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  1. Ok. Fine Sunil Sir. Thanks for going through the points and keeping your views.
  2. Sunil Sir, Main Points of RTI application are as follow as. 1.Which department or ministry of XXXXX deals with the granting of funds, subsidies , financial assistance for following Religious functions /programs Festivals Any Pilgrimage Please , provide contact details for above. 2. What are the criterias laid by XXX to provide financial help, assistance , grants for religious activities , pilgrimages etc. Please , provide details . 3. Please, provide me certified copy of details of all expenses, financial assistance of XXXXX in religious activities , religious functions , festivals , pilgrimages separately for the year 2012-2013, 2013-2014 , 2014-2015, 2015-2016,2016- 2017. 4. Please, provide me certified copy of details of the amount granted, expenses , subsidies for XXXXXX of following years seprately 2012-2013, 2013-2014 , 2014-2015, 2015-2016,2016- 2017. 5. Please, provide me certified copy of details of the amount granted, expenses , subsidies for XXXXXX of following years seprately 2012-2013, 2013-2014 , 2014-2015, 2015-2016,2016- 2017. 6. What are the rule and regulations followed by XXXXX , under which expenses are done or assistance is provided on religious activities . Please, provide details of it.
  3. Prasad Sir, regarding this RTI do applicant need to pay fees for information soughted . Please, suggest ? Chronology : RTI filed - 10.11.2017(online) Reply of PIO received - 19.11.2017 asking to visit office as sought information voluminous in nature . First Appeal Filed - 18.12.2017 (online) Notice for FAA hearing received - 28.01.2018.
  4. Thanks a lot Prasad Sir, for providing well explained details.
  5. Prasad Sir & Sunil Sir FAA called for hearing regarding this application . Please , help with relevant points to defend in hearing of FAA.
  6. Prasad Sir, if possible kindly help with appropriate lines to make impactful 1st Appeal.
  7. Thanks Sir. If possible ,please help with few precise lines for FAA.
  8. Respected Members , A RTI to Department of Central Government was filed to ask - detail list of personnel/officers of XYZ Department with their designation and posting place arrested on charges of bribery and malpractices by the CBI and police/vigilance. CPIO- Reply - Provided Name & Designation along with Reasons for suspension and Date of suspension . But denied the details of action taken by the department citing - "The Information is third party Information cannot be provided under 8(1) h of RTI Act.(Attachment of reply ) Now, :- My confusion is - in a similar RTI a Central Government department did not provided name /details /designation - citing same section (8(h)) or even any kind of details .(Which I have posted in this forum) So, please clear the uses of Section 8(h) . & Also What should be my next step. If, First Appeal then- on what ground , reasons. Please Guide.
  9. Respected Members, Through a RTI application TRAI was requested to provide the list of Districts with its State where XYZ Telecom Operators Network Connection is available/working . CPIO -reply - mentioned a link. On checking the link - it is not having district wise availability of Network. Then 1st Appeal filed. FAA - reply - "district wise information on mobile subscriber is not available with the TRAI . Hence , this appeal is disposed off." :- Applicant asked for Network availibilty list but FAA replied for mobile subscriber district wise information. What will be advisable further. Please, guide .
  10. Honourable CJK Sir, please guide .
  11. Respected members, 2nd Appeal to CIC - Diary no.is final application (appeal)no.? Or Further any another Registration No.will be generated ? Please, clarify.
  12. Fine, Sir. Thanks for reply .
  13. Sir & Respected Members plz guide . - - - Updated - - - Sir & Respected Members plz guide.

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