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  1. Hello, With the help of RTI applications, I got a deed that was registered in August, 1989. However, a fraud deed was used to mutate a land in place of the original one, which was apparently registered in April, 1989. No certified copy of the same was available. We are well aware of the fact that the deed is fraud. What are the procedure to prove it fraud at court, ask for legal actions on such criminal activity. Any suggestion will be helpful. Thank you,
  2. Hello, I am a NRI, want to file RTI. 1. Can I use my permanent Indian Address instead of abroad address ? 2. Is it necessary to mention location next to the signature ? Do I have to be physically present at the location to file RTI ? 3. Any format available for NRI RTI ? 4. Is there any limitation of number of questions that can be asked under RTI act ? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for all your inputs. I got partial success in recovering the three deeds. I got one. But the volume with respect to two others are missing. I got reply yesterday regarding one of such deed from the missing volume where they said that all the pages of the deeds are missing. I have no clues what to do. A volume contains many deeds, not only mine. What kind of world we are living in ? Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA
  4. I have been browsing thru some of the previous threads here regarding the Co-Op, but got no satisfactory response. I have been trying to expose a Hsging-Co-op in south kolkata with land mafia deal for some time. I have given a details complain letter (27 pages) with many evidence to RCS and JRCS, West Bengal about an year ago. Nothing has happened to my complaint so far. Executive committee members were not even member of the said society. They collected money from us for mutation purpose but mutated the whole land to a promoter without our consent. years after year, there are no audit. This Co-Op fund runs by the co-operation of the members. Now I want file RTI to obtain informaion regarding Co-oP. What are the information I can seek under RTI act ? Can I ask for bank statement, audit under RTI ? For bank statement, shoud I file RTI with RBI or Co-OP bank ? Previously Co-Op bank didnt entertain my application. https://www.wbstcb.com/ how can I bring down the corruption
  5. Thank you so much. You have been a great resource to fight corruption for me. Can you please share the blog links where CIC`s orders have been mentioned?
  6. Thank you. I started a thread some time back with the missing records. I have your answers there. But my questions are different now. I want to know whether any court has ordered to recreate any deed in case it is not traceable? What are the other penalties that can be imposed on such negligence of record keeping?
  7. Hello, I am looking for a deed for some time now. I followed proper method of paying registration fees and searched extensively. The deed disappeared from record section. Then filed RTI. RTI was initially ignored and then said that they filed general diary for the disappearance. Now a writ petition is filed. I would like to know the following: Is there any order passed before based on RTI or anything else where High court directed to recreate sale deed? If so, can you give me a reference of such order? Thank you.
  8. Court orders regarding RTI applications

    Not getting much information on the Madras High Court order.
  9. I knew that one dont have to disclose their identity and use a PO box while filing RTI application. Also one dont have to cite reason for filing RTI application. Is there any court order regarding the above two ? Are they available online ? Can you share a link to me ? Thank you all.
  10. Deeds under RTI Act.

    Hello everyone, I am following the advice given by all of you. No answer from any department apart from saying "they are doing extensive search". I filed complaint under section 18(1). In the mean time, I have a question. Can anyone of a housing co-operative in West bengal ask to submit deeds, chain deeds of all the plot holders for verification and then collect all the deeds and chain deeds without approval of Govt. ?
  11. Deeds under RTI Act.

    Thank you. Its very clear to me now what to do. When I file addendum to my first appeal, should I include the search results as attachment ? Can I parallaly file the other RTI stating the questions you mentioned to the authority who sent me the final verdict ?
  12. Deeds under RTI Act.

    Thank you for your suggession. But here the case is of disappeared deed from the record section. I know two deeds out of five I requested has disappeared. I searched them myself. This is part of big land theft, that took place here. In that case, why RTI appeal cant help ? What would be the next step ?
  13. Deeds under RTI Act.

    Hello, I am following this thread as I am personally inetrested to know whether I can get deed through RTI or not. Briefly, I am lokking for two chain deeds related to my property deed, which is present under a very corrupted housing co-operative. I was searching for the chain deeds, with a searcher and paying fees for it. But two of the deeds are missing from the record section of RA kolkata. I have also filed RTI for them. As there was no repy within 30 days of application of RTI, I filed first appeal. The day, I filed first appeal, I got the notice from SPIO forwarding my application to some other department. Then 15 days (46 days in total) from that, I got the final verdict from the department, saying that I have to appoint a sercher and search it paying the fee as per Registration act 57 etc. Now, I know the deeds are not a part of the fraud as my extensive seach results came negative. I also submitted first appeal, after which I got the reply of my RTI application. In that case, what are my options. Should I file second appeal ? What do you suiggest ? I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank you.
  14. Is there any separate RTI act and law for CO-operative Housing Society of West Bengal ? I have previously requested some information my Co-Operative Execuitive committee which they dint provide. i complained about it to Department of Co-Operation. No action has been taken. I filed same buyt under RTI act 2005 and first appeal. But No one is responding. Please suggest.
  15. Hello, I want to inquire about the origin of an advertisement placed in a leading news paper of Bengal. Can you please tell me who to address in the news paper as nothing is listed on their website regarding RTI ? Thank you

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