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  1. Mr.Manoj Good work .great Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  2. RTI for murder case

    Is there any act under rti 2005 to apply for protaction Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  3. RTI for murder case

    Great feedback.excellent. Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  4. RTI for murder case

    It means I can file second appeal .actually I have to getting conform quarry. Very soon I send to you a that murder case that is related from Punjab distt Amritsar.then send me the whole information in short just check out in rambagh police station in Amritsar in Punjab .the both two victim were murdered seven to ten years before. I want to the status of this case how can I get the information that what action police had taken about this case. Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  5. I want to know is it right that the donation which has taken from school side? If some familes who could not affordeyable what they do. Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  6. Appellate Authority

    Guide me how can I get appeal first and second applicant authority Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  7. Appellate Authority

    Send me the whole detail of section 8(1)(i) Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  8. I want to know the perticuller merder case which are related from Punjab .help me how can I get the whole quarry about this case .its a very sensitive for me. Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  9. Introduction

    Thank you for join me on this page. Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App
  10. Introduction

    Hi,everyone my self Meenu arora .that can know,want and to do some about child education can join with me on this . Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App

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