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  1. Non issuance of New Voter Id card

    Unfortunately, you have not approached the appropriate forum for issues regarding Voter ID card. First, call up 1950 or 1800111950 and ask for the status and then lodge a complaint at the Call Centre of ECI. Secondly, meet up the ERO (Electoral Roll Officer) who is incharge of issuing the Voter ID card. Take an appointment and explain to him Thirdly, if you are un-heard then contact the Chief Electoral officer of Delhi. You can write to him at ceo_delhi@eci.gov.in Fourthly, use an RTI to find out everything. The problem with the system is the new introduction of a centralised voter ID system called ERONET. The states are protesting as all their Agency hired by them have become defunct and the whole system is online. Be assured that you will get the response and your Voter ID for sure.
  2. You should obtain the certified copies under #RTI first.
  3. As can be seen from the website of biharonline.gov.in there is an option for viewing First Appeal. But yes, I too could not find the option to file appeal. Why don't you contact at these address GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT OLD SECRETARIAT,PATNA Email Id: secy-par-bih@nic.in, as-par-bih@nic.in URL: www.personnel.bih.nic.in BIHAR STATE ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD. BELTRON BHAWAN, SHASHTRI NAGAR, PATNA , BIHAR PIN CODE-800023 Contact No. 0612-2281856, 0612-2281857 Fax No. 0612-2281857 Email Id - bsedc@beltron.in URL: www.beltron.in
  4. The simplest way is go to this website https://www.ugc.ac.in/privatuniversity.aspx: Private University https://www.ugc.ac.in/stateuniversity.aspx: State University And search for the name of the university. I am attaching the list published by UGC State University as on 06-10-2017.pdf Private University Consolidated List Private Universities as on 06.10.2017.pdf State 12(B) as on 06-10-2017.pdf
  5. Airtel not refund my money

    The best course is to write to them over email and ask them the detailed process. If you are not satisfied, write to airtel payment bank Nodal offcer. Then to Appellate authority. In most cases, you will get to know first why it was done the day it was done.
  6. Adhaar link with voting system

    No there is not attempt for blockchain technology. No Election Commission of the world had done so. It is not about the adoption of technology but the perception of the common man on IT system.
  7. Seeking information under any Tender Process..!!

    As per CVC directives, details of concluded tenders are required to be uploaded on official website of the public authority concerned. You can access details of such concluded tenders from its website. If the public authority didn't upload such details, you can file RTI Application with the concerned PIO of that public authority and seek information pertaining to concluded tenders. During the process of tendering, Section 8 (1) (d) is generally applicable, as the tendering process contains the information which will hurt the competitive position. Here is the RTI Application you can use to file in case of concluded tenders. https://www.righttoinformation.wiki/guide/applicant/application/sample/tender
  8. Does the private school come under RTI?

    Simply stating, lodge a complaint with the Vigilance wing of Elementary Education Department of the respective state Government if you have the earlier proof. RTI will not be of any help in this case.
  9. Inform for stolen Mobile

    While submitting the RTI, attach your complaint copy so that there is a reference. Also, you can inquire the status of your complaint by calling up the Police station. Next time, try to have an insurance of your phone.
  10. internal documents of an IIT recruitment process

    The denial on the ground is indeed not correct. However, the decision might be based on the fiduciacy relationship which may not have large public interest. It is good to obtain more information and if any wrongdoings so that you can present a better case.
  11. Forest Department RTI

    Here is blog you must read that of @jps50
  12. Inform for stolen Mobile

    Better to go in person and deposit the RTI, otherwise send the speed post.
  13. Digital signature of the applicant

    Its the scanned signature not the digital signature. Secondly, you are exposing your signature to be misused. If the website is claiming filing RTI on your behalf, then why the signature of the applicant. They should sign and send it.
  14. Rti Activists

    Please visit site http://how-to-become-rti-activist.in
  15. It appears Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya are not the only fraudsters who have successfully managed to flee the country. Since 2015, there are hundreds of cases of financial scams registered with the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Mumbai. According to information obtained by activist Jeetendra Ghadge through RTI request, 184 of the people accused in those scams are absconding. The EOW usually looks into high-profile swindlers because it investigates scams only over Rs 50 lakh. The total amount involved in cases for last three years are: Rs 5,560 crore in 2015, Rs 4,273 crore in 2016, and in 2017, it is 9,835 crore. In all, it is a whopping Rs 19,668 crore in three years. However, the refund investors have received from EOW stands at an abysmal Rs 2.5 crore among 74 investors. Ghadge said the main reason behind sluggish investigations is “the political intervention, corruption, short staff and lack of expert officers who can investigate complex financial frauds.” The same RTI information notes there are 79 vacant posts of PSI in the EOW. "There seems to be a tsunami of financial fraud in this country mainly because these fraudsters have no fear of the law,” said Ghadge. “With some political influence and by bribing officials, an accused can easily get away. We cannot blame the EOW or CBI, the government is ultimately responsible for not fixing the law and order machinery.”

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