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    • Alavudeen


      Whether Indian Postal Order is valid without seal(Block round with place & date) and date? but the Post Master seal and sign is available for RTI case?
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    • journalist


      India witnessing massive crime and Corruption along with land mafia and drugs .
      Massive raid and good governance top priority
      Jai Hind
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    • Mojin Mukundan

      Mojin Mukundan

      Respected Sir/ Madam,
                              I am in a difficult situation, I need help.
      Can some one guide me on how to get old electricity bill from BEST/Reliance Energy whatever company was in service in the year 1995-1999. I am Selling my house at Malad so the buyer is asking for older Electricity bills but we lost them in the floods 2005. Is there any other way that I could get them the bills they have asked for. 
                                        Hoping for positive response.
                                          Thanking You
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    • Shubham3303


      My mother maintains an account in Gramin Bank of Aryavart, Farrukhabad. During demonetisation period from 09/11/2016 to 31/01/2017, XX amount was deposited in the account. However, after a few months when passbook was updated it showed only a part of XX amount was deposited in the account. I have tried contacting bank, but they ask for deposit slip of that period which is primarily missing on my end. I would like to file RTI to know the details of my account to get back the balance amount pending. Since the deposit slip is missing on my end, bank must have routed the deposit amount to some account or should have details about the same. Kindly help me with the process to file RTI, whether online or offline. 
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    • damodard29


      Please help me with the update towards the lottery floated by the temple for sale which draw never published , In the state of Goa,
      Please help me with the information regards to this info need to be seeked to keep you the transparency and punish the culprits who are really involved !

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