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    Sir I had requested the service record book of a police officer who got suspended due his abusive and harassing behavior with a cab driver who committed suicide due to this. The PIO denied it under 8(1)(j). No Reply for first appeal. After Second Appeal, TNSIC has closed the case without a personal hearing saying the decision of the PIO is right. Now what should I do to get the information? What petition should I file in HC and how much would it cost (approx.)?
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    Inspection is one form of seeking information, and the applicant must specifically state that form i.e in the means of letter, certified copies, xerox copies, inspection etc., File fresh application seeking inspection and always avoid doubtful denials/rejections. In case of no response from PIO within stipulated 30 days, the applicant should go for first appeal on deemed denial, and if he is not satisfied with that information provided after such appeal, then addendum can be filed. I am not getting your point on last sentence. Please do not send personal messages on regular queries and always seek guidance through forum, as you can receive response from many experts in the forum, and the guidance sought by you helps many members that may face similar situation. The purpose of the forum is not to guide single member but guidance should help many members. Replying to personal messages is against discipline of the forum, and I do not wish warnings from ADM. What I have feared happened as I could not reply from my messager and the option is deleted/removed from my replies.
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