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    Toll free number is a convenience provided by a service provider to citizens/consumers, and the inspection of such record is a tool to know the efficiency, transparency and accountability in functioning of a public authority. This is never a personal information. ANY information has to be solicited from BMC in prescribed application with an adhesive court fee stamp of Rs.10/- as RTI fee. But, it is very difficult to come to conclusion as to whether every call was attended and recorded in registers or not, and some authorities have now recording in high disc (like that of Emergency 100) and you can add another query seeking information on the procedure being followed for recording every call to know as to whether such call was attended and complaint was recorded or not for controlling purposes.
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    Focus on remedy in your case and do not extend this hate campaign and do not get disturbed with those things that are in no way connected to you personally. Believe me, you will not get any of those details solicited by you that are relevant to your query from any public authority, and finally it should reach only CIC after several years. You are a regular member and well versed in RTI act and with it's limitations. Think practically and focus on your remedies and do not waste your time and money on poisonous thoughts that may not give any relief to you in your case.
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    I suppose the PIO has provided you with all the required information. However, if you want a copy of the reply provided by the BDO to DC you can file a first appeal on the ground that the PIO of BDO's office ought to have provided a photocopy of the reply given by BDO's Office to the DC's Office. Prayers: 1. Kindly direct the PIO of BDO's Office to provide a copy of the reply provided by it to the DC.
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    Please go through reply once again. Spouse is not considered as third party.???? By whom ? The said Decision is exclusively applicable to that case as she is a lady without support, and such information is essential to her for life as she has to survive only on such alimony and there is larger public interest in that issue. In this specific case husband wants information to evade/avoid alimony to wife. Facts in each case may differ.
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    Grounds for Appeal: The utilization of public funds towards Corporate social responsibility by any stretch of imagination amounts to invasion on privacy of any individual and the information solicited more to know proper utilization (transparency and accountability). It appears that CPIO has no idea of what is personal information that is exempted under Sec. 8 (1) (j) and how using such section for exemption without justification in this case amounts to unlawful denial. CPIO has not applied his mind in denying information. Every citizen is having the right to know as to how public funds are being utilized towards social responsibility by the corporates which are in public sector. PRAYER: Please deliver speaking order as expeditiously as possible and direct CPIO to provide the information free of cost. CPIO may be deputed for proper training, as it appears that even after 15years after enactment of RTI act, he is not aware what is personal information that is exempted under RTI and what are the objectives of enactment of RTI Act.
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    You can make an application to that Municipality/corporation and can seek copy of such work order/ contract agreement under RTI. Please search in the following link a sample RTI Application, add/delete queries suitable to your requirement and file application in format prescribed by the Municipality/Corporation with such prescribed RTI fees. https://www.righttoinformation.wiki/guide/applicant/application/sample/road-work
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    YOU CAN SEEK INFORMATION ON THE BASIS OF AVAILABLE RECORD WITH YOU. At the same time seek same information from RTO of the original registration in haryana seeking information on reasons for delay.
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    !.File simple RTI application seeking information on present status of application as follows; Information solicited; 1.Please inform time frame within which a vehicle has to be transferred (Interstate) as per citizen charter. 2. Please inform the present status for such request for transfer of vehicle (date of application;.....................name of owner..............vehicle make;...............................RC No:.............from.........................) 3.Please inform the reasons for inordinate delay in such transfer. After receiving full information through rtI FILE A CONSUMER COMPLAINT AGAINST RTO IN CON UMER FORUM SEEKING COMPENSATION OF RS.10,000/- FOR DEFICIENCY OF SERVICE AND HARASSMENT.
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    Give a polite reminder stating that IC has directed PiO to provide information within a week, but there is no trace of response from PIO, and make a gentle reminder to provide the information as expeditiously possible and mark this as copy to SIC . It is more than enough. If he is local just request them over phone without writing a letter.
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