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  1. Passport lost by post office

    Sir . This is not repeat because earlier issue was with post office . Now it has gone back to passport office. so please guide
  2. Passport lost by post office

    My passport was lost by post office in 2008 .since then i was corresponding to post office now they have issued lost in transit certificate and send a copy to me addressed to passport office. as per earlier query with passport office after receiving lost in transit certificate they will issue a fresh passport to me on that old application without charging repeat fee. But now they have not responded. Now i wanted to file rti. please guide me thank u
  3. Passport lost by post office

    I have alredy raised online complain with the site also but of no use they agian redirected enquiry to local post office . and no result
  4. Passport lost by post office

    Sir i have already lodged complain with head post office and local office .But two year have passed doing correspondence but no result.i can provide all correspondence record.
  5. Sir i have applied for passport as government employee (defence air force ) on 05 may 2008 my file no was g000347 but i have not yet received my passport . I have gone to passport office many times they informed that they have despatched it on 03 oct 08 vide registered letter no p008672. But post office has lost my passport in transit as informed by amritsar post office. Amritsar post office is telling that they have sent it to delhi post for onward delivery and they have lost. Delhi post office is neither giving reply nor delivering passport. I personally met three times with mr sodhi passport officer amritsar office. He told me to bring lost in transit certificate from post office thats why i havebeen tracking post office i have tracked whole two year for tracing my passport with post office and passport office.now amritsar passport office has forwarded all correspondence to me telling delhi is not replying so u directly enquire to them my point is this why i should track to post office ,i have paid fees to passport office not to post office .though i was doing but now situation has gone beyond my control.i can not force post office to give reply or issue lost in transit certificate. Its my humble request to do needful so that i can get my passport

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