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  1. Wrong information

  2. There is no such specific and separate First Appel for Life or Liberty clause. Just mention on TOP of the first appeal in a conspicuous place in bold and underline with big fonts LIFE OR LIBERTY CLAUSE. First Appeal under RTI under LIFE OR LIBERTY CLAUSE dt... This guidance is not a confirmation that a natural calamity clause comes under LIFE OR LIBERTY CLAUSE and it appellant has to justify such clause
  3. Not giving proper information

    RTI Act has taken care of such situations, and you may go for First appeal and then for second appeal . The burden of proof that correct, complete and relevant information was provided rests on PIO. Search the website of public authority and find out laid down procedure for first appeal and seek personal hearing of appeal.
  4. Degree verification

    This forum is dedicated for guiding citizens in seeking information from public authorities under RTI Act and members are not competent or empowered to certify any such certificates as proper, as candidate himself must know before getting those certificates. Please go through a blog given by Chattabarik, wherein he has listed the list of approved Universities. If you have obtained the degree by completing the course as per laid down norms, search website of university and seek such verification by them as per their laid down procedure with such fees.
  5. CIC decision not satisfactory.

    If you can establish that the employee has resorted to foul means, you have every right to seek remedy. But, the writ should not appear as personal grudges against him. There is no use in commenting on a delivered decision. To me it appears that DU is not having the particulars sought by you and one can seek information that is available in material form. You and advocate are the better judges. Proceed only if you are sure that they are having that information in material form and suppressing the same, and also justify your action in not going for inspection.
  6. CIC decision not satisfactory.

    The next remedy is through writ to High Court.
  7. You have opened 5 threads on one issue, not related to RTI. This is against discipline of the forum. Please avoid opening of more than one thread on one issue.
  8. Multiple Copies of same information under RTI

    You can seek such information as there is no bar on such copies/limits on information. You can also ask four of your friends to file similar application. The fact may be explained to PIO in person while filing application and his attention may be invited to Indian Evidence Act Sec.76 where public authorities are under obligation to provide certified copies. One can not foretell PIO response, and first file application and take necessary amendment during first appeal.
  9. Three posts by same member. Moderators kindly merge all the three posts.
  10. Hire CCTV cameras and write SOS letter to SP for providing protection and to take a bind over from invaders. Enclose copy of FIRS to the Supdt of Police with your request for protection. Remember, you have to take your own precautions for your safety, and no one case protect any person for all 24 x 7. There must be something serious behind this attack, as even hardened criminals think twice before resorting to such threats by forcing into their home.
  11. Non compliance of court order

    This post is very old post and appeared in various forums. The court is not involved in any way in this matter. RTI has no role to play. Instead of proceeding to HRC, it is better to proceed to Legal Services Authority.
  12. Search in google and find out the details as they must have uploaded or that information was already provided to some other RTI Applicant by PMO secretariat. You can also seek such information country wise, date wise, purpose wise ever since he has taken over charge or during a particular year. You can seek information in simple format as follows: Application dt.19th Apr,2018 seeking information under RTI Act Before: CPIO, PMO, New Delhi. Fee: Postal order no..for Rs.10.fvg:Accounts officer,PMO payable at New Delhi. Applicant:............ Information solicited: Please provide me the details of foreign tour undertaken by Hon'ble Prime Minister during 2017-18 ___________________________________________________ Country...Purpose.......Dates.....Total expenditure for group. ___1______2________3______________4________________ Applicant. Now think of as to how such his visit to those countries for a specific purpose affects the total expenditure of Govt., and the percentage of expenditure on his travel is most negligible. I am interested to know as to how you wanted to arrive to logical conclusions with that expenditure details. Most of the revenue income is spent only towards salaries of Government servants and a time may come that pensions may be more than salaries in India. Every citizen is a tax payer to some extent depending on his income or expenditure and he should be bothered as to whether he is getting fruits in return for the tax paid or not. You can see allround development in every field including infrastructure. If you are interested in monetary policy, glance at Finance Ministry's website and find out how the rupee is coming and how it is being spent.
  13. Please file RTI Application to Divisional Revenue officer, with postal order of Rs.10/- drawn in favour of State Public Information officer, payable at... and seek information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide me copy of the latest guidelines /directives/orders that state about the sale of assigned land to ex service men after 22 years. You can receive their confirmation, and it can be used as authentic copy of show to buyers to give clarification on their doubts. Further, the allotment letter and conditions provided to you certainly speaks of your rights on such sale of land. However if the land is being given to lease to some other outsider from last 12 years, the lessee should get preference of such sale.
  14. What punishment for rapist?

    Neither such rapes are modern nor such rapists escaped punishment. Now because of Media, much hype and through internet distorted thoughts are emerging. It is not the Government that can take action. Every one has to take precautions for his own safety and safety includes all types of harm to body, and there are courts that take a final decision on such punishment. When there is a certain laid procedure under law, that must be followed.

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