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  1. Missing persons complaints from a police station

    you can file RTI application with the district SP of your suspected area requesting for 1.Number of missing cases of kids/girls/ elderly persons during the last three years. 2. how many are traced with the police help. any other information you require then send the application through registered post enclosing IPO of Rs.10/- to the SP. for model applications you can see the site
  2. Taking sign and not giving info

    in panchayats it is all political gundagiri in most of the states and if you try to findout the information relating to funds received and expenses where lot of corruption is involved they get angry and try to trouble the RTI applicants in most of the cases do if your application pertain about your property they will give otherwise they threaten you so you need to decide as the forum members are not aware of required information
  3. maintanence will not normally include swimming pool which will not be available in normal appartments and the association is elected by the general members and therefore you have to decide with whom you fight the legal case ? try to solve amicably with the association instead of spening on lawyers
  4. Pension Details

    as sri prasad rightly said you cannot get any information about pay or pension of others as this will be mostly used for misuse therefore you cannot get.
  5. Service Record

    service records are personnel and involve section-11 to part with involving third party information which cannot be disclosed by any PIO unless that person agrees and there is no public interest involved in this case from any angle.
  6. Unable to find PIO Address

    you send you RTI application to the judge who id incharge of the court or a registrar if available in the court and your IPO payee column should be left blank and the place of payment column you write the name of the town or city and send the application. pleasealso note if it is regarding recruitment , the judge will not do and there will be administrative office for this purpose to whom you need to send RTI.
  7. Ration Card Issue

    generally ration card application submission must be physical with with in the relavent panchayat / civil supplies office and it will be not online please go personally and findout the reasons for rejecting / returning which will clear your doubt.
  8. 2nd Appeal - with CIC

    as rightly said by sri Prasad personnel hearing either directly or video conference is mandatory for CIC second hearing so no need for addenda and no need for submission of written arguments. if you are not in Delhi you need to intimate the district head quarters where you are staying so that you can attend the video conference from NIC studio available in all district collector offices otherwise you have to go to Delhi, please notify your place of attending CIC second hearing.
  9. List of Charitable Organization

    you have chosen a wrong path for filing RTI pertaining to the whole of the country. The correct picture is charitable institutions will be registered by the respective district registrar office of each state and thus to get complete information from all the 29 states along with districts you have to file more than 5000 applications and your efforts are also purposeless therefore confine to the area of your interest ie.,any particular district or state and then only your application will be accepted.
  10. section (18) complaint PIO

    the process involved in filing first appeal with the next higher authority of the PIO of B office since application was transferred under section-6(3) but not A office , secondly the section-18 does not come into picture as appeals / complaints are filed under section -19 of RTI act
  11. Information regarding a flat

    the bank people themselves who sealed the flat must have affixed a notice of SECURITIZATION inwhich the details of borrower and the amount will be necessarily exhibited in the notice from which you can have the details .
  12. Incorrect owners name printed by RTO on RC book

    there will be no problems likely to arise in the future because of typing mistake in the RC book and if you want it to be corrected no option except going to RTA office as suggested by your agent
  13. Address of mobile number

    if you know the number then you can call hi and enquire about his address if you really require. no need of round about activities to find about the address.
  14. Fast track degree

    several such adds you will see in the media daily in the form of advertisements most of which are fake and the TV channels will get money for Adds and will put a DISCLAIMER stating that the channel is not responsible for the contents so it is your duty to verify before joining
  15. My bsnl number call history

    what do you mean by last three years call data ? the call data will be available with the telecom operator for certain period of storage as per TRAI guidelines and if you have any necessity to know the calling details of particular period , you can apply to BSNL authorities, incharge of cellone operations of your area or customer service centres.

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