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    Every University has uploaded the process of verification for nominal fees. Contact the authorities, submit prescribed application with fees and get valid verification certificate only if you want your certificate. One can not get such verification certificate of others unless larger public interest is established to satisfaction of PIO.
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    Please go through replies already given before posting further queries. Relevant restated here below: First step: After RTI and collection of evidence through certified copies "Make a complaint in writing to the authority that supplied the funds reporting the misuse of funds enclosing the copy of inspection report on materials inspected and copy of minutes handed over to the PIO after such inspection." Second step " after exploring all options, and when authorities failed to take any action, in the larger public interest the PIL was filed. The inaction of superior must be apparent with efforts of petitioner for getting a good appreciation of the case and the failure of the controlling mechanism. " RTI is in no way connected to other proceedings. RTI relief is only through remedy as stated in RTI i.e.second appeal. After getting nformation through certified copies the role of RTI comes to end. These certified copies are documentary evidence to establish corruption/misappropriation and to convince Court that the petition is a bonafide one in the larger public interest and no self-interest or enmity is involved in the PIL.
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    It is a Central Government dept that looks after personnel and training of CG employees. (RTI implementation, CIC and Grievance redressal portal etc., )
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    Make a complaint by Registered Post enclosing the certificate and request for taking disciplinary action or terminating the employment of such employee who secured employment through forged certificate. Wait for a month, then file RTI Application to CPIO of MPT, Mangalore seeking action on your complaint and copy of such certificate duly certified. File a complaint before the jurisdictional police of Tehasildar Bangalore and enclose copy of such certificate submitted for securing employment secured from Mangalore PT and copy of RTI information received from Tehasildar ,Bangalore. Invariably mark these copies to DOPT. New Delhi.
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    Through RTi collect basic facts as to 1)The authority from whom funds were received 2.The utilisation certificates submitted by the authority that spent the amount, 3.Make a complaint in writing to the authority that supplied the funds reporting the misuse of funds enclosing the copy of inspection report on materials inspected and copy of minutes handed over to the PIO after such inspection. 4.Wait for a month and then file RTI Application to the authority that supplied the funds seeking information on action taken on misappropriation of funds, conspiracy, role of officials concerned etc.
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    Let us not assume that X is corrupt and Y is honest and issue certificates to X and Y accordingly. If you have not received the information, kindly exercise the appeal levels. Please read the blog on the following link: RTI Act offers three levels to obtain a required information.
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    I am very sorry if unknowingly mistaken Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    As per SC directives, on receiving a complaint, a copy of FIR must be given. Not registering a complaint and not providing copy of FIR is violation. Represent to District Supdt of Police against the ill-treatment given by PS officials through Regd post and mark this as copy to CM Secretariat and local District Social Welfare officer requesting for their interference. Also file RTI Application to Public Information officer of that PS and seek specific information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide the specific reasons on record and the names of the concerned officials that refused to accept, register a complaint and providing FIR for a complaint made by.....................on............................at......................................... File another RTI to Public Information Officer and request as follows: 1.Please provide me a copy of the registered owner and address for Taxi No.................... After getting the address, let the complaint be drafted by efficient criminal lawyer and file the complaint once again through him.
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    Please find a draft addendum attached herewith this post: Addendum_V-2.doc
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    You can add any new point that came to your knowledge at any time before FAA delivers his orders. You may file Addendum to first appeal to FAA as per expert's guidance once again now if you require.
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    Sir, I have already filled the first appeal as per the guidance I received from Prasad GLN, Now, I want to add your valued explanation to FAA too is it possible to add this on earlier application please guide if this possible it will also help in future and also for public.
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    Section 7(4) casts a pro-active responsibility on a PIO to himself provide an assistance to the information seeker in case he is sensorily disabled. Since, in your case, you are not sensorily disabled there is no pro-active responsibility on a PIO to himself provide assistance to you. However, section 7(4) does not in any way debar an information seeker from bringing in his own assistance. Hence, you need to file a first appeal under section 19(1) with the concerned First Appellate Authority on the following ground: Grounds of First Appeal: 1. I had sought inspection of information in accordance with section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act. Since, I am not sensorily disabled, I do not intend to seek the PIO's assistance as provided for in section 7(4) of the RTI Act. However, I do intend to bring in my own assistance for the purpose of seeking such information. In view of the above, the PIO has erred in invoking section 7(4) for denying me to seek assistance which I intend to bring in for the purpose of seeking an inspection of information. Nevertheless, I hereby invoke section 5(3) of the RTI Act which provides as follows (emphasis added): Quote: Section 5(3) Every Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall deal with requests from persons seeking information and render reasonable assistance to the persons seeking such information. Unquote. Thus, in view of the letter and spirit of the provision of section 5(3) of the RTI Act, I am entitled to bring in my own assistance for the purpose of taking an inspection of the requested information. Prayers of First Appeal: 1. Kindly direct the PIO to provide reasonable assistance in accordance with the letter and spirit of section 5(3) of the RTI Act and thereby allow me to bring in my own assistance for the purpose of taking an inspection of the requested information.
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    Please give respect to the posts through reactions, as you have been in the habit of giving likes to formal posts like not to open duplicate posts etc., and ignoring the guidance given through formats. Before going to physical inspection, take sufficient bags to collect samples for quality checks and invariably download blog on inspection and carry the hard copy with you, in case if PIO objects for any bonafide actions in exercising your rights. Be most courteous, do not enter into arguments, be brief, focus only on the work of inspection alone and do not make any open comments. Write before them their reply in your note book with the comments and name of the assistant. Be aware that first hour of inspection is free and from next hour attendance you have to pay reasonable charges. Instead of all applicants inspecting single material , divide the work, so that maximum inspection can be done less time. Make all collected samples in two bags, give one bag to PIO duly sealed with your signature on the tag.
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    There is no such speed track. Inspection is also one form of information. Thirty days time frame from date of receipt of an application to response holds good for all forms of information.
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    Please do not open multiple posts on the same issue as the posts miss continuity.
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    Prepare minutes and then hand over the copy of such minutes with acknowledgment of PIO for having received. As per inspection permitted with due assistance of Shri.................and Shri.....................a Physical verification of the materials as per Invoice No....................was carried out on ....................at............................ The following table disclose the actual amount provided as per records and available in physical form during inspection. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ S.L.No.........Description of material.............Quantity as per invoice...Available on date of inspection. Shortage. ------1-____________________--2_________________________--------------3____________________-4___________________5__________ 1 2 3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applicant. A copy of minutes of inspection received and acknowledged. It is true that the applicant has in my presence recorded physical stock available as on date of inspection and the table shows the discrepancy. PIO
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    Mr.Damodar, All our endeavors must be for getting information as expeditiously as possible in a smooth manner before the first appeal. Members can only guide focussing on that getting information and alternates. At the same time, members must also learn the process and read the concerned sections and should become experts through such learning and must guide others. As a member, we can only suggest. If you read Sec.7 (4), it states of assistance to be provided by PIOS' in case of sensorily disabled applicants from their side. There is nothing on inspection through assistance as desired by applicants. Not being experts in that inspection is also disability and in several CIC decisions, where the matter requires expertise, CIC has decided in the favour of applicants. This is applicable where documents are in a different language not known to applicants, though applicants are not sensorily disabled. I have tried my best to guide you by suggesting several alternates and to abide by PIOs wish. When PIO and FAA are not co-operating the only alternative is to go for the second appeal which takes a minimum of 2 years hearing, whereas materials may not be stored for testing such quality for two years. In view of the problems involved, I suggested for filing multiple applicants making experts also as applicants, as there is nothing to object by PIO if the applicant an expert himself seeks inspection. We can only suggest, and it depends on your taking a decision. You have no time, no where informed in your earlier posts that you wanted to get an inspection with two others. Only after reading your reply, the facts came to light. The choice is yours. In a case for a 93-year-old illiterate applicant, who is really having mobility problems, sight and hearing problems, CIC directed for permitting inspection through a representative. When she has requested me for inspection, I have stated the same and went inspection as per CIC decision to a remote place in another District. I was not even allowed to enter into security gate, and the concerned authorities (Who calls themselves as law-abiding PSU) refused even to talk stating that CIC decision stated inspection by an applicant, and she should only come. Even after three years, the complaint to CIC has not come up for hearing. A writ was filed in HC, the Judge told that unless CIC gives a decision on such inspection, he can not further involve and dismissed the writ. In the meanwhile, her court case was dismissed as she could not file such evidence. After all this, I have to file a separate application, and after two years secured the record, and filed at HC in her case and the case is reopened and God knows when the original applicant can see justice during her lifetime or not. As per our Hon.Kariras' opinion, there is no difference and the expert should have made a separate application and got the same opportunity within a month, and the procedure followed is uncertain. Depending on my practical experience, I have suggested alternates.
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    Duplicate thread by same member on same issue. Guidance provided in another post. Moderators, kindly merge both posts.l
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    The order though stated specifically to provide information has warned PIO to provide the information except exempted under Sec. 8 (1) which means that as there is no exemption of this public record, the orders are for providing you copy of the plan approved by the authority which is within the custody of PIO. The following as per your post is relevant. In future the respondent must provide the information as asked by the applicant except the information as in section 8(1) of the RTI act 2005 and by asking the applicant to pay the fees as per section 7(3)(a). Information must be provided after receiving the necessary fees Immediately write to FAA for directing PIO to provide the information as a sanctioned copy by authority is not exempted under Sec.8 (1) and also mark this to SIC. Wait for a month and then make complaint to SIC stating that PIO has continued his old attitude and violating RTI rules and regulations. The plan submitted to Public authority by a citizen is a public record and there is neither invasion on the privacy of any third party nor it is personal information exempted under RTI.
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    Duplicate thread and the original thread link is available in the above post.
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    You can make a complaint by Registered post to District Educational officer and to Director of Secondary school education (Board). You have to publicise about the same in local media and through pamphlets to warn parents about the future of their children who have taken admission. Norms in educational standards are only considered by parents and not others as 90% of schools can not function within the norms if applied strictly. If no action is taken you can file PIL before HC seeking directions against the school, if only you have no personal axe to grind or enimity with the management and if you are one among the parents.
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    Have you contacted the manager, and got the rejection challan (Remitting into Bank) rejected. Have you filed an online complaint on their website? If not please do both the things immediately. Also, file this as a complaint in RBI portal. Wait for maximum two weeks If you are not satisfied, file a complaint before Banking Ombudsman online, and also in District Consumer Forum for deficiency of service and seek costs, and compensation of Rs.5,000/- for harassment. RTI is not necessary as there is no such directive from either Government or RBI not to accept coins of Rs.5/- and Rs.10/- contrary, RBI has directed all banks to accept these coins without providing any room for complaint from citizens. Also, release this news to the media and collect such CCTV footage of entire happenings under RTI during your efforts to deposit the same on that day as it establishes the entire drama.
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    Let us not make comparisons as expenses depend on various considerations. Compare this with past Govt expenditure. I personally feel that still most of the very good schemes ad'vertised by Government is still not known to even educated persons and advertisement purpose is not for publicity alone, to publicise those schemes that are helpful to common man. Comparing this publicity for sake of reaching to common man should not be compared by a natural calamity when central govt strictly stated that it is immediate assistance and further assistance can be sought on estimation of loss. The central government assistance through Navy and Army can not be converted to money. If you calculate such expenditure the expenditure exceeeds Rs.1000 crores.
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    RTI query filed by Mumbai based senior journalist Jatin Desai has revealed that Modi government has spent Rs 1315.83 crore just on ads during the financial year 2017-18. According to information obtained under RTI by Desai, the central government has spent Rs 632.18 crore on print media, Rs 475.11 crore on electronic media and Rs 208.54 crore on outdoor media. The information on how much money spent on the advertisement on foreign media is not available with the Bureau of Outreach and Communication. "It is shocking to see that central government spent almost Rs 1315.83 crore. Which means the government spends Rs 3.65 crore per day. That's a huge amount but they have given just Rs 600 crore to Kerala state which is in distress due to floods," said Desai. View full entry
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