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  1. Thanks vadodrainfoline. We all feel this same thing, we are worried about it, we discuss in depth with a circle. But we are not taking any decision nor we start any action. Action of few people together will become movement and then only we can see the result. So please do it and share it with others on the forum and around you.
  2. Dear Shyam ji, Did you register your agreement? What r d documents that reflect your rights on the said land? Extracts like 6,7/12, 8 etc. Was power of Attorney irrevocable? Sections of FIR? Generally this is happening everywhere. Take care n furnish details.
  3. PIO phone number

    How I can find number of PIO of Mumbai University? [Vidhya Nagari, Santacruz] I did apply for result declred on 31 May 2012 on 19 June 2012 after getting Marksheet on 18 June 2012. My number other details are with the officials. But yet duplicate answer is not available to me. Visited MU seven times and last reply on this Tuesday was OMR is not available. Now what these MU official will do after going Global as today's newspaper says? The reply from peon was " Sir, your papers are stuck with permanent employee, and he is the laziest person in the dept. seniors bhi unko kuchh nahi Karenge." A student is suffering for such inefficient people unnescessarily.Are they asking the Tel. no. of applicant for name sake? Please guide me.
  4. One simple thing for any one who has a drive to do something, to change something should start doing it. One will find the right way of own. You have to ride to have a fall or fail, but once u ride u will know the trick of the trade. Catch the thread and u can climb a mountain. All of us r in d beginning phase so dont wait 4 some1. Get along and think that u have 2 guide others. I surely tell u all crusaders here r for guiding us. And they may mend the way for any of us, beginners. So I say 'halla bol' Too much of mud is spread at least we can wash a cupful alone combined effect will be wonderful for our growing kids. We all light a small lamp and light is there. Hope u agree or share a comment or correct me.
  5. Can I know the course fee, please? Is it continuous 7 & 15 days later?
  6. Thanks for giving a very useful tip for all whistle-blowers. "maintain a Diary". Yes and be sure it is in safe hands when U face the music. Atleast your near and dear should have all the information about your activity and diary will authenticate it.
  7. When more and more people come under one roof and protest in right manner this flock of goons and beaurocratic monarchs will surrender and will leave whistle blowers alone. So stand up from any corner for anyone in any corner, only thing use your judgement for the matter. Anyhow whatever has happened in other part of our country,state,city is going to happen in our vicinity, so we have to be alert for all.
  8. One should not be misguided by virtual impression of any political leader , we should have faith on our own judgement and the work we are doing. go ahead fearlessly and you will succeed.
  9. Dear azhar ali, I am located at Bhayander [w] Ajay
  10. U are quite right to term it " form the basis for vexatious and motivated litigation". Today we face this form in all walk of life. e.g. property field it's a regular practice and few mafias are doing in their own interest.
  11. Hi Friends,

    Dear Johngray, Thanks First please brief me about 'i am working on external link deleted by moderator project.', your country and nationality. I may present my views! Regards for you interest on corruption, but if it is only to highlight India I am sorry. I am proud of being an INDIAN. ajaybiotek
  12. Time zone in india

    Geographically speaking India must have three time zones. What is stopping us to do so? Who is responsible to decide that? Who should audit the losses to citizens of India due to this? Most losses are in east where Sun rises when people are still sleeping and looses day light. People has to use light for another two hours unnecessarily due to lagging behind the real time. Whom shall I forward this RTI?
  13. Three time zones in india?!

    India is geographically spread over 45 Degrees and shall have 3 time zones. Every 15 degrees time shall change by 1 hour. Geography demand us to make three zones, say East[E], Middle or Madhya [M] and West [W]. When it is 08:00 Hrs. in E, it will be 07:00 Hrs. in M and 06:00 Hrs. in W. This is how it should be geographically in India. But we have only one time zone. Now consequences:- Now body clock of 2/3 of Indians is not in sync with nature clock. Loss of so many things. Expert on this can write essay on this... 2/3 of India is wasting light, power, energy and day time saving which is necessary and can save lot of power with daytime. Experts can evaluate better than me and I am sure we will save enough to compensate expected black money from Swiss banks! So lesser Power stations even starts functioning[expected] we will not be short of power. Consider street lights to general transport to anything and everything that has the use of power by any means. In 1947 or when single time zone was accepted by our government may be we had several things to cope from strategic defence, administration, technology et.al. But now with improved technology and India's own capability as on the day is strong enough to cater any demand by this issue. What is the reason we are not accepting three time zones?
  14. Hi Friends,

    Welcome, nice intention. regards Ajay
  15. Result declared by University of Mumbai B. Ed.

    Thanks . I got form for RTI send by Dear jps 50. Thanks again.

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