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  1. Sir, DC visited and warned the officials.However, the pit remains open even as on date causing severe public health hazard and no drainage constructed.Inspite of my health issues owing to the winter season,I've spent lot of time and money on this issue.Borewells got affected beacuse of this stagant sullage. The issue has lasted for past 7 yrs.It came to my knowledge only few months ago.Immediately,I swung into action,brought the DC on the spot,made him send a proposal to the Chennai Headquarters,drafted a collective representation and sent it across to all the officials.In fact,I met the Hon'ble Governor of State in person and explained the issue.
  2. Sir, As per your suggestions,I filed an RTI application to PIO of Office of District Collector as on 18.12.2017.In addition to the 3 queries suggested,I've included 3 more queries seeking information on action taken on my complaint regarding the stagnant sullage issue,The complaint was sent 3 months ago vide speed post to District Collector. Few days ago, PIO of District Collector forwarded 6(3) my RTI application to Corporation stating that all the queries are related to Corporation.The PIO of corporation called me and stated that it was the District Collector who visited the spot and fined the Hostel Officials Rs 10000 and they do not have any information regarding the same.Also he has forwarded my RTI application to PWD department who are responsible for Hostel Maintenance and constructing drainage. In such a scenario,where should I send my FA?
  3. Flood Damages Information

    Sir, Thanks for your suggestion.In fact I've filed the RTI with PIO of District Collector's office.They must be having the sector-wise damage data to claim funds from state and central government.Also central government officers inspected the cyclone affected area for allotting funds.
  4. Filed an RTI seeking the following information from Cyclone hit kanyakumari Dt as follows [1] Please provide certified copy of record detailing sector-wise damage at cyclone hit Kanyakumari District PIO Response: Is the PIO correct or can i go for an Appeal ? .i would like to get the sector wise details and later cross check with the funds allotted and expenditure
  5. Sir, In the following link http://supremecourtofindia.nic.in/pdf/Forms/writ%20format.pdf It's mentioned Petitioner-in-person may see a copy of WP (kept with AR-IB) to have practical knowledge about drafting of petition. I'd like to seek the above WP kept in AR-IB either as a soft copy or PIO providing the url link for the same
  6. Sir, Encroachment has been removed.I need copy of police complaint lodged by Tahsildar against encroachers to put an end to encroachment menace of a particular public land.Police acted in vested interests and replied to my RTI petition that they did not receive any such complaint from tahsildar seeking action against Encroachers.Police has provided a acknowledgement for the complaint vide a small slip in which the complaint letter number from tahsildar was written along with the seal of SI of police and name of the constable who issued it and her service number.SIC gave the decision in favour of PIO,inspite of my arguments.Right now I would like to file a writ against the SIC decision. In this regard I'd like to know the procedure and time limit for filing writ against SIC decision,Any notice to be issued to SIC,or can I ask for re-enquiry from Chief Information Commissioner or complaint against the SIC commissioner who gave the judgement.
  7. Sir, Tahsildar , in response to my complaint,lodged complaint on persons who encroached Government Public land and asked to police to take action on encroachers.Police received the complaint and provided acknowledgement( only seal of the Grade constable along with the reference number quoted in Tahsildars Letter). They refused receiving any such complaint and I made a second appeal with SIC.SIC did not peruse my documents and decided that PIO's decision is correct. The judgement was done yesterday I'd like to file a Writ in High Court.What is the procedure and time limit.Do I need to send a legal notice to SIC and PIO? I did not receive Hard Copy of the judgement. Can I file a complaint to the State Chief Information Commissioner on the Information Commissioner and request for a re-enquiry with some other commissioner of Chief Information Commissioner himself?
  8. RTI Mode of payment

    Sir, 4 yrs ago I filed my first RTI application with 10 Rs IPO as mode of payment for application.The RTI was filed with SPIO of Tamilnadu State.TNSIC has not mentioned IPO as mode of payment in their websites or circulars since 2005. Even the PIO did not bother about the IPO as mode of payment and sent me the reply.I've an hearing next week.Will it be an issue if the Information Commissioner takes note of the IPO in my RTI application. Will the RTI replies sent by SPIO become null and void Just anxious to know
  9. Govt. Boys Hostel was constructed 5 yrs ago by PWD Technical Education Division and handed over to the concerned Department . No drainage was built for the sullage water and let open in huge pits.We met PWD EE regarding this issue asked for the estimations,proposals,inspection documents of the hostel construction details and why they did not construct a proper drainage and connect it to the Corporation Underground Drainage system.The EE blamed her predeccessor EE who is retired for the entire issue and stated that he has done some irregularities. In this regard we would like to know the estimations,plans,proposals,blueprints, incurred expenditure,inspections regarding the construction of the Hostel by PWD.Also reasons for not constructing a drainage along with hostel construction.
  10. First Appeal for CCTV footage denied

    Sir, Information solicited: 1)Please provide me copy of orders/circulars/notifications that state about usage of CCTV installed in PS. 2.Please provide me any copy of such instructions/directives/orders / precedents where it was stated that CCTV footage can not be provided to citizens under RTI. PIO has responded after receiving documents from Office of DGP as follows They have provided installation technical details and provided misleading information Already First Appeal has been filed long ago.PIO asked me some time to get information from DGP office after first appeal. Now they have replied as stated above
  11. I used the RTI format as suggested by Prasad Sir and got my amount reversed Brief Facts: The Appellant tried to use ATM of ABC Bank located at xxx, a transaction for Rs.15,000/- has been failed, and even without disbursing cash through ATM, account was debited. Information Solicited: 1.Please provide certified copy of failed transactions on 31.10.2017 at ABC BANK ATM at xxx with ATM ID 1234 from 10 a.m to 10 p.m 2.Please provide certified copy of EJ/JP Log (Electronic Journal / Journal Print) for the ATM transactions on 31.10.2017 at ABC Bank ATM at xxxx with ATM ID 1234 from 10 a.m to 10 p.m 3. Please provide certified copy of EOD Report (End of Day Reconciliation Report) and Cash Verification Report of the ATM at xxxx with ATM ID 1234 for 31.10.2017 and 01.11.2017 4.Please provide copy of ATM camera and CCTV camera recordings on 31.10.2017 at ABC Bank ATM at xxxx with ATM ID 1234 from 10 a.m to 10 p.m on a CD/DVD 5.Please provide certified copy of Switch Report for ATM transactions on 31.10.2017 at ABC Bank ATM at xxxx with ID COBWO037201 from 10 a.m to 10 p.m
  12. Thanks to Prasad Sir. When I tried to use my debit card at a PSU bank ATM,the transaction failed ,no cash dispensed and the amount was debited from my account. Lodged a complaint with pgportal.No response Customer Care of Home Branch and Acquiring Branch tried to dodge me stating that I transaction number was wrong etc. Immediately,filed RTI seeking copy of failed transactions and ATM video recordings from the ATM branch as per Prasad Sir's advice. Got my amount reversed within a day.I've shared the RTI format in the forum too Thank You RTI India forum
  13. Government College Hostel Authorities have disposed sullage water in open pits creating health and security risk for public.Already the neighbouring areas had an outbreak of dengue.I filed a complaint along with photo's vide Whatsapp. The District Collector acted swiftly and the very next visited the spot containing sullage water with mosquitoes and pigs breeding on it.DC ordered PWD officials who are incharge of government hostel maintenance to cover up the pits.The Hostel Authorities have shut the outlet connecting the pits.However they did not cover the pits as instructed by the DC as on date. In the process of Dengue prevention,DC has fined several residential and commercial establishments who did not keep their premises clean.However,DC did not take any action on the PWD and Hostel Authorities nor fined them as per IPC 268,269,270 1.I'd like to seek information as to know whether the DC has fined the authorities or any action has been taken on authorities for letting out sullage water in pits for their Negligent act which is likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life.Also solicit Inspection report 2. If he has not fined,the reasons for the same 3. Name and designation of all the officers and department who are responsible for maintenance of Government College Hostel Please suggest a draft

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