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  • NPAs under PM Modi's Mudra scheme jumped 126% in FY19
  • shows RTI
  • RTI query reveals banking frauds of ₹ 2.05 Trillion reported in the last 11 years
  • 509 per cent rise in cases under child labour law: Study
  • The Central Information Commission has allowed disclosure of file notings on the mercy petition of a rape and murder convict, rejecting the government's contention that the records cannot be disclosed as these are privileged documents under Article 74(2) of the Constitution.
  • Electoral bonds worth over ₹5,800 crore were bought by donors to fund political parties between March 1, 2018 and May 10, 2019, a Right to Information reply has said.
  • Don't pay 500/- for answer sheet now- Supreme Court says if Answer sheet is asked under RTI, RTI Fees will be governed


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    You can file a complaint with the Information Commission u/s. 18 of the RTI Act. Kindly refer to the blog on the following link: http://jps50.blogspot.com/2009/03/non-compliance-of-orders-of-information.html
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    @Rajesh Kumar. You have intruded into another post not relevant to your matter. Unless members are aware as to the information solicited, provided, denied by PIO, it is not possible to offer precise guidance. As you have already filed second appeal, just mention the grounds of second appeal in a polite manner, when IC permits you to submit your version. Be polite. There is nothing to be worried though the public authority is from Supreme court. Just confine to your grounds of appeal only.
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    First issue a Notice by Registered post to FAA specifically disclosing in a tabulated statement with three columns demanding correct, complete, relevant information within a week as per IC decision No...................................and mark this as copy to IC. _______________________________________________________________________________ Information solicited............Provided by PIO /FAA............Reasons for not satisfying with response. ___________1______________________2_________________________3______________________ 2.Wait for a month and file Non compliance complaint before IC.and enclose the notice issued to FAA with service proof and pray for directions to PIO and FAA for doing needful as expeditiously as possible.
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    If you think that the action of any officer is bad practice/despotic action/Whimsical action contrary to law, seek specific information and ask for a copy of such rules and regulations that empower him, make a written complaint to concerned superior stating such ultra vires actions, as applicants can not question the actions of officials and can not decide on quality of their decisions. A decision may be good or bad, but as an applicant, one is concerned with a physical form of that record in custody of the authority that stated such action.
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    Please post that response given by PIO for information of the members.: This was solicited from you. When approval is not required the information becomes a final decision as the decision is within powers conferred by rules and regulations. "For the particular action no approval is required" -------------is not opinion but a laid down norm. If you have doubts you can either seek a copy of such order/notification/circular that empowers the officer to decide on the issue and if it is beyond his powers (ultra vires) you can make a complaint to Head of the institution.
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    Providing of opinions as information is barred and PIO is supposed to provide that information available in physical form in his custody and is not supposed to collect, collate information or give opinions. So such opinion is not certainly information as per RTI Act and DOPT directives. How this information is put into use for arriving to logical conclusions is debatable. Please post that response given by PIO for information of the members.
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    First make a complaint to SP/CP in writing. Preserve your CCTV footage. File RTI Application seeking information from State Public Information officer, Ministry of Home for such copy of orders/notifications/circulars/laid down norms. Information solicited 1.Please provide a certified copy of the laid down procedure in Orders/circulars/notifications/directives that must be followed for recovery of stolen jewels from a Jewellery shop by Police. (You can also complain this to your association and as this is not new, they can take up the matter in their capacity of Office bearers representing the Association)
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    Osmania University rejected my appeal to get a Xerox of my answer sheet. How can I go about this now?
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    You may file one more RTI application for seeking information on missing/untraceable records, by referring to the blog on the following link: RTI for missing/untraceable records.
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    Now that you have enclosed all duplicate documents as required by CIC, after 15 days file RTI Application and seek information on action taken on your letter dt.3-6-18. You can also down load the delivery status of your Regd post through India post website now, as it might have been delivered . You can search website of CIC for details of the fresh number if any given to your letter dt.3-6-18 in complaint/appeal status in CIC website. You have done what was needed by CIC, and except waiting for further response, nothing can be done further.
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