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    Sorry the file is not available for opening in my system.
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    As per definition of CP Act, the RTI Applicant is a consumer, no doubt. Cases were also decided by District Consumer Forums & NCDRC. It is a fact that all efforts made and how SC has not even entertained RP against NCDRC decision. Finally the SC has rejected the Appellant's plea against NCDRC. But pending all this, it is surprising that the Karnataka State Information Commission and A.P. Information Commissions have issued instructions in the year 2011 and 2012 to the State Consumer Redressal Forms of Karnataka & A.P. "not to entertain RTI Petitions under CP Act' and on the basis of these instructions, the District Consumers Redressal forums in these States are not entertaining the RTI Petitions under CP Act, 1986. .
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    You have never stated about the incomplete inspection and their orders for completing the inspection on some other day. Unless you get a confirmation in writing about the day, time and contact officer, never visit public authority's office. The security is performing its duty. They have to contact the concerned officer over the phone, prepare a pass with the signature of such officer, mentioning the purpose of the work, duration, etc., and after inspection, the concerned officer has to sign the pass and it should be returned back. You can also register your visit in the Visit book kept at the security gate. When you are in RTI, do not think of saving on postage as personal visits frequently to a public authority is not advisable. You are fortunate. Once I went for inspection to a Ministry at New Delhi after receiving such written permission, the concerned Addl. Secretary left to Dehradun for training. After traveling 32 hours I returned back empty handed and reduced the ordeals in writing, but there is no response from Addl. Secretary. These harassments are usual with Public Sector Oil companies and those officers are located far from the city in outskirts where you do not find transportation and even drinking water. The security personnel permits a citizen only if he is having a valid pass. Focus on information, these are most common.
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    You can file RTI Application to State public Information officer TSCB and can solicit the information as follows: Information solicited: 1. Please provide the status of various projects undertaken by the board for construction of houses in the .......District. 2. Please provide the Brochure/Booklet/Circular that states the norms for allocating such houses. 3. Please provide No of applications received, accepted, rejected and finally selected, a vacant position as on 31-3-2019. 4. Please provide a copy of the beneficiaries list. NB: Please provide that information available in electronic data through CD and if the information is in hard copies provide that hard copy. Note to search website of TNSCB for format of RTI Application, CPIO particulars and RTI Fee mode of remittance.
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    It appears that there was a technical snag on 14th and 15th Apr, 2019 and it might have been corrected by now. The site is functioning properly since 15th Apr, 2019 evening.
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    Hello friends, I was trying to visit our website i.e. rtiindia.org from past few days and i have seen that website not opening on any platform . is it happen with everyone. Also if it was an any technical problem i am requesting to admin pls fix it.
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    You have to adhere to grounds for appeal mentioned and for your immediate attention the following guidance was tendered earlier. If the first PIO mentioned about First Appeal particulars, make a representation to him that both PIOs are passing on the ball game with the citizens and when the officials are not themselves aware of the fact shows the ignorance of their own departmental affairs and throws a bad light on the efficiency of the officers. Request him to direct the relevant PIO to provide the information. As this is not the first time and as you have attended one first hearing with FAA with GPT there is no need for further guidance. Brimming with confidence, good appearance, polite attitude, not complaining individually, focusing on information alone, filing written arguments immediately after FAA hearing certainly betters the chances.
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    Sir, towards my first appeal the FAA has asked me to attend hearing on 18th April, please help me with good points in this connection.. Since EESL and Goa electricity department is playing ball pass on game towards the information I have asked.. Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
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    File RTI Application to SPIO, Meerut Municipal Corporation as per UP RTI rules and get the information. Search website of Meerut corporation for such procedure of RTI. (They have a prescribed application format and adhesive court fee stamp of Rs.10 has to be used as RTI fee)
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    In the post you have asked for "Strongly worded RTI Application" and in content, you have asked for strongly worded letter/complaint. I am not aware as why anyone wants such strongly worded correspondence to any Government official and to my knowledge such strongly worded creates bad relations with Govt. First, Officials are irritated by RTI Application that questions their actions and explanations, and if it is in strong words, they go into shells and never co-operates in the matter. In my experience, I have never found a favorable response for a strongly worded RTI Application and never heard that such strongly worded application gets an immediate response. Under RTI information should always be the focus and building up personal relations through simple, polite and pointed correspondence fetches respect. You have to file a simple grievance application through Regd post in simple A4 size paper. First step-Lodge grievance by Registered post. I have sought reconstructed property card for property no................................situated at....................in the name of ................from......................, submitted all documents required/demanded from the department and submitted the application on......................... There is no response from your department even after......days. Hence this grievance petition praying for providing the reconstructed property card as expeditiously as possible. 2. Seek information and create a record of your efforts. after 10 days from grievance petition In your case the two queries for RTI are simple 1. Please inform the time frame fixed for reconstructing of property card from date of receipt as per citizen charter. 2. Please inform the reasons for the inordinate delay in providing reconstructed property card to......................as per his application to...... 3. Please inform the list of further documents if any that are required in addition to already provided documents since 1940 According to me, this information is more than enough for your purpose. 3. A complaint before Consumer forum for deficiency of services by dept., even after collecting consideration of Rs....as fees. If you have paid any fees to Public authority you are entitled to get such property card, expenses incurred, complaint expenses and compensation for harassment. You have to send simple Registered notice under CP Act and after one-month file simple complaint enclosing the copy of Notice of CPAct notice and service proof. You need not to pay a single rupee for this exercise and may have to spend not more than Rs.200/- towards stationery, typing, and postage. The format is simple. To .......... office of...... Complaint under CP Act.dt......... I...................s/o.............aged........years resident of ...................do hereby issue this notice/File complaint against............dept., I have sought reconstructed property card in lieu of mutilated property card from.................., remitted Rs.......as consideration/fees and provided all such documents necessary and demanded by dept., The dept., has to provide such duplicate card within a time frame of .....days as per citizen charter. As dept., was negligent in not providing the card even after....days there is a deficiency of service. If the card is not provided within a month from the date of this notice, this complainant will be forced to file a complaint in District consumer Forum praying them for directions for issuing the card, reimbursement of costs incurred for travel and time spent and compensation of Rs.25,000/- for harassment. Complainant. Control your emotions, have patience while dealing with such lethargic officers and continue your perseverance as haste spoils the results.
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    Your drafting is good and even an expert can not suggest better points. Just mention the subject matter with more clarity in one sentence. Complaint dt........................from......................against dy. Registrar, orders Ref....................No....................Implementation status. The queries are more than enough. Congratulations for perseverance in focussing on many issues as required in RTI.
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    What is the link between this latest post and your issue on inspection, as PIO has provided the opportunity of inspection and after FAA orders?
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    An applicant is not concerned with their internal correspondence, he is concerned only of getting information within the time frame fixed under RTI and he has to focus on further step undeterred by their internal jurisdictional issues.
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    Wait for the response for 30 days from receipt of your application by CE-PIO and let them decide as to who is the custodian. If the first PIO mentioned about First Appeal particulars, make a representation to him that both PIOs are passing on the ball game with the citizens and when the officials are not themselves aware of the fact shows the ignorance of their own departmental affairs and throws a bad light on the efficiency of the officers. Request him to direct the relevant PIO to provide the information. Search website of CE for the first appellate authority's name and address.
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    What is the present status of your RTI process? If your present query is on filing fresh application, you need no guidance as you have applied for such inspection in the past, and this time either you can request that representative to file RTI Application in his name or file application jointly signed by all three representatives. Please search in the forum as there is a beautiful and useful HC Judgment on such permitting representative in the forum (In previous replies) If I find the time, I will search it for you and provide the link. Please specify whether you wish to file a fresh application in the name of such representative or you wish to file an application to some other public authority as I remember that FAA has refused to provide inspection through a representative in the past and delivered such orders, closing that issue only for the second appeal before Commission. (My last response requesting you to post developments is on the progress in the advice of your HC advocate ON ECONOMIC CELL) This is the link that states HC ruling on permitting representatives.
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    RTI applicant is not a consumer as decided by full bench of NCDRC and no forum permits even filing of complaint in the forum. The most contributed thread in the forum is on this issue and go through all efforts made and how SC has not even entertained RP against NCDRC decision. RTI applicant is not a consumer.
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    This is the proper way of correct usage of RTI Act.
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