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  1. Room possession

    Please reply Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  2. What are the necessary documents that we should check before taking possession of our flats in cooperative housing society. Our flats are registered in our name before the builder obtained CC can we enter our flats without signing possession letter if builder stops our rent Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  3. Room possession

    Sir after 7 years we are getting possession of our flat which was under redevelopment but before signing the possession letter I want to ask you few things. 1) what all things we should check before entering our flat 2) builder should give us possession letter how many days before and should he give us one More rent cheque?3) he is just in hurry to give us possession so that he can stop rent cheque 4) there are many technical mistakes like some tiles are having crack .. Please help me out Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  4. Can a Restaurant charge 6% for SGST + 6% of CGST on bill

    Yesterday I had dinner in meghdoot restaurant he charged 18% Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  5. Jurisdiction in rural

    Sir I am from small village of devgad sindhudurg, in our village we visit occasionally we have our house and land since centuries. I have raised some complaint in grampanchayat against one person but for true decision they are taking longer time bcoz daughter of that person is daughter in law of sarpanch. Please tell me which door I should knock if I don't get Justice from grampanchayat and also I have demanded on Street light in front of my house as our house is in the corner ,they say it doesn't comes under us and for a particular house we can not give such preference Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  6. Sir , our native place is in devgad which is in sindhudurg district in konkan area. Since death of our grand father and mother our house over there is closed we visit our place in two or three months. Our house is more than 100 years old . 8 years back one person from our Village​ took advantage and build his small house between our house and our small garden saying that this small passge is in his name. We didn't respond to him at that time bcoz we don't want any quarrel with him as he stays in village and we visit only sometimes. After 2 years he extended his house further ahead then we called the police Patil of our village at that time they said that they will always keep the gate open and never block it , again we thought that we are not there to fight with them all the time as we stay in Mumbai. Few years later I gave a letter to our village grampanchayat saying that we are residing the since more than hundred years and we don't have any facility of any lights and not even any path that goes to our house and I also mentioned about that house which is in the middle of the path . They held the meeting when I was in Mumbai . I asked them for the results of meeting in writing. They always neglected me and today after 2 years they have given me that there is no such path in our grampanchayat books. I request you to guide me what further action I can take against them Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  7. School rules

    My daughter is in junior kg in Fatima high school. She is little slow as compared to other childrens . Teacher has warned me that she will make her repeat in same class or won't allow her to continue in same school. During The time of admission we have paid RS 25000 in cash additional to school fees . We cannot afford to change school Everytime. How can school be so harsh or strict for 5 years student. Do they. Have right to fail my child Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  8. Cooperative society

    Our society is under construction, developer wants to extend extra 2 floors , he is ready to give us 8 lakhs but 10 out of 46 tenants want 15 lakhs. So my question is what is the majority required in C.H.S in such cases ? Can those 10 people be able to block the process? Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  9. Uber India driving

    I have Uber car running in Mumbai with all India permit. Police do harassment and ask for yellow batch .is it necessary to carry yellow batch for vehicle who already has all India permit Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  10. In India daughters can claim right in ancestors property but there should be some date know that daughter born after 1956 or hence forth only can claim, what is that exactly? These issues are creating disputes in our property which is in konkan in Maharashtra Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  11. I am working in stock market as a dealer under a main broker of NSE ,NSE, F&0 we are working for same salary for last 4 years no salary hike .so my question is that why no one bothers about salary hikes in Pvt Ltd office or only govt employees have right of 7 pays and all Sent from my PixelV1 using RTI INDIA mobile app

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