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    Then first make a complaint to the authorities by registered post under copy to General Administration dept., informing the fake degrees of such employees under whistle blowers Scheme. Wait for a month, and then file fresh RTI application seeking information on the complaint lodged by you. Please make a visit to the Blog of Shri JP Shah for format of such application. Now you can also file FIRST APPEAL stating that they have obtained job on fake certificates and such crime is not in larger public interest as it is depriving jobs to the deserving citizens by practising a crime. Make a statement in bold and underlining that information is solicited in larger public interest. Information as to others educational qualification has been declared as personal information by Supreme court. However there are no exemptions in RTI if any information is solicited for larger public interest. (Prajopayogamu)
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    You can make an application to that Municipality/corporation and can seek copy of such work order/ contract agreement under RTI. Please search in the following link a sample RTI Application, add/delete queries suitable to your requirement and file application in format prescribed by the Municipality/Corporation with such prescribed RTI fees. https://www.righttoinformation.wiki/guide/applicant/application/sample/road-work
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