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  1. Maximum Time limit to file second appeal

    Dear G. R Sir, I have not received any reply of first appeal dated 16th May. I was aware that I have time till (45+90 days) 30 September to file second appeal. Thanks to clear the things, I will file second appeal at earliest. Should I pray to condole the delay in appeal ? even I have time to file the second appeal till 30th sep ? Thanks again for your support
  2. Hello, I have filed first appeal by 16th May 2016, can i still file second appeal ? Will second appeal be applicable ? Regards, Manoj Yadav
  3. Hello karira JI, What is ur suggestion. I shud write to respective SIC or file RTI in SIC to get copy of decision
  4. Hi, There was a hearing of my case in SIC-UP in November-14. I was not attended the hearing, as i got the SIC letter before a night of hearing. Although letter was written by SIC to SPIO and copy to me, SIC asked SPIO to be present in hearing to give the explanation that why information was not provided to me. I have send the email to SIC regarding my absence, and availability on phone if required. But till now, i have not received any information regarding the decision of SIC. Please suggest, to whom should i write the letter, respective State Information Commissioner or SPIO of Commission to get the copy of SIC decision http://upsic.up.nic.in/] Regards, Manoj
  5. How to Find First Appeal Authority

    Thanks Raveena Ji...But there is no State Assistant PIO in NAGAR Panchayat office.....There is no Divisional Deputy director ....plz advise now....shud I send FA to same SPIO with covering letter....Or shud send to Sub District Magistrate ( Higher authority of SPIO/Executive Officer of NAGAR Panchayat)....SDM Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  6. How to Find First Appeal Authority

    Dear All, Thanks to all for your valuable reply. As per UP Janhit Guaranty Act-2011, SDM is higher authority of Executive officer (Nagar Panchayat) for several type of services (Birth/death Certificate). That's why i am sending first appeal to SDM. With request to forward to concern officer, if it does not belongs to him....
  7. How to Find First Appeal Authority

    Sir,I m sure that PIO will not assist...as per my understanding SDM is higher authority and may be FAA...I am sending my first appeal to Sub District Magistrate with comment that if he is not concern person for this appeal. plz forward my first appeal to respective officer Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  8. How to Find First Appeal Authority

    Thanks for your reply...I have not received reply from PIO. Not aware about the first appeal authority...I m sure that no higher officer than Executive Officer /PIO is available in Nagar Panchayat. Shud I send the first appeal by referring FAA NAGAR Panchayat jasrana Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  9. I have send My RTI Application to Executive Officer Nagar Panchayat Jasrana, Distt- Firozabad Uttar Pradesh. I am not able to find the exact first appeal details. Should I send my First Appeal as given below. 1. First Appellate Officer Nagar Panchayat Jasrana Firozabad (U.P ) OR 2. Sub District Magistrate Jasrana Firozabad (U.P) Please suggest. Regards, Manoj
  10. I have filed RTI application in PWD UP by 14th August. Still no reply. I am going to file Complain and First Appeal both (complain for penalty and first appeal for seeking information). Would it be a correct step. Regards, Manoj Kumar
  11. Dear Abhi Sir, OK. I will file second appeal. I want to know the below details. Because I am sure distributor having fake connection and indulge in blackmailing. He is not taking any application for DBC connection. 1.Total no of LPG single and DBC connection given 2.New Connection waiting list month wise/year wise manintained by Distributer/Company attested copy 3.Total no of DBC waiting list at distributor's end 4.Details of those people who are having DBC. Date of application and date of connection given. Please help to frame the question in specific manner to get the details
  12. Dear G.L.N Prasad Sir, Thanks for your suggestion, Distributor is located in small town of approx population of Twenty Thousand people. Distributor said that he has not issues any DBC connection till now That's why I asked to provide details (Question-12) under RTI I will file second appeal. Thanks again..
  13. Dear G.L.N Prasad Sir, Please find the question 9 and 12 of RTI application as given below. I have asked these questions, as I am sure that distribute is involved in blackmailing and having connections under name of those people who are not existing in town. Ques-9- a. Total no of LPG connection given b.Total no of application received by Distributer for new connection c.Total no released by company d. Total no of DBC waiting list at distributor's end e.Total no of authorization letter issues for out of turn connections f. New Connection waiting list month wise/year wise manintained by Distributer/Company attested copy g. Total no of DU-LPG (DBC) connections given Question 12- Kindly provide me with the details (Name, Address ) of the people who have received DU-LPG (DBC) connection from this agency along with their date of application for each application and the date when the connection was given
  14. Dear All, I have filed RTI to Hindustan Petroleum Ltd seeking information. PIO denied the all importent information giving references of several clauses.eg-Total no LPG connection given (See Question 9 & 12 of my RTI Application) First Appealate Authority also disposed my appeal by pretending in same way. Please find all attachments and help to move forward. Enclosures:- 1- RTI Application 2-PIO Reply 3- Letter to First Appeal Authority 4- Annexure A & B which were attached with First Appeal 5- Reply from First Appellate Authority Regards, Manoj Yadav FIRST APPEAL-HPCL.docx Annexure_Arguments_on_Sec_7-9.docx Annexure_Sec_7(9)_Decisions of CIC_&_HC.docx FAA-REPLY-HPCL.pdf RTI-APPLICATION-HPCL.pdf REPLY-PIO-HPCL.pdf
  15. Hi, I have filed RTI application in HPCL. But PIO denied all important information giving references of RTI clauses. Even he has denied to share the list of DBC holders. Please find the attachment (MY RTI APPLICATION and REPLY from PIO). Kindly confirm, PIO did his job correctly or should i go for first appeal. Regards, Manoj Kumar REPLY-PIO-HPCL.pdf RTI-APPLICATION-HPCL.pdf

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