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  1. RTI like a 10 rupee PIL for citizens

    CIC J&K
  2. Forgot my password

    What was the username earlier?
    That is very useful information about Postal Identity card from Government of India which is to be provided within 15 days of application. Have you applied one?
  3. Mr.Shravan, 

    What is this minus rating, when the experts in the forum always advised not to visit to public authorities, and there are umpteen false  complaints against applicants on assault.

    It is OK when all previous credits disappeared at a stroke.

    It may be proper if certain correct answers are marked as ZERO, as the main beneficiary should be applicant and not expertise not relevant to that query.

    Be fair.

    1. Shrawan


      Previous credits are displayed in a newer way not disappeared.

      The rating is open for all to decide and all users can up or down the answer. The threat owner can decide the best answer by marking it with a tick.

  4. Version 1.0.0


    An Applicant during inspection of the concerned records can be accompanied by his counsel or an authorized representative. If the petitioner, for some reasons, felt inhibited due to his not being fluent in English, denial of appropriate assistance in fact would have resulted in withholding access to information. Surely, that is not the object of the Act or even the order. In these circumstances, the respondents should grant the petitioner's request. Accordingly, the respondent No.1 is directed to permit inspection of the concerned records by the petitioner, who can be accompanied by his counsel or an authorized representative.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Contain both in English and Hindi format
  6. A Look at Some RTI Success Stories

    It deserve to be in the Blog
  7. Thanks for sharing RTI. Could you upload it over our directory here https://rtiindia.org/files/category/1-rti-directory/
  8. 4 steps to file First RTI

    Here is our first RTI video to help new user to file RTI.


  9. Happy Holi to all our RTI Members

    Happy Holi to all our friends


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