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    Deemed to be Universities are institutions which are not established as Universities through legislations, but which are declared as deemed to be universities as per Section 3 of the UGC Act. Section 3 of the UGC Act empowers the Central Government to declare by notification any such institution as deemed to be university on the recommendations of the UGC. All provisions of the UGC Act are applicable to the deemed to be universities. These deemed to be universities have the following salient features; [1] They concentrate on specific areas assigned to them on the basis of which they are declared as deemed to be Universities; [2] They are autonomous in academic, administrative, finance, research, evaluation and extension aspects, etc., like other universities; [3] There is enough scope for trying out and developing different models of leadership owing to their limited jurisdiction; [4] Such institutions are able to enjoy closer and thicker contacts of students with persons involved in administration, teaching, research, extension and evaluation and thereby they generates an encouraging social ethos and enobling educational climate on the campus; [5) Due to closer contacts among persons at different levels, it provides an opportunity for developing a participatory decision making process leading to healthier relations among members; [6] As these institutions have a well identified focus, they can play an important role in the maintenance of standards in that area. Private universities are not operated by governments though many receive public subsidies, especially in the form of tax breaks and public student loans and grants. Depending on the region, private universities may be subject to government regulation. Private universities compare to public universities and national universities.
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    Dear member, this is a common complaint and due to non working of street lights your locality remains dark and unsafe and criminals take advantage of this darkness. You may file RTI application to the PIO of Nagarpalika/municipal corporation to seek the Information as under. Sir, The following street lights have not been functioning since a long. (A) ...................... (B) ......................(name of street) Several complaints have been made but no action has been taken by the authority so kindly provide following information. Please provide from record; (1) Copy of the contract and name, address and contact No. of the contractor to whom you contracted maintenance of these street lights. (2) List of complaints received and action taken to replace or repair defective lights by contractor. Provide relevant extract of the contract which makes a mention of this. (3) Action taken against the contractor for not repairing or replacing defective lights. Provide relevant extract of the contract which makes a mention of this. (4) List of conditions by which the payment of contractor can be deducted. Provide relevant extract of the contract which makes a mention of this. (5) Provisions to deduct the payment of the contractor after receiving the complaints. Also provide information If any excuse for not deduction of the payment. (6) Time period in which you deduct the payment of the contractor. (7) Provisions/conditions for to cancel the contract. Provide relevant extract of the contract which makes a mention of this. (8) Information from record to use the circumstances of complaints to cancel the contract. (9) In above circumstances, information from record about the time period to cancel the contract. (10) Provide the copies of letters/directions issued to the contractor by you after received this RTI application from me. Dear Member, after filing such RTI application you will notice tremendous changes in non functioning of street lights. You can refer following link for good drafting of RTI application. http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...plication.html
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