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    A citizen should seek information available in material form as record from that authority with whom that record is available. You know where the panchnama is available as record. You have to file RTI Application in hard copy mode as per laid down rules and regulations of your state to that Public Information Officer, in whose office Panchanam is available and you will certainly get the same under RTI. It appears that you have filed on line RTI application to Central Government RTI portal and it is not to be used for seeking information from state government departments .
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    RTI is mainly about seeking certified photocopies of the documents. Just frame queries such that it points towards documents. For instance, please provide me a certified photocopy of the documents wherein has been noted specific details of liabilities of my project mentioned in the NDC form.
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    One of our members tried to expose a fraud in Syndicate Bank , Nellore , AP and sought guidance in the forum in several queries. Thereafter never visited the forum. It was learnt from today's news paper that finally he could establish fraud prima facie and CBI has commenced investigation. The member should have atleast posted success story though he may not acknowledge support.
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    Make a complaint to State Information Commission, establish that temple as Public authority stating all such requisites and major contributions by Government. Get that appeal decision and study before once again going to IC.
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    File a first appeal on the following ground: Grounds of First Appeal: 1. As per section 4(1)(b)(x) a public authority is supposed to suo-motu publish the following information: (x) the monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations; Thus, the PIO has disposed of my RTI application in violation of the provision of section 4(1)(b)(x). By the way, because of judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Girish Ramchandra Deshpande's case most the information that you have sought may be denied u/s. 8(1)(j) i.e. personal information ground. Nevertheless, you can cite section 4(1)(b)(x) and try and get some of this information.
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    "This route" words used by you presumed as RTI. Your impression may be correct or may not be correct as every thing depends on perseverance. Every route is directed to one destination. RTI is a road/journey to destination and never a destination..
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    I have done the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of the screenshot for you. Now you can just copy/paste these notification numbers and Google search will give you the documents, for example I have attached the document mentioned at point (a) herewith this post, you can also click on the link inserted at point (a) and download it: a) Paragraph No.8 of the Annex to our circular on 'Rationalization of Branch Authorization Policy' No.DBR.BAPD. BC.69/22.01.001/2016-17 dated May 18, 2017; b) Paragraph No.2 of our Circular on 'Relaxations in Branch Authorisation Policy-Off Site ATMs' No.DBR.BAPD.BC.72 /22.01.001/2015-16 dated January 14, 2016; c) Paragraph No.4 of our Master Circular on 'Branch Authorisation' - No.DBOD. BAPD.BC.7/ 22.01.001/2014-15 dated July 01, 2014. d) 'Cash Management activities of the banks Standards for engaging the Service Provider and its sub-contractor' - DCM (Pig) No.3563/ 10.25.07/2017-18 dated April 06, 2018 e) 'Cassette - Swaps in ATMs'- DCM (Pig.) No.3641/10.25.007 /2017-18 dated April 12, 2018. f) 'Outsourcing of Cash Management - Reconciliation of Transactions' - DCM (Plg)No. 2746/10.25.07/2018-19 dated May 14, 2019 g) 'Security Measures for ATMs' - DCM (Pig.) No.2968/10.25.007 /2018-19 dated June 14, 2019. h) Sr. No.Vll.19 of the Annex to our circular DBOD.FSD. BC.23/24.01.011 /2008-09 dated July 23, 2008 on 'Credit Card Operations of Banks' Notification-'Rationalization of Branch Authorization Policy'.PDF
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    Go for second appeal on same grounds as in First Appeal. Frauds in Public institutions are not in larger public interest and there can never be exemptions under RTI or any other act. Even the statutory obligation of maintaining secrecy of customer account is having exemptions if their own interest is involved.
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    Definitely the frauds are issues that involved larger public interest and those frauds after investigation must be disclosed to public. Please upload exact query and reason for precise guidance. FIle RTI Application to CPIO, DBOD, RBI, Mumbai seeking information as follows: 1.Please provide any guideline or directive issued to commercial banks against disclosing denial of information under RTI on information frauds investigated by banks and reported to RBI. 2.Please provide any decision of CIC on disclosure of information on such frauds. 3.Please provide controlling authority for receiving fraud investigation reports of RRB.
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    1.A citizen has to file RTI Application to that authority, and in case of no response or if it is intimated that there is no PIO, citizen can make complaint to Information Commission (sec.18) 2.Sec. 8 (3) is the most abused section and even those PIOs who were trained in reputed institutions and attended workshops still use this sub section to deny information. This SS facilitates for disclosure of those information that was not within ambit of RTI like cabinet papers etc. Example: Netaji case, Various decisions during Emergency etc. If the information is available in physical form in material as record with public authority, it must be provided. For every record, depending on such importance, records has to be segregated and preserved for some time and some records permanently. For example the answer sheets are preserved only for 3 months from date of announcement of result. So, if some one asks after 6 months, as the records are destroyed, there is no obligation to PIO to provide the copy of the information. Some appellants even argued that because of this section, every authority must preserve the records for 20 years !!!!!!! 3.In case PIO fails to provide information within 30 days from date of receipt of such information, applicant should go for first appeal to higher authority in the same organization designated as First Appellate Authority stating the Grounds for appeal as 'Deemed denial". If PIO fails to respond and remains silent (neither providing information nor denying with such exemption section and justification) for 30 days from date of receipt it is treated as deemed denial. Please go through CBSE Vs.Aditya Bandhopadhya, 2011 SCC (497) as that decision is most authentic on exemptions and obligations of PIO and relevant to your query.
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    In that case, RTI is not helpful, it is only through writ mandamus you can demand for your rights. (Even in Case of world famous Balaji Temple at Tirumala, though the Chairman and commissioners (IAS) are government authorities even after SIC declared them as public authorities there was no such judgment from AP High Court) For bring any such organisations, the first thing one has to establish is that without government assistance, the organization cease to exist. For this to file complaint you require Balance sheet or Income and expenditure statement for last three years and disclose as to what is contribution and extent of contribution from Govt. to establish substantial contribution. Without having such balance sheets and role of govt., it is not possible to frame any complaint.
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    This was your post: " I recently filed an RTI asking for last five years copy of all self signed no liability certificate submitted by retired and tenure completed staffs, tenure completed sanctioned projects and waiting for the reply." Please come back with such response so that you can file meaningful first appeal. Be prepared that no one cares for RTI and you have to ultimately approach for Information Commission only. Hence abide by time frame and if there is no response from PIO within 35 days from date of filing your RTI, immediately go for first appeal without wasting time. One can seek information from Public Information officer, and he has to direct or take assistance from FAO. Be brief and post exactly what you require from Public Authority and how you wish to use that information for logical conclusion.
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    Please check the RTI template available for seeking information on roads, on the following link, and see if it helps: https://righttoinformation.wiki/guide/applicant/application/sample/road-work
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    Please post exact query and exact response in the issue and the logical conclusion you wish to have out of the employee's information.
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    Relevant para: Decision of the Commission Any person (even non advocate) can appear on behalf of information seeker Appearance has to be authorised by the Commission Person appearing can charge consideration for his/her appearance PIO can be represented by Advocate Any party can be represented by an Advocate Coming to practice many High Courts appointed a permanent counsel before Information commissions (State/Central) and they handle each and every case pertaining to any court in the state. In case of CIC, in some cases two advocates represent one for PIO and another FAA of High court. Those senior counsels appoint junior most and he spends entire time at ICs office and manage their affairs. One can understand the time and expenses involved as it takes minimum two days for any CPIO attending to CIC, but CPIO not personally attending the cases is not proper implementation of RTI. The attendance is a routine matter and there is no such thing as authorisation. Infact no one verifies even such letters.
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    Please upload CIC decision and post the story as success story. After terrific gas leakage at Vizag, these kind of Larger public interest applications brings into light the deficiencies of the units much early. You are a lay man, and you should be accompanied by an expert of some voluntary organisation and the report you submit to them MPT may bring several safety violations . Search on line for such expert in any voluntary organisation.
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