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    @Prasad GLN: RTI can be used to get this information. see: http://blog.onlinerti.com/2017/02/02/is-rti-useful-in-case-of-land-and-property-disputes/ and https://lawrato.com/property-legal-advice/can-i-file-rti-to-know-whose-name-is-registered-on-property-20888 The advantage of RTI over a reqular Form 22 application in the sub registrar's office is that with RTI you get a written response while at the sub regitrar's office they will orally inform you that they could not locate your document but not provide a written response. RTI will force them to do a proper search since they have to provide a written response. In fact this whole research started because the clerks at sub registrar office insisting that they could not search without document/ index no. They also orally said they could not locate any documents but could not provide any written acknowledgement for failed searches. But right now I will continue to research this matter since I want to be able to inspect the documents myself -that reduces dependence on agents, clerks, lawyers all of whom can have their own reasons to make this process complex and out-of-reach of the average citizen
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    Please go through Sec.19 and download that simple section ready for your further guidance. FAA has to provide his speaking orders within 30 days of receipt in general and up to 45 days for reasons specified. As appellant can file the first appeal within 60 days from date of his first appeal, it is advisable to go for second appeal on 50th day (45 days + postal transit) as the second appeal may come up for hearing after years, and second appeals are numbered on priority depending on the date of receipt of such appeals. In case of senior citizens, and for citizens having different abilities, priority is given, out of turn on producing a self-attested copy of such certificate of age proof or disabilities proof.
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    I applied for RTI but I dnt got reply after 60 days also so i applied for appeal now 20 days over till how many days should I wait for 1st appeal reply Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    The search (Manually for fees) and then providing is practice known to all advocates.
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    For anyone interested here is what I have discovered. Essentially the books in the sub registrar's office are meant for public inspection. There are various registers maintained like the Record of Rights, the Book of mutation and so on which capture all transactions on a piece of land. So from the postal address you can get the survey number and then inspect the records. There is also an index based on the person name and another based on door number. So these can be used to get to the documents about that site/plot. The most detailed information on this that I have found is the link below: https://righttoinformation.wiki/guide/applicant/application/sample/owner-land My experience with the sub registrar office is that once you show that you know how the information is stored they will do the search properly for you otherwise they will claim it cannot be done. I'm still trying to piece together all details of how the information is organized and will update once I finish
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    The detailed reply is highly appreciated. As far as the query is concerned, as Sub-Registrar office is having a laid down procedure for issuing certified copies, RTI Act can not intrude into that. A lawayer may not be well conversant with law according to you, but he may be knowing fundamentals in the process involved due to his vast experience in his profession. For getting certified copy of such sale deed, in all prescribed forms separate columns are incorporated for writing the bare minimum details of such documents. If there is a fraud or theft, a simple complaint to police may bring in facts. While responding, it is our endeavour to provide general guidance and not specific and those extra ordinary circumstances as narrated. The query is on how one can generate a sale deed / title deed on the basis of a stolen document ? It is true that there are many instances of such exceptional cases. Even in AP State capital of Amaravati, the farmer sold the land, his wife and daughter in law were in the house, and entire Rs.3 crores were robbed and within 24 hours Police have detected that daughter in law master minded the plan through her brother and acted as victim by inflicting such self injuries. These are exceptional. Issue involved is how any one can generate a title deed/sale deed on the basis of documents stolen and the need for such original document for the present, when there was physicial possession since long. Here the issue in specific is related to your query and not to happenings or such reports. In this forum, we offer general guidance and not specific person to person guidance on his issue alone and the response should be helpful to those who require similar guidance in future on same issue. Those who wish to use the response, they may use and some may ignore if they know too much . "As of now, I know its possible to locate all documents based on just postal address alone. The information exists within the sub registrar office - I just don't know how and under what law it can be accessed." Please do post your success story in getting such sale deed, as it may help several other members that are facing same issue. (The digitalization is different and now they are uploaidng title deeds as they are finding it to preserve / protect them and from a cut off date, they are proceeding back and your query was on old document. May be in present digitalization feeding name of the seller or purchaser may also be enough in that village to get transaction details)
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    There are strict guidelines on such nuisance and organizers must obtain prior permission from Police Station. The decibels of sound that can be permitted, the timings are prescribed.in sanction order, and police must make visits to check whether they are following such terms and conditions for permission. Police can confiscate the equipment and can book complaint on organisers, but they avoid such patrols, as they have some other priority. . In case of violations, one can not help, as making such police complaint against his own neighbours may make that family as an enemy and brand him as a killjoy. As we are living together, maintaining good relations is the necessity in society,- temporary inconvenience must be converted to some other useful activity. The popular saying "if you can not resist, enjoy it
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    Make an application to Public Information officer, District Collector, of that village seeking information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide me with copies of orders/notifications/circulars that state the eligibility criterion and selection process for allotment of Govt. Land in the district for serving soldiers Check website of Collector for format of application and mode of remitting RTi fee of Rs.10/-
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    High Court rules framed before RTI Act came into existence and they have laid down procedure for obtaining certified copies and not under RTI, they should prevail. The guidance was given where there were no rules framed for providing certified copy before enactment of RTI. Indian Evidence Act stipulates for obtaining certified copy from all public authorities.
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    Yes. Certified copy, xerox copy, inspection, are parts of information that has to be provided by SPIO and each form is different.
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    https://consumerhelpline.gov.in/index.php Sent from my CPH1729 using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    Madam, Simply read what was stated as guidance. As you have no knowledge, and going to take a course without inquiring into the college bonafides, you have been adviised to seek such recognition/ affiliation from NCTE. Also search in website of the college and seek information from some other asking for the recognition no by NCTE through email for your record. Also find in website of NCTE as they must have uploaded such list of recognised courses and colleges
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    You can seek such information from NCTE by filing RTI Application on line. Please solicit information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide me approval No. give by NCTE for the course of B.Ed at Jyoti Sriranga sai college at.......................in ......................district of andhrapradesh.
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    Legal Advises are not being offered in this forum, as this forum is dedicated for RTI alone. Litigation is the last resort and within reach of only well to do for their personal problems, and in larger public interest matters it may not help, and your problem is beyond such Legal path, and only remedy is bringing pressures on elected representatives, and agitatins during Elections and a commitment in election meeting for raising the issue and getting justice through political interference. As I have given my opinion, this is not a new issue to be assured as election promise, but the only thing is speeding up the issue.
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    Application dt.4th Oct, 2018 seeking information under RTI Act Before: CPIO, Ministry of Railways, New Delhi Fee: Postal order No....for Rs.10/- fvg. Accounts Officer, Ministry of Railways. Applicant. Brief facts: Construction of ROB at..................(Exact location) in between........................station to Station.......................at level crossing of ...............Trains between .................to ................station (......................Railways) 1.Please provide me certified copies of all correspondence from receiving proposals, various office notes, present status. 2.Please provide the present status and future action plan with such granted budget if any for this or next financial year. Applicant. (Please wait for minimum 30 days as they may endorse your application to concerned Railway Board under intimation to you) You can also seek same information from your Municipality / Corporation as Railways are prepared for such ROB with equal contribution from Municipality or corporation, and the delay may be mostly due to inadequate funds of your local authority.
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    You need not track the file . Railwaays budge allocations and announce the projects and budgets well in advance and release adertisements in all news papers. Eacj station is having a commitee for commuters and regular meeting.; Contact any one of them or file RTI Application and seek present status of such Bridges. (it is very difficult to get 100% railway contribution and if state government is prepared to provide land and 50% expenditure it can materialize in one year.
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    The sure shot solution is asking your MP to raise the issue in Parliament in question hour. You will certainly get authentic information.
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    There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny - they should be setting the example of transparency.
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    Your Fundamental Right to see the Government Records in a time-bound manner by paying 10 rupees.

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    This forum is dedicated for guiding citizens under RTI Act. Members in the forum are not competent and are not experts in providing guidance without knowing facts of medical history. It is believed that a qualified professional doctor recruited in Govt. service can decide on such treatment, and his discretion can not be challenged. However in case of grave negligence, a second opinion may be obtained and further recourse is through Consumer Protection Act, where the chances of getting such compensation are very difficult as treatment by an expert must be challenged with more authentic record and get supporting evidence of an expert more than the doctor that treated. Further getting free treatment may not always be covered under CP Act as you must incur some expenditure as fees, and there must be deficiency of service by that professional to establish a case under CP Act. You have not told as to the medicine doctor prescribed, and the qualification of that expert who has given opinion that the medicine prescribed was only for fever. You can search in google typing the name of the ingredients in the tablet and find it out your self. The doctor might have given symptomatic treatment as fever itself is not a disease by itself and there may be viral infection that goes away within 7 days.
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