28722808 P / North Ward, 1st Floor, Liberty Garden, Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 064. Tel: (022) – 28826000, 28824269, 28823267, 28823266, 28824625, 28824711 R / Central Ward, Municipal Market Building, S. V. Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 092. Tel: (022) – 28912396, 28946000, 28931342, 28902343, 28902343 R / South Ward, R/South Ward Office Building, Mahatma Gandhi Cross Road No.2, Near S.V.P.Swimming Pool, Kandivali (West), Mumbai-400 067. Tel: (022) – 2805 6000, 28054788, 2806 5185 R / North Ward, Below Sangeetkar Sudhi Phadke Flyover Bridge, Jaywant Sawant Marg, Dahisar (W), Mumbai – 400 068. Tel: (022) – 2893 6000 ZONE – V L – Ward, 1st Floor, L. Y. Market Building, S. G. Barve Marg, Kurla (W), Mumbai – 400 070. Tel: (022) – 26505103, 26503104 M – Ward, 2nd Floor, Late Sharadbhau Acharya Marg, Near Natraj Cinema, Chembur, Mumbai – 400 071. Tel: (022) – 25284000, 25225000, 25281977, 25281994, 25285669 M / East Ward, Deonar Municipal Colony, Madhukar Tukaram Kadam Marg, Govandi West, Mumbai – 400 043. Tel: (022) – 25502270 ZONE – VI N – Ward, 1st Floor, Jawahar Road, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai – 400 077. Tel: (022) – 25013000, 25010161, 25010162, 25010163, 25010164, 25010165, S – Ward, Near Mangatram Petrol Pump, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai – 400 078. Tel: (022) – 2594 7571. 25954000, 25948588, 25947570, 25947845, 25947573, 25947574, T – Ward, Lala Devi Dayal Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai – 400 080. Tel: (022) – 2564 5291. 25694000, 25617410, 25645289, 25617264,
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