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  1. OOpsss ... i got it I got it. thank you for your concerned sir ..from now no fight for such small amounts !!! But we should realize them that they were wrong . nn How is it Possible ???
  2. OOpsss ... i got it I got it. thank you for your concerned sir ..from now no fight for such small amounts !!! But we should realize them that they were wrong . nn How is it Possible ???
  3. Please check this order regarding the same issue Fee paid in favour of the ‘Accounts Officer’ of the public authority Background The appellant filed an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act with the Estate Office and the RTI application was returned by the Public Information Officer (PIO) by stating that the Indian Postal Order (IPO) for Rs.10/- furnished by the applicant has been issued in the name of ‘Accounts Officer’. The PIO requested the applicant to furnish fresh IPO in the name of the Estate Officer enabling that office to proceed further in the matter. On scrutiny of the copy of the RTI application and the IPO submitted by the complainant it is observed that the IPO has drawn in favor of Accounts Officer as per rule 6 of the RTI Rules, 2012 which says that fees would be paid in the manner of cash, by demand draft or bankers cheque or Indian Postal Order payable to the Accounts Officer of the public authority or by electronic means to the Accounts Officer of the public authority. View of CIC The Central Information Commission (CIC) directed the First Appellate Authority (FAA) to enquire into the allegations made by the complainant and pass an appropriate order with a view to ensuring that the desired information is provided to the complainant. The FAA was also directed to obtain the explanation of the concerned Officers/ PIO for not providing the information and returning the RTI application to the applicant and send the same to the Commission along with his comments. Comments Ignorance of law is common after years of the coming in force of the RTI Act and many PIO’s still commit the folly of not accepting the fee by the prescribed mode and manner. Citation: Ms. Sarala Gupta v. Estate Office in Adjunct to Complaint No: CIC/DS/C/2013/000013
  4. Dear sir, i filled an RTI before Nodal Officer of the Indian railways(as i did not find the exact CPIO) on 3th october 2017. I sent my all the queries along with the relevant documents and eIPo in favor of Ministry of Railways, Account officer . Today I received a letter from the concerned Nodal Officer, against my RTI in which they (M.O.R) mentioned that your information is not available because you did not send IPO of Rs 10/- in favour of SR-DRM. However I sent all the relevant documents along with self atttested ePio which was generated through the postal website in favour of ACCOUNTS OFFICER , MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS . now what should be my next step please help and frame some matter !!! should I file this matter before FAA/CIC or complain the nodal officer please check eIpo and reply of nodal officer
  5. Sir no exact information about FAA on website . Should I send my First appeal to Nodal officer of the RTI section designated by RailMIn . even no exact adress is mentioned of PIO in my RTI
  6. Sir I filled an Rti before PIO regarding some queries about concessional certificate for handicapped persons to ministry of railways, they sent me a reply that information required by you is already available in public domain at our website. I immediately explored the website of Railmin , they updated all the information regarding my queries but some of my queries are not resolved yet (which is already mentioned in my RTI i.e time limit). They didn’t gave me address of FAA for the first appeal and also they didn’t reply my queries properly ..no what should be my next step and kindly frame some matter along with sections so that I can put up my case before FAA.
  7. Rajasthan Erases RTI Act from the texts books ...Really ???? ....not Good for our democracy
  8. yes!! i know that qualification of graduation or equivalent degree cannot be obtained at the age of 18 years, but as per DOPT rule, candidates having age of 18 to 27 years are eligible to apply for Govt sector posts examination a, the minimum qualification for applying for the various examination is graduation or equivalent degree obtained from a recognized university. My intention is very clear about age bar. we know that we cannot obtain a Graduation Degree at the age of 18 years then how can we eligible for such kind of recruitment for various posts. such policy appears, prima facie, quite unreasonable and hence, is beyond my comprehension.
  9. That means University has not any information about any of the candidates.? how is it possible even many of the colleges are affiliated to this University that means University should have all the Data of Each candidates like their mark sheets, Documents etc.
  10. Friends, I filled an RTI before PIO GGSIPU on 21st APRIL for seeking list of students graduated at the age of 18 years , But they refused to entertain my RTI...reply was ...The information asked by you does not pertain to GGSIPU. Therefore, your application can't be entertained under the said ACT and is hereby being returned in original. They returned my original application along with eIPO. Now what should bemy next step. well University should maintain a record of all the students of its affiliated colleges. please provide me some judgments or pls frame some questions regarding this matter.* Thank you* akash * .
  11. Hello, i want to know that how many of students graduated (last year data)at the age of 18 years...so which is the appropriate authority so that i c an easily get the data through RTI . please help !!!
  12. dear all, I would like to know about the duties of MLA and the MP of my constituency (DELHI) related to water, electricity , drainage system, road maintenance, sewer line , water pipeline etc....as you know many peoples in our INDIA don't know about the duties of these legislators in their respective areas. pls help me ...through RTI can I get these information and from where and how can I get these information regarding this issue. I am living in Delhi ..so where cn I filled my RTI so that I can get this information related my query....!!! regards akash
  13. Hello to all, I Filed an RTI before PIO ,DGEHS , a health department of Delhi govt pensioners. They replied me all my queries but some of them they mentioned that”it is not covered under RTI act 2005. SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TYPE OF INFORMATION ARE NTO COVERED UNDER RTI ACT 2005 My question was: please provide me the reason why it is compulsory to take permission from AMA those are under the scale of 7600 (in case of pensioner who is availing cashless facility) answer was : it is not covered under RTI act 2005 please inform me , can a pensioner laminate their DGEHS card for prevent them for getting dust ?? answer was : it is not covered under RTI act 2005 please help in this regard and tell me in which case information is not covered under RTI ACt 2005. i am gonna file an appeal before FAA in this regard. thank you, akash
  14. file is not opened in PDF (showing some error or damaged file)

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