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  1. Supreme court order against RTI fee.

    Unless you inform the name of the public authority, the prescribed fee, and fee that was remitted by you, one can not guide. However, if fee is the only reason for rejection, PIO must have rejected the application maximum within 15 days. Now that PIO has not responded within 30 days from date of receipt of your RTI, go for first appeal immediately on deemed denial of information, praying FAA to direct PIO to provide information as expeditiously as possible free of cost. In many of the cases, it was observed when fee is not sufficient, for returning the application it costs them Rs.22/- to get Rs.10/- as fee. Still PIOs do not care for such wastage of postage. While some PIOs provide the information, and write a polite letter asking for prescribed fees. Remember, fee is not mandatory as per DOPT directives, and PIO can provide the information even free of cost. But, the problem is unless RTI fee was paid, appellant can not seek remedy under RTI Act like first and second appeals.
  2. Information regarding NDMC DELHI

    The word 'Register" is being presumed as Information soliciting through RTI Application. Write down information being solicited point wise in brief and not more than A 4, avoid using why, where, when and commence with Please provide....First write on a draft paper as to exactly what you wanted to seek information, that is available in material form. Identify Public Authority Search in website to locate relevant Public Information officer, format of application and mode of remitting fee. Always send application by local speed post, and track the status of delivery and get a screen print and paste to your copy of application. The following is simple format. Application dt.22nd Mar,2018 seeking information under RTI Act filed Before: Public Information officer, New Delhi Municipal Corporation, New Delhi. RTI fee: Postal order No....for Rs.10/- fvg. Accounts officer , MCD payable at New Delhi. Applicant:.....................................................(full postal address) Information solicited. 1 2 3 Applicant.
  3. You can seek such information from Public Information officer, Gram Panchayat. Go through your state Panchayat Raj website to locate PIO, format of application and mode of remitting RTI fees of Rs.10/ First think as to what you wanted to do with that information for four years, as seeking information for RTI sake is not proper, and one should be in a position to use that data/information for arriving to a logical conclusion. Information solicited: 1.Please provide the year wise data from 1-4-2014 to 31-12-18 as follows Nature of work ..Budgeted amount Spent amount Present status ..due date for completion Action initiated
  4. Supreme court order against RTI fee.

    Unless the judgment is seen as to whether prospective or retrospective, it can not be stated. All such RTI rules and regulations come into force after implementation by Public Authority. To be honest, a genuine information seeker, never cares for such nominal expenses being demanded by our own Government. Information is the only focus.
  5. Supreme court order against RTI fee.

    The SC order is not against such Fee, but restricting to Rs.50/-maximum for application and Rs.5/- per copy. Now, the most affected applicants are against Railways where they are charging Rs.1000/- per page of chart and Rs.750/- per one PNR inquiry under RTI. It may take to officially for public authorities to declare such fees through website but applicants those who wish to obtain may pay fee prescribed by SC and can file RTI Applications. Infact, It is not that fee that matters, it is the speed and quality of information that is important perspective of applicants.
  6. land usury -tamilnadu - deed settled

    I do not touch any issue unless I have some fundamental idea on that subject. There are hundreds of instances where Tehasildar's office, Railway stations, river beds, dry tank were sold and mortgaged to Nationalized Banks. One can not find any fault with Sub registrar as his duty is not verify legality and going into the transaction (which is of judicial nature) and his duty is restricted to format and collecting fees. Please do not waste time and money on which you can never proceed legally. Focus on main issue.
  7. Need help in getting my First appeal

    This is the first time I am hearing the response from PIO, AIR. Yes it must be true as they have rights over their recordings as they might have incurred expenditure and it is an asset of commercial nature..But PIO must have stated such order in his reply that the recording is commercial in nature and rules do not permit sharing with others as per Order no........................(There is no guarantee that it will not be used commercially. In such case a religious leader in AP do not charge single paisa and recognised as the best Authentic speaker on religion. Some one has recorded the audio /Vedio discs and started selling for hefty sums and the sales were thousands in one day but not single rupee was given to him, and finally he was blamed for commercializing and earning crores on such sale of CDS) But at the same do not be disheartened and you will certainly search in YOU TUBE and can find the copy free of cost. If you want further confirmation file rti and seek information as follows: Information solicited: 1)Please provide me copy of your directive or circular or order about not sharing the Recordings with Public under RTI Act.
  8. RTI anonymously

    In India you can not post anonymous RTI Applications. Infact one can use Post Box No..for filing RTI Applications, but it is not difficult to get that information from post office. There are many individuals in the forum, to file RTI Applications in their name and they will send that information to you immediately by mail. They do not charge single paisa their service. But, the query must be in larger public interest. I heard some of the forums who entertains Anonymous applications for a fee, but no one so far has given such a feed back. Our active member Harindher dhingra has opened such a website and you can search for his details and he is offering this service voluntarily. I have requested my friends in the forum like Mr. Manjon Patel, Mr.Chattabarik and Mr.Sisir, they have obliged without raising any objection. You can select a friend or relative from outstation to get such information in his name and he can send e mail response of PIO to you. There are still many such creative ideas that must be found out with experiences. In this forum, experts advise members not to solicit sensitive information in their name and enlist some support and take care of your personal safety first.
  9. RTI Act has been Tailor made only for common man even without any educational qualifications. Purchase any bare act book of your mother tongue and go through sec.2h, 6,7,8,11--18,19, and 20. They can be taken one side of a white page of A4 size and even if you read one sec.per day for 5 minutes you can master the art of RTI within a week. Visit this portal at your leisure and go through posts and replies for updating. RTI is not a "Brahm Vidya" and down to earth simple.
  10. Scholarship

    There is no bar in seeking any information from Public authorities by any citizen. The matter is very clear that due to paucity of budgeted amounts, scholarship is being distributed only to those students belonging to Anusuchit category alone. Under RTI, PIO can provide that information which is available on record and WHY amounts to questioning a decision and even this point is clear in the Media report. But I am sure that this will be challenged in High Court, as those who has taken first year course with confidence that he can get scholarship, if scholarship is not given has to abandon the course in the middle, and in addition those colleges legally are entitled to recover full four years course fee from students. This will be a double loss to students. Definitely, this will be challenged if there is an understanding volunteer in Advocates of that section.
  11. land usury -tamilnadu - deed settled

    The issue raised by you is beyond ambit of RTI Act. A sub registrar is concerned only with format regularity alone and responsible for collection of such fees. Any Registered document can only be cancelled through filing declaration suit before competent court with in limitation period from the knowledge of that deed. The sub registrar is not concerned with legality of transaction, his duty is to evidence such deeds as Registered. Immediately consult Advocate as there is limitation period. Whether for a senior citizen or a minor the law is one and the same, and the limitation period commences from the date of knowledge. Fraud has vast definitions. A person registering such property for which he is not fully entitled is also a fraud. For example X, Y, Z are legal heirs, X can not register the entire property and appropriate the proceeds. He is entitled to sell the share after partition, as per eligibility of his share after the property is divided in metes and bounds. You can approach LEGAL SERVICES AUTHORITY for free advice and fee assistance.
  12. You can go for first appeal if you are not satisfied with PIO reply. PIO can either provide or deny information under Sec.8 or Sec.9 with justification. Coming 2 f relates to definition of information as defined in RTI Act. You can submit in first appeal about such Sec.2 (f) According to my understanding you have asked for the "Present result status" of Music teachers whereas PIO has interpreted your query as though you have asked for "future course of action". As future course of action is not reduced as record, he has quoted sec.2f. There is no relation between Present result status and future course of action. For every record there must be a " status".
  13. When there is no confusion and crystal clear in Sec. 6 (3), you can be the first person to get such decision, if FAA also responds in the same manner. Remember, it is also the responsibility of applicant to file application to the concerned Public Information officer. Seec. 6 (3) Where an application is made to public authority requesting for an information (i)which is held by another public authority. . shall transfer the application or such part of it as may be appropriate to that other public authority and inform the applicant immediately about such transfer. First go through stipulations in RTI Act and then you can go for interpretations in such decisions, as it is not applicant's duty to educate PIO. When Collector has asked SP, it is SP that has to provide that information to Collector by collecting it from his subordinates and SP must be having such copies. Sorry, after reading the entire thread and replies, I am not able to understand exact problem.
  14. Non issuance of New Voter Id card

    There may be delay and waiting patiently for few days is proper. Do not engage unnecessary correspondence and spoil your time and money on petty issues. You visit the office once in a life time. Your complaints can not go waste, you have performed your duty as a responsible citizen. Let them take action and do not waste your precious time and mental peace.
  15. First under stand what is CP Act and limitations of the Act. If you think of RTI Act and wishes to approach Consumer forum on the basis of RTI, sorry NCDRC full bench ruled that RTI Applicant is not a consumer as violations , for remedies under RTI, stipulations under RTI should only apply. (Read sec.23 of RTI Act--do not state that forum is not a court, as that is the decision by NCDRC)

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