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  1. Please avoid posting on same subject each hour, as this is against discipline of the forum. The following is the link for such format.provided to your same query.
  2. Though there was CIC decision to send all PIO responses only by Speed post by the then IC Hon. Shailesh Gandhi, still some PIOs send those only by ordinary post, for many reasons known to them. The burden of proof that information was provided within stipulated time rests on PIO. Go for first appeal against deemed denial. File fresh RTI seeking information as follows: Information solicited: 1.Please provide me copy of the information provided to my RTI Application dt..... with a copy of such despatch register showing such number, and service proof, as I have not received such communication. (As per CIC decision, PIO must send those replies only through speed post)
  3. Kindly provide sample of authorization letter.

    There is no prescribed format for such authorisation letter and there is no need of personally calling on PIO unless applicant sought inspection. It is presumed that you want a format also for representing applicant during personal hearing at FAA. (this is not clear in your query) Place: Date: To .....................................(Any authority) Dear Sir, Reg: RTI Application dt. First appeal dt.......................against PIO letter dt. As this applicant is not in a position to be present for Inspection/ hearing / collecting documents personally (which ever applies), kindly oblige and permit......................................as my authorised representative for attending the work on my behalf. The representative is calling with his personal ID documents. (AADHAR/Voter ID) with original of my authorisation letter. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully, (..............)
  4. Tender details not provide in rti.

    Please quote your query exact sub section and exact reply from PIO as tender documents are public documents to be uploaded after entering into agreement, for better transparency and accountability. Except that technical details of commercial confidence, every other documents must be provided. A simple quoting of section without proper justification makes the denial and deliberate and malafide, go for first appeal .
  5. Sunil saab, For beginners and at Panchayat level the drafting in that application is complex. May be a villager wants to know some limited information on which he can get logical conclusions When getting a response from Village Panchayat is more difficult (out of fears of officials), such complex format in large size brings more resistance in Panchayat officials as they prefer to remain silent, because of their limitations. Some one must prepare a blog with a simple common man type of RTI application for Gram Panchayats.
  6. Who can join the first appeal ?

    There are two issues involved. 1. Act is silent on First Appeal Hearing process Though CIC decided for those hearings, as DOPT is silent, taking a stand that Act is silent, many are not even hearing first appeals now. . The presumption is that more or less second appeal hearing procedure must be followed. The hearing must be open, transparent and public may attend. But, they should not participate and one can even pray for recording Audio and Vedio of hearing in view of SC judgments as they must be transparent. 2.Simply because Public can attend hearing, they are not supposed to participate in hearing process. FAA must hear. Appellant should submit his arguments orally and hand over the copy immediately to get a public record status and keep his acknowledgment on copy of written arguments. 3.Remembering the above you can lodge a protest if FAA permitted participation of strangers (other than PIO, his assistant ) Now that it is not out of place, you can not even image frustration of a senior citizen in getting one sentence information each for simple 3 queries for last ten years. The appellant is a 94 year old lady whose property was leased to one PSU oil company.. Public records were falsified and fabricated to perpetrate fraud of Rs.40 cr. The queries are simple. 1.Please inform the name of lessor and provide copy of lease agreement. 2)Please inform the regulations that empower paying rent to X, after death of z that has given authorisation letter. 3)Please provide the record on the basis of which PIO stated Y paid dues of death, when his name was never present in any record. For FAA hearing at Mumbai, the grand son of appellant was not allowed. Another FAA hearing instead of Mumbai, Hyderabad was selected, 6 officials from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai attended, without permission Public authorities made A & V recording For second appeal to aid PIO , for simple second appeal hearing to assist PIO, four officers were flown to New Delhi, and all five came over flights, spent Rs.10 lakhs and every one argued before IC, against one appellant's representative on the three single sentences queries. IC heard, noted submissions, made comments and the decision was against, and none of the file noting and observations were available in the file including written submissions received one month in advance, handed personally to IC. The replies of denials are very strange. Get legal heir certificate from competent authority under RTI, the information is exempted under Sec. 8 1 (d). Under sec. 8 (3) Providing information on matters over 20 years is at the discretion of PIO, the clumsy xerox copies should be treated as authentic by court, the xerox copy of documents with Court markings/Stamp dt.2-5-08 in the name of applicant was collected by our officers in 1997 and these confirm facts in our records that occurred on 23-10-1964. .After 10 years, company requested Z to renew lease on 11-2-1980, but it was not acknowledged during his life time till 1998, so for 37 years we are legal tenants. Y that expired on 30-9-73 entered into lease with our company 7 years after his death from 1-5-80 we are paying lease rent. Though our company received supreme court judgment that a dealer can not claim possession, we can ignore that in our cases and some more things you will be shocked and may not be relevant. Unfortunately CVC and even Ministry accepted all these contents in addition to learned IC inspite of such absurdities. These are usual, and once
  7. Frequent Disconnection of Power

    You know where is the problem, and you are expecting guidance from members who do not have fundamental idea on facts. What happened to the media ? How can we expect that who are themselves in problems can care for the public. Contact a journalist and write a beautiful article in local news paper that is having good circulation. Refer this issue to Lokaykta.
  8. Frequent Disconnection of Power

    First make a complaint as group to dept., in writing, with signatures of residents and also calculate the likely loss to the corporation due to such power cuts and seek inquiry . Also file RTI application to the SPIO seeking documents of agreement in between electricity and the agency, agencies obligations, controlling measures being exercised, previous experience of the agency, complaints against agency received from consumers. Then decide to take them accountable through consumer forum.
  9. Janta college rewa Not follow rules teacher

    W h y ? Means every thing for money. Not even 1% has taken up the job for their aptitude. How any cream in academic go for those posts, when those are being welcomed with with open hands ?
  10. adding RTI note -

    Why all this, when it can make no difference with lethargic officials ?
  11. RTI anonymously

    Make a search either in Haryana SIC appeal decisions or CIC decisions and get his address and telephone no, and if any one is having apprehensions on seeking information on sensitive issues, he volunteers to seek such information in his name and passes it on to those who fears retaliation. This is not personal matters and strictly larger public interest matters.
  12. Supreme court order against RTI fee.

    Unless you inform the name of the public authority, the prescribed fee, and fee that was remitted by you, one can not guide. However, if fee is the only reason for rejection, PIO must have rejected the application maximum within 15 days. Now that PIO has not responded within 30 days from date of receipt of your RTI, go for first appeal immediately on deemed denial of information, praying FAA to direct PIO to provide information as expeditiously as possible free of cost. In many of the cases, it was observed when fee is not sufficient, for returning the application it costs them Rs.22/- to get Rs.10/- as fee. Still PIOs do not care for such wastage of postage. While some PIOs provide the information, and write a polite letter asking for prescribed fees. Remember, fee is not mandatory as per DOPT directives, and PIO can provide the information even free of cost. But, the problem is unless RTI fee was paid, appellant can not seek remedy under RTI Act like first and second appeals.
  13. Information regarding NDMC DELHI

    The word 'Register" is being presumed as Information soliciting through RTI Application. Write down information being solicited point wise in brief and not more than A 4, avoid using why, where, when and commence with Please provide....First write on a draft paper as to exactly what you wanted to seek information, that is available in material form. Identify Public Authority Search in website to locate relevant Public Information officer, format of application and mode of remitting fee. Always send application by local speed post, and track the status of delivery and get a screen print and paste to your copy of application. The following is simple format. Application dt.22nd Mar,2018 seeking information under RTI Act filed Before: Public Information officer, New Delhi Municipal Corporation, New Delhi. RTI fee: Postal order No....for Rs.10/- fvg. Accounts officer , MCD payable at New Delhi. Applicant:.....................................................(full postal address) Information solicited. 1 2 3 Applicant.
  14. You can seek such information from Public Information officer, Gram Panchayat. Go through your state Panchayat Raj website to locate PIO, format of application and mode of remitting RTI fees of Rs.10/ First think as to what you wanted to do with that information for four years, as seeking information for RTI sake is not proper, and one should be in a position to use that data/information for arriving to a logical conclusion. Information solicited: 1.Please provide the year wise data from 1-4-2014 to 31-12-18 as follows Nature of work ..Budgeted amount Spent amount Present status ..due date for completion Action initiated
  15. Supreme court order against RTI fee.

    Unless the judgment is seen as to whether prospective or retrospective, it can not be stated. All such RTI rules and regulations come into force after implementation by Public Authority. To be honest, a genuine information seeker, never cares for such nominal expenses being demanded by our own Government. Information is the only focus.

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