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    Sorry, I am not expert. I can only understand simple things. In what way the frequent/periodical changing of those field-masking by SEBI amounts to misrepresentation, and is it that difficult to find out from the data to which bank it belongs to with some comparative analysis of the past and performance indicated ? if there are mandatory norms laid down on process to be followed in uploading the data and if SEBI fails/violates then it can be raised with concerned controlling authorities. But, as far as RTI is concerned, how information amounts to misrepresentation/misleading /
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    The information has to be provided as appearing in a public record as defined under information under RTI Act and Indian Evidence Act. If the information is not provided as per exact public record, then the information is treated as cooked / opinion and depending on such need for information it can be treated as misleading, if there is an attempt to suppress information to hide a fact.
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    Let the buyer beware is universal applicability. Everyone has to perform his duty for the sake of salary and to promote his organization. No one can grab the discretion rights of the citizen. Look before you leap is a proverb. Blaming a Government, because someone cheated is not proper. Those who are cautious never step into such speculative gains. Once bitten twice shy. An investor learns more lessons only through failures and balances the present to gain something in the future in some other way to compensate such losses. This is all ongoing process and at one point one cannot judge performance.
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    What is your role Employee or student. If it is employee, report to your association or any Union locally. Try to change the job or seek request transfer if there is a chance. Introspect and compromise with situations. File grievance to DEO or concerned superior in Management. If you are student Inform the harassment to any Student Union. Complaint to DEO through Student Union. Introspect and compromise with situations.
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    Did you dial Number 1091? That is the helpline number for Women in Distress. That apart, seek the help of a good lawyer and file written complaint and pursue the matter further.
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    One can only make a complaint. But mere registering a complaint and getting a copy of FIR is not remedy, contact criminal advocate through women's organisation.
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    Meet the SP directly on grievance day through a Women's organisation. Use modern gadgets to record every conversation. If you are capable of with standing the pressures, make a written complaint to Director General of Police after collecting all evidences. These are the only possibilities for a common man in democracy against those public authorities.
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    You may file Police complaint for such harassment. RTI is not helpful to resolve this issue. You may consult a lawyer, if required, and proceed according to his advice.
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