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  1. Hello

    Welcome Ravindrababu
  2. hello friends

    Welcome Vinod
  3. student get to see his evaluated answer papers

    This will certainly benift students at large and other Universities should also allow this.
  4. Greetings from Scotland

    Welcome David we can gain lot with each ohter's experince.
  5. `RTI Act will help alleviate poverty'

    Its big step forward for RTI
  6. Introduction

    Welcome on board and Enjoy
  7. Thaks Kushal and Ganpat for providing interesting story on RTI.
  8. Hello

    Welcome and Enjoy
  9. Discussions: Weekly stat of RTI India.

    Its Great. Thanks Kushal.
  10. CIC should take strict action against AAI.
  11. Ex-bar girls to educate sex workers on RTI

    They are doing great job. No section of our society should be deprived of RTI education for its effetive and successful implementation.
  12. RTI report card: One year of transparency

    Thanks, Lets hope situation will improve more this year.
  13. hai

    Welcome Mr Balakrishnan
  14. Legal workshop on RTI

    Its healthy trend. More and more workshops need to be organized in rural areas of India where people don't have access to information.

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