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  1. Thank you for your help Prasadji. I have sent the RTI to BSNL. In the meantime, BSNL gave a second reply in this regard: Regarding incoming calls, CDRs will be provided only with nodal officers for security purpose only, there is no provision to supply to the subscriber, vide TRAI notification New Delhi dated 06-01-2012. The OG call details only can be supplied on a written request alongwith a copy of the identity proof of the customer and on payment of Rs. 50 at CSC. Message details also cannot be provided. (DOT Remarks: TRAI vide its notification dated 6th January 2012 released "Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2012 (2 of 2012)". Section I of the said regulation states that "Every Service Provider shall, on request from any prepaid consumer, provide at reasonable cost (charges not exceeding Rs.50/-) the information related to itemized usage charge for all calls, number of SMS sent and the amount charged for such SMSs, etc., within 30 days of receipt of such request. The CDRs are preserved by the Service Provider for one year as part of the Security Conditions of the License.) This is for your information please. -sde(pr) %PGMTD I wonder where it says that incoming CDRs should not be given to telecom customers.
  2. Hi Prasadji, I couldn't locate that TRAI guideline. Here is the reply I got from BSNL Vijayawada Office just now: With reference to your compliants dated 02-04-2018, regarding Out going and Incoming CDRs of your mobile number xxxxxxxxxx. The outgoing calls will be supplied by submitting request letter, with ID and Address proof, and payment of Rs 50/ at Customer Service Centre BSNL Bhavan Vijayawada. Regarding incoming calls, CDRs will be provided only with nodal officers for security purpose only, there is no provision to supply to the subscriber vide TRAI notification New Delhi Dated 06-01-2012. This is for your information please. -sde pr % gmtd vj. Is the notification that you mentioned later than the one they are referring to? Should I serve a notice under CP Act and approach a consumer court? Does filing an RTI also help?
  3. On 24th March 2018, I met the Customer Support, their officer and the GM - all of them saying that this information could not be given to me. So I gave a written request to GM's office asking them to send me a reply in writing, conveying the reasons for not giving me this info. Till date, I haven't received any reply from them. Thus the need to expedite this matter.
  4. Hi, It is still confusing to me as to what to fill-in in the PAY TO filed of an Indian Postal Order (IPO) that is to be enclosed alongwith an RTI application. In case I don't know clearly, can I write the name of the organization and leave it uncrossed? Or can I leave this field empty and ask them to fill the appropriate name? Thank you
  5. Unfortunate reality. Good that we have something at last. I will start filing complaints to AP SIC now on my pending/no-reply first appeals, since i am late in filing second appeals already. Or is there a way that allows me to request for condonation of delay at this stage and file second appeals directly?
  6. Thank you Prasadji. I have sent an email complaint to cmdcomplaints@bsnl.co.in asking them to act within two weeks. I forwarded that email to helpline@nccptrai.gov.in with a copy to TRAI Chairman at cp@trai.gov.in.
  7. Hi, When I approached BSNL to get incoming call records for one of my prepaid BSNL mobile number on which I am getting frequent abusive calls, the GM's office of our district conveyed that they no more provide that information to customers and the only way that they can disclose this info is when police approach them. I gave a written letter requesting them to convey the same by return postal mail, which they are yet to send. There is an FIR filed by the police based on my complaint, and I want to get this information so that even if the police collude with the abuser, I can prove to the criminal court of what really transpired. This being the situation, can I get this information via RTI?
  8. I am in a dilemma now! Should I send second appeals to a Commissioner-less State Information Commission of Andhra Pradesh that has been set up recently in the hope that "some day" it would be looked into or should I send them to CJ of AP High Court, mentioning that my privilege under RTI Act has been taken away and so I have no other alternative but to approach them for a timely disposal? What is the best course of action in current situation?
  9. I came across this news item today: Govt. flayed for not appointing information commissioners - ANDHRA PRADESH - The Hindu Andhra Pradesh Information Commission is still managed by ghosts? I thought the 8-week period given by High Court Bench is over by now. I noted that two names were disclosed for SCIC, probably by AP Govt to figure out public perception, both being TDP-supporters. Please update on this.
  10. After the above letter from me to FAA, there is no reply at all. Should I write to him or file SA?
  11. In this regard, RTI reply from police states thus: 1. A certified copy of my complaint filed in 2010 is not given by the police dept, citing that the retention period of records is only 3 years. 2. A certified copy of my complaint filed in 2016 is not given saying that the respondent was summoned and warned. Are these two statements valid, or should I file an appeal for the certified copies?
  12. (Reply to Kariraji) I sent an email earlier to Commissioner of Police, outlining all the instances of violations that I had reported to their department. And I waited some days, got no reply and so followed it up by filing the RTI. Last year, I filed directly to that particular police station but no info was provided to me. This time, since it got forwarded from CP's office, they are doing something.
  13. Correction: AP Govt promised High Court that it would select ICs and SIC within 8 weeks. To Prasadji: Opposition Leader doesn't understand the importance of this selection and Ruling Party Leader doesn't do unless HC orders. We are really blessed to have such leaders serve us!
  14. 4. Yes. Sec. 15(3) of RTI Act says: The State Chief Information Commissioner and the State Information Commissioners shall be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of a committee consisting of— (i) the Chief Minister, who shall be the Chairperson of the committee; (ii) the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly; and (iii) a Cabinet Minister to be nominated by the Chief Minister The current committee consists of Mr. Chandrababu, Mr. Jagan and Mr. Yanamala. Mr.Jagan said that he can send his representative to attend but it was rejected saying that the Act doesn't facilitate doing so. So, nothing happened on 12 Dec 2017. This committee would have to finalize soon, with or without Mr Jagan. Please note that regarding the PIL of Forum for Good Governance, at the time of its closure, AP Govt promised High Court that it would select ICs and CIC within 8 weeks. (in Telugu) (in Telugu)
  15. Hi, In order to ensure that RTI Act is utilized by more and more citizens, I felt that personal meetings with activists, enthusiasts and the needy might work out the best. In this direction, I request that RTIIndia or some other voluntary organisation initiate such RTI Meets at least once a month at every nook and corner of India. There shouldn't be any commercial interest involved in doing this. Request all to share your ideas on this.

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