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  1. land usury -tamilnadu - deed settled

    prasad ji- thanks for the great advise as always but while you look at this n more of a legal perspective. i look this at more into how can this be prevented any further and bring that sub registrar questionable. fortunately, i am not the affected party.and the senior citizen has already been rightly advised to go to court.but the pain they had to gone thrugh,for no fault of hers, and just because of the collusion between the sub registrar and the fraud, makes me only think that i should escalate the matter and expose such officials in some way.
  2. hi a land has been usurped by a legal heir of a senior citizen and a the family settlement deed is registered in this regard this s n tamilnadu..law currently states that, family settlement deed,once registered, can be cancelled only through court and the culprit is using that as as reason to be in possess of the property now that senior citizen is devoid of his rights in the property.in what way can this be cancelled /the sub registrar be penalize for his actions.? does a RTI to all the higher offices including the procedure followed for this registration provide any results? how to get this cancelled without having to go through court. this is a fraud - but not n way of forged signature etc but done without the proper knowledge of actual owner/other legal heirs and required docs.
  3. hi, i came across a reference, when it comes to a PIO not responding to a RTI at all even after 30 days wait, the applicant can directly forward the matters to SIC under sec 18/19 of RTI act without having to go through a first appeal? is that true? i am not talking about incomplete information/delayed info n the above..just NO response at all what does forward matter directly to SIC mean. does a register post with RTI copy/email to SIC help or do i need to follow all procedures like second appeal and wait for the queue that is n years by the SIC for t to be heard?there is this one PIO office @village panchayat that never responds to my RTI.. dont know how to deal with them.. going through first/second appeal will be a waste of time as information is time critical . this s n tamilnadu i have dealt with filing several RTI. but still dont know how to deal with PIOs who gives deaf ears to RTI and wonder if they really know the consequences of not responding. honestly , expect more views n the above as the above affects the spirit of the RTI and its purpose .. please advise.
  4. hello, is it ok to ask the below questions in RTI on a VAO office.there were total of 5 employees only in the local office. 1. list of all employees with their designation 2. selection criteria of employees above 3. service record and work attendance of the above employees 4. day to day activities of the above employees 5. total work related complaints against each of these employees in the last 5 years of service. in short -intent is to expose a corruption and single out the one responsible for the deed done related to a property matter the local office has so much immense pressure because of me on the corruption because of all my RTI so far. but they have simply denied to give info stating a pending court case by a third party on such property. so i want to take a different pressure approach to initiate a investigation on the employee involvement n this.
  5. sir, in a rti , can i ask for selection procedure and service record and attendance register of govt employee. this govt employee at local govt panchayat off seem to be involved in some record mutation forgery of temple land that was eventually sold to few people. just want to corner him on his legal presence in the office and his appointment.some background check revealed that this person had already have some allegation n him for similar such activity in his previous office. will the above become a personal information
  6. hi what exactly is considered a frivolous RTI. say if there a hierarchy at a public office is like this department a - b--c and c being the lowest department. few RTIs filed with c never got a response. the applicant dont want to take it to first/second appeal given the years it takes to dispose. then,does filing RTI with department a,b,c at a time,but with slightly different question, is considered frivolous?
  7. sir, a partition suit was pending between two brothers and one of them is a senior citizen. suit was initiated by the partition suit it was found that the other brother had got all prop records mutated to his single name. when a RTI is filed to get some info, the local panchayat office declines to give info stating case pending in court to cover up the forgery they had done? is this a valid denial?
  8. just another success story from RTI here we live in suburbs and had a very poor road condition that went from bad to worse due to the recent monsoon. inspite of all these,there were frequent road diggings by the BSNL/EB and metro water people. there were times where there appeared visible road cavings making it even tougher for 4 wheelers. filed RTI with each of these department - EB/metro water/nation highways/BSNL on the approval they had for carrying out the road digging work and each one ended up pointing finger at other departments in their replies and got a vague response that temporary patch will be done. finally filed a CM cell petition followed with few RTIs. and to my surprise,i could see glittering tar roads now and all this was done within a week's time with the vehicle involved in the road work having board as IMMEDIATE. as always, i dont take credit for my RTI but am sure my petitions and RTIs would have made a difference /had made someone questionable and triggered to get the work done.
  9. thanks. understand your view. the matter is little tricky(as in my subject) and unable to post everything here, but this purusal of ration card record will definitely make a difference and which is what the party is looking for to get. am sure filing a RTI is no loss here for anyone.
  10. prasad sir, thanks for the reply regarding your confusion, i was just saying, a member was removed from the ration card and so want the details of the removal. so mentioned it as legal heir name but actually details of member listed in ration card was required for a given period. this is for a case where the family was living joint possession until mid of 90s and the move separately but the property was yet to be partitioned. so trying to get a ration card copy to prove a claim of identify on the joint possession status at some point of time.
  11. hello, a person had a ration card in tamilnadu until mid 80s. after his demise, it was then transferred to my his wife in late 80s. and they had 4 legal heir sons, and only 1 only is residing at the property now. case is pending in court. grandson wants to file a RTI to get copy of ration cards issued at this address. want to know the currently status of the ration card and who name if t is is under to be submitted as evidence to court. filed RTI asking for information in mid 1980s, but got a reply stating records for the years such backdated, are not available. how should he approach with this. ? can he file a RTI asking for current ration card status and the procedure used to remove rest of the legal heir names. if the ration card is under the legal heir name (persons uncle), will it be consider private information as the person is eligible only to get his father/grandfather information.
  12. sir, my grandfather had a ration card in tamilnadu n his name and transferred to my grandmother name in mid 90s after his death. he had 3 sons. and one son is residing at the address and rest all moved out. is it possible to get copy of such ration card from 80s and 90s by filing a RTI along with copy of legal heir certificate. this is required for some civil suit .will it still come under public information or will t be rejected. as i heard , civil supplies in tamilnadu have poor track record of responding to RTIs and rejecting with frivolous reasons. please advise
  13. sir, just some clarification required on the below party A is a cosharer of a ancestral property that is in forced possession by party B. a civil partition suit is pending. both the land and EB records are in party A and B names. party B had rented sub portion of property to commercial shops as well.it was also brought to notice of party A that party B is tampering with meters,based on online activity, because of which there is NO EB due each month at all,for last 1 yr, even though there is a active full use of service - home with shop. just to be on the safer side and not to be blamed,and penalty imposed in future, because of activities of party B, can party A file a complaint followed with a RTI(asking for details of inspection done) with EB office in regards to misuse and tampering of meters. does the pending civil suit has any binding before a complaint can be initiated.?
  14. hello, i want to file a partition suit on my ancestral property on a 60 yrs old property. i have very minimal information on the property and even that is 20yrs old and lot has changed now that it is hard to traceable without any local influence. i am talking to few advocate . should i expect the advocate to do the task of getting all records from the revenue dept especially for the exhorbitant fees that some quote. (this is my first time dealing n a civil case.. so my ignorance) some advocate say that I can go ahead with the case and ask for a appointment of advocate commissioner after the preliminary decree is passed. but my concern is,what if the case gets dismissed or lost at preliminary stage if the land records and ownership are not clear. for the fact, it s very much sure that these are ancestral properties being enjoyed by a single legal hier and as confirmed after several RTIs on the illegal mutation that had happened. please advise.
  15. Sir, Party A applies for details about a LIC policy taken by his dad expired in 2010 through a RTI application. copies of LIC policy doc attached that says it is matured in 2009 and want to know if the insurance amount has been claimed. LIC,south zone office replies stating - 1. unable to pull account number as it is not available/purged in the system 2. this is not of public interest and so information cannot be provided to son and gives the below reference - CIC/MP/A/2014/001008 Avisnash Prabhakar Vs LIC is the above valid and can party A go for first appeal?

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