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  1. Bank lean marking law

    In that case it should gone in 'Ask for RTI Query'.
  2. Regarding RTI fee.

    Many a times Malafide intent can be a presumption too. His simple query is if a PIO can demand after 30 days extra charges of Rs 1400/-. The answer could Yes. Whether he demanded it correctly or not is decided not by applicant but by Commission. Lastly, the query raiser Malukant can also be not aware that PIO can charge photocopy charges apart from Rs 10/-, apart from other assumptions.
  3. Does HDFC bank falls in RTI realm?

    You must also read the News here: Husband & Wife | RTI INDIA
  4. coll detail movies no

    What is this?
  5. Circulars

    Image is very small, why don't you upload as an attachment
  6. Bank lean marking law

    Wrong Place of the thread. It should have gone into Non RTI Discussion forum
  7. Regarding RTI fee.

    The above seem to be logical legal ground, I would suggest, if you are indeed interested in obtaining information please go ahead and deposit the charges and obtain it. Simple. You can later complaint/ Appeal for reimbursement. If however, you are interested in confronting on this ground, above suggestions are the one to follow.
  8. Registration of two weeler

    Yes, it is possible. You need the address proof of the location where you want to register your vehicle
  9. I wanted to know how much live is Mann ke Baat. Just inquisitive. Any views?
  10. RTI to MGNREGA

    Ministry of Rural Development has a central server where all work is entered by GRS (Gram Rojgar Sahayak) and Programme Officer (PO). In fact DPC or District Collector also gets information from the same nrega.nic.in then why not file RTI and get information directly from MoRD? Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA
  11. Using butter substitute Delicious

    How do you know this?
  12. FIR duplicate copy through RTI

    Even before an RTI, a simple application to SHO may serve the purpose. Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA
  13. Generally this is kept in public domain, I searched and found that PNB has the list in public domain. However, being the new scheme this information may not be available as yet. Why don't you visit their site and see the list. Probably then you can file an RTI on a similar format Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA
  14. RTI for State Govt. Expenditure

    Its all in public domain here http://budget.up.nic.in/downloadbudgetPDFs.aspx The issue is not about availability, its about what do you interpret.
  15. Root cause analysis is right strategy as suggested by @G\.L\.N\. Prasad For example- How do u know somebody else was at fault in writing death certificate? Probably he can prove from document that he was mislead or probably he is right. If you approach Collector too he can't overrule a mistake/error. He only expedite or get rule interpreted to help her. And use RTI suggested by @RAVEENA_O as a weapon to empower self with knowlege about next step in correction of document then to intimidate. Yes you can also approach Ministry of Rural Development who is the nodal department to implement NSAP Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA

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