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  • NPAs under PM Modi's Mudra scheme jumped 126% in FY19
  • shows RTI
  • RTI query reveals banking frauds of ₹ 2.05 Trillion reported in the last 11 years
  • 509 per cent rise in cases under child labour law: Study
  • The Central Information Commission has allowed disclosure of file notings on the mercy petition of a rape and murder convict, rejecting the government's contention that the records cannot be disclosed as these are privileged documents under Article 74(2) of the Constitution.
  • Electoral bonds worth over ₹5,800 crore were bought by donors to fund political parties between March 1, 2018 and May 10, 2019, a Right to Information reply has said.
  • Don't pay 500/- for answer sheet now- Supreme Court says if Answer sheet is asked under RTI, RTI Fees will be governed


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    You can produce all those evidence in your possession and can seek investigation/inquiry into the facts and can seek inspection of records so that traces can be secured from verification of inward received register etc.
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    Take all those documents that establish that the information on complaint, deviation, damages are actual and available in the form of material so that you can submit that SPIO has filed misleading information deliberately and demand for filing such affidavit from PIO and give opportunity of inspection of those files. If you have any other copies to establish that SPIO has provided misleading information submit the same.
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    Go for first appeal with following grounds and prayer. Grounds: SPIO has not provided point wise, correct and complete information for point 1,2,3 and and for Point No.4 demanded for a visit for collecting documents and not even provided the calculation with his demand. The reply is not satisfactory and for 28 days he could not provide information that is available on his record. Hence first appeal. (Copy of RTI Application and PIO reply provided as xerox on back of this page as Page No.2) PRAYER: Appellant requests for directions to SPIO for providing point wise information and demanding such fees for copying after providing such calculation arrived. As information was not provided within 30 days, SPIO may be directed to provide information as expeditiously as possible free of cost. (There is no such necessity to call on the office with personal expenses only for collecting copies and it can be sent by post as per RTI rules and regulations)
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    Topic beyond the scope of discussions here. Besides as two of the replies contained extraneous links(carrying advertisements) they have been deleted. The thread stands closed for further discussions.
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    At Q. No. 2 : Please provide reasons, if held on re record for undue delay and time frame within which decision should be communicated.
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    If the management is a Public authority, seek simple information as follows: Subject on information sought: Recognition of KVWTA union...Letter dt... 1.Please provide present status and action taken so far for giving due recognition. 2.Please provide reasons for undue delay and time frame within which decision will be communicated. If there is delay of more than a month, report the same to the Commissioner of Labour.
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    Dear Senthil, The answer to your question is yes as well as no. YES: Information officer are apponited by Public Authority for dissemenation of Officer. RTI empowers a public authority for appointing more than one CPIOs. If a public authority has more than one CPIO then information asked from any one of the CPIO though not falling under his specific jurisdiction but under the same public authority has to be provided by collecting from the other CPIOs of the same public authority. NO: In case information is asked from a CPIO of a public authority about another public authority then public authority can transfer the application to anotoher public authority and inform the applicant. Section 6 subsection 3 provides for the same: (3) Where an application is made to a public authority requesting for an information,— (i) which is held by another public authority; or (ii) the subject matter of which is more closely connected with the functions of another public authority, the public authority, to which such application is made, shall transfer the application or such part of it as may be appropriate to that other public authority and inform the applicant immediately about such transfer:
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