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  1. Madam; is there any rule by which a government employee cannot be taken on duty under normal circumstances when he presents himself in time of duty

  2. RTI Inspection of Records

    Records vary from state to state. However, PIO may refuse to reveal all such records, claiming exemption under Section-8(1)(h), where the investigation is still in process. Relevant records in in general in a Police Station are: (1) First Information Report register (2) Daily Diary Register (3) Standing Order Book (4) Station / Village Crime Register
  3. Every communication made to a Govt Office is required to be acknowledged, entry made in Inward Dak Register with an Inward No. and date. The communication must be submitted either by Registered / Speed Post Ack or by hand delivery to the Inward Section / Clerk of that office. In both methods, the Inward Clerk shall only acknowledge the receipt of the communication with Inward Seal. The superior officer is not required to receive and give acknowledgement for official communications.
  4. You may also go through: Registration Process : Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MSJE)
  5. Obligations under Section 5(3)

    The PIO is required to exercise due diligence to within his competence. When the PIO seek assistance from another officer or custodian or the information sought, the onus shift to that officer also to exercise due diligence and assist the PIO in supplying the information. At the same time, the PIO shall not merely act as a post office, but decide whether the information must be supplied or otherwise. As per Section-5(4), the for the purposes of any contravention of the provisions of RTI Act, such other officer, whose assistance sought by PIO, shall be treated as a CentralPublic Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be. It may not always be possible for the PIO to know about each and every records / information held by a public authority. E.g the Ministry of Railways have a number of Departments & Directorates consisting of large volume of records, information and materials. There is only one CPIO for Ministry of Railways. He may seek assistance from concerned Directorate when a request is received. The PIO in that case can take a decision whether an information is required to be supplied or otherwise and seek assistance from Director of concerned directorate. Again, when an information is provided or request is rejected by the concerned Directorate, again the PIO is required to evaluate such advise by the de facto PIO and further decide whether to supply the information or not.
  6. OBC NCL certificate is issued based on the status of the parents of the candidate. This changes from time to time based on profession, official status, promotion, income, wealth etc. As already suggested, you may go through the NEET notification and ascertain the nature of NCL certificate i.e. obtained on or after date, required by NEET authorities. OBC NCL Certificate contain both caste as well as NCL status. In case the NEET notification stipulates the NCL certificate issued on after 01/04/2018, you may apply for fresh OBC NCL certificate in the first week of April. If the last date of of submission of NEET application is before 1/4/18, you can apply NCL category, provided, you are sure that there is no substantial change in the status during the intervening period.
  7. Till the financial year 2016-17, Railways was having separate budget, income and expenditure. However, from FY 2017-18, this system was changed and the Union Finance Ministry is handling the finance and budget of Indian Railways. The income and expenditure are therefore computed and accounted for by the union Finance Ministry at present.
  8. Advance rent demand by landlords

    Merged all threads on the same issue by the member. PLease don't start multiple threads on same issue.
  9. Also refer to : [1] RTI Application for Complaint Status [Right to Information Wiki] [2] RTI Application for Grievances Status [Right to Information Wiki]
  10. Under RTI, you can only seek and obtain information held by the public authority. RTI is not a tool to settle your grievances. Yiou cannot agitate the merit or legality of installation of transformer under RTI. YOu have asked for 3 counts of information. The PIO did not supply information with respect to your satisfaction. You can prefer appeal against the decvision of PIO on following grounds: In item NO.1, the information sought was the copy of permission obtained by MSEDCL for installation of transformer at land bearing Gat No. 909 ...... (details). The PIO's decision was that he do not have any document of land acquisition. The land belong to the applicant. What the applicant sought was the specific copy of permission obtained by MSEDCL for erecting Transformer in private land of applicant. Therefore, the PIO intentionally denied the information without assigning any legally valid reasons. IN Item No.2, the information sought by applicant was the copy of rules, regulations codes etc empowering MSEDCL to erect transformer in case such permission is not obtained from the land owner. PIO's reply was that the MSEDCL has the right under Indian Telegraph Act to install transformer. Mere contention of existence of such power was not enough. It was necessary for the PIO to supply the copy of such power to the applicant, which the PIO intentionally did not supply. IN Item NO.3, the applicant sought the certified copy of inspection / feasibility report submitted by electrical officer with respect to installation of transformer at above mentioned place i.e. Gat NO. 909 .......................... and the decision fo PIO was that MSEDCL don't have any document of inspection and feasibility report. This decision of PIO is patently false and illegal. Unless and until the alignment of electric lines and feasibility of installation of Transformer and its location is drawn and approved by competent authority, , the transformer cannot be installed. The PIO thus, intentionally did not supply the information held by the public authaority. Viewed from any angle, the PIO intentionally with malafide intention did not supply the information sought. This Hon'ble Appellate Authority may therefore look into the queries and the decision of PIO and thereafter direct the PIO to supply the information free of cost within 10 days from the decision by this Appellate Authority.
  11. If you read both these enactments, you can make out the difference. This portal is dedicated to RTI and related issues.
  12. Advance rent demand by landlords

    When there is a specific clause about advance payment of Rent, what is your problem?
  13. Notice for hearing

    Please attend the hearing. You are entitled to get the information free of cost, since the PIO failed to supply the information within 30 days from the date of your application. The FAA may try to know the reason(s) for seeking the information in question. As per the provisions of the RTI Act, an applicant is not required to give any reasons for seeking information.
  14. You cannot seek judicial records under RTI. You have to seek such copies of court case records as per Court Rules. The charges for certified copy is more than what is prescribed under RTI. But you need to seek such documents under Court Rules only. As already suggested, you may avail the services of a lawyer or in person and get such record under court rules. There is no other way.
  15. BSNL not providing me CDR

    The Record Retention Period of each of the records is predetermined and circulated. If the company do not hold the call detail record for more than six months as per its record retention schedule, there is no fruitful purpose in agitating on the issue under RTI. The right conferred on citizen is to seek and obtain information held by the public authority in material for. If the CDR is not held for more than six months, you cannot get it.

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