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    Thank you sir for sharing of your valuable experience.
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    As per above subject, during appeal case hearing on 25th july, hon'ble IC was directed for submission an affidavit after issuing an intimation letter of commission which is still not dispatched as per cic website, Question -1 wt should I do now ? If intimation not dispatched by commission till date . Question-2 I did not understood that who was directed for submission an affidavit I.e. Appellant or Respondents ? Question-3 Whom designation addressing in the affidavit ? Question-4 Which cost of stam paper prescribed for such affidavit. Question-5 Any prescribed format for submission an affidavit by Appellant in CIC Sent from my Moto C using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    In response to a number of grievances/Right to Information applications received in the ministry where citizens have complained that the documents available in DigiLocker or the mParivahan app are not considered valid by the traffic police or the motor vehicles department,” the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Thursday issuedan advisory to all states to accept driving licence, vehicle registration certificate and other documents in electronic form, if presented through the Centre’s DigiLocker or mParivahan online platforms. These documents are to be considered the same as certificates issued by transport authorities. The advisory said that DigiLocker and mParivahan have the ability to pull a citizen’s documents into electronic form. The ministry added that the state authorities do not need to physically seize documents when they have to be impounded. The agencies can simply have the impounding reflected in the electronic database.
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    In the recent months, even though the ridership has fallen the punctuality of the Metro service has remained consistently good. According to an IE report, as per the data obtained through an RTI application, between 2013 and 2018, till the month of May, over 99 per cent train trips have been recorded on time. A Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) official was quoted in the report saying that a trip is said to be delayed if a train takes more than 60 seconds than the scheduled time in completing it. Other than train delays, the DMRC also records the number of trips that are cancelled. In 2018, till May, 377 trips have been cancelled. While, 709 trips were cancelled in 2013, 536 trips in 2014, 1,084 trips in 2015, 692 trips in 2016 and 783 trips in 2017.
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    I prefer this way, because, one can go CIC with confirmed, admitted information. On receiving information, he can enclose the same to non compliance complaint, and he should also state that he do not want to bother IC further and made all his attempts with PIO, and only when all efforts failed, treating the same as deliberate, malafide, disobedience of reasonable orders of even IC, he is compelled to approach. It serves as a reminder, and also confirms PIO misconduct. Different persons may be having different ways, and the ultimate is to that member to choose a better way focusing on information.
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    File Application to the school and seek such information. Ask your friend or relative from a distant place to file such RTI APplication and seek information in larger public interest as to whether there are restrictions of working teachers in coaching privately, and efforts made by school management in curbing this unhealthy practice of private tuitions. If there is a bar or restriction take a news reporter / journalist and get a video shoot during that time. It is very difficult to establish money payment, as the teachers may state that they are giving coaching free in the interest of students. If there is a parents association raise the issue with them. Make a complaint to DEO and CBSE Board.
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    Members in the forum are not competent to guide you on a serious problem of litigation. Issue legal notice to Municipal office stating that the condition of building is dangerous and ask them to demolish the building. Anyone of the public can make such complaint as such collapse may endanger the lives of any one. Contact Advocate for establishing your ownership and further guidance.
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    File Fresh RTI and seek information as follows: Subject: CIC Decision No......................Dt................in File No......................... 1.Please provide the copy of the order showing the name of the official that inquired into the matter. 2./Please provide copy of such inquiry report as per CIC orders. 3.Please provide specific reasons for not providing such report as per CIC orders to appellant till date.
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    How Many Sim Are Activated On My Adhaar Number And How Can I Stopped All The Services Of Other Sim Connection Which Are Not Used By Me. Thank You
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    Thank God. The latest technology is being implemented in several banks. Any thing and every thing can be solved within minutes. Have patience. Such things should not happen, but rarely it may happen. They take grievance seriously and you may see result within two days. RTI is waste on individual transactions in PSU banks, as any thing can be done through on line within minutes and finally consumer forum, Banking Ombudsman, RBI .Banking comes to your rescue immediately on receiving a complaint on hand.
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    Honorable members, I have a one doubt about this app when I want any help or advice from respected members when i was posting my Issue it shows (1) ASK FOR RTI SUPPORT (2) ASK FOR NON RTI SUPPORT. With above mentioned 2nd topic ASK FOR NON RTI SUPPORT Can I post any matter which relates to non RTI . The reasons for raising this question I know about RTI not perfect about first appeals and second appeals , complaints etc.. after joining this forum I have gained a lot of knowledge about RTI thanks to all respected members those who are providing and guiding to appliants to file application under RTI. If the really ASK FOR NON RTI SUPPORT works and will provides the permission to file the post which wasn't related to RTI iam very happy , Kindly calrify the doubt , please don't mind for raising the question of mine, just I wanted to follow the rules and regulations of this forum. where can file our issues, experience, and have guidance from respected members. Thanking you
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    The simple answer is it is sure that you can get full support and authentic guidance on RTI matters for certain, as the forum is dedicated exclusively for guidance on RTI matters.. For non RTI matters , you may receive guidance, which may not be authentic and may be as First Aid in case of severe accidents. If it is concerned with a public authority, even non rti matters can be converted to RTI.
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