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  1. Hello all, Can you please tell me which organization I have to contact if I want to get the visitor list of a central jail prisoner via RTI. If I mention the date and the name of the prisoner will it be sufficient ? Can I request them to send the photo and CCTV recording of the visitor ? (By matching sign-in time ?) Thanks in Advance Best Regards Ramesh
  2. Hello all, Can I get my Bail order copy and Bail application from court using RTI ? If yes, any format for this ? I want to inspect what all documents submitted as part of my bail application. To my understanding the lawyer has cheated us with an important piece of evidence, he took it from us saying that it is needed for my bail. But after coming out, I consulted two lawyers and both said the piece of evidence is usually asked duing trial and no Judge would ask it during bail. Thanks in Advance...
  3. How to write RTI to passport office

    Hello Prasad, I am thinking on getting the copy of my rental agreement from police. I can apply RTI to get this information but if they nicely deny that they ever collected such a document I will be in trouble. So i am also exploring alternate ways to collect this information. I thought she might have furnished the copy of rental agreement in passport application. As she tried to get passport by giving this address in 2015. The passport office must have the copy of rental agreement or at least the address she furnished which can be used as proof if they provide info via RTI, but as you said I will wait for this information via court or via private detective. The girl is uneducated so no sms's, only calls. CCTV footage of 3yrs old can be get from restaurants ? I have the copy of Delhi/Agra hotel bills. Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh
  4. Name change details

    Hello Prasad, You know my case. The person is the accuser lady who honeytrapped me. Two months before marriage date she changed her name from yyyy to zzzz, stating that her birthname is yyyy but everyone at home calls her by the name zzzz so she wishes to change it to zzzz. When she filed the complaint on me and when I got bail, I called to her so called cousin and she told me that her name is xxxx which was a muslim name! Also I realized that she has put herself in matrimony with entirely a different name! I intend to find proof document for this name xxxx. My previous lawyer told me that it will substantially help my case. To others users, such a girl would have changed her name many times, the person can not change the name just like that, two times saying "horroscope", especially from muslim to hindu name. Prasad, can you please provide me with a format if I want to file an application to PIO ? which department, where should I address this to ? I tried to search the gazette myself and it was really really tough and very lengthy process. Besides with affidavit and paper advertisement copy it is possible to get pan card and the third step (gazette) is not a necessary step. The gazette officer might have a database and he can check in a minute with a database query. So I thought filing RTI would be better. Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh
  5. Name change details

    Hello all, For legal purposes, I wish to find out what was the name of the person around 2011/2012. As an example, I know that the person has changed the name in 2015 to zzzz. Before that the name was yyyy. But this is a new name acquired in 2011-2012. I wish to know the name of the person around 2011-2012 at which the name is changed from xxxx to yyyy. I wish to know what is xxxx ? Is it possible to use RTI to seek this information ? The person must have posted it in news paper or the state gazzette ? I know that in 2015 the name change information is not posted in state gazzette, the person published it in papers and made a Affidavit. Showed the affidavit and paper clips and created pan card and used pan card to update other docs. Can I search it through affidavits or gazzetes or news papaers, or I can submit RTI to concerned department ? Which would be the best way ? Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh
  6. Hello, I am a honeytrap victim and for legal purposes I wish to access if a person has a passport in her name currently. I do know that she applied for passport 2years back and I wish to access a copy of the application and what proof she furnished for address proof, as she gave my house as her address (to simplify). Should I address to Passport office for this information ? Can anyone please provide me with details of the format and to whom to address for this information. Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh
  7. Thank you Prasad for your valuable suggestions... I will stick with only RTI related queries from now onwards, if any. Best Regards Ramesh
  8. Hello Prasad, Thank you for your valuable replies. I wish to share some more here: 1. The house where the alleged rape took place is rented in the name of the accuser and accused (me). The accuser also filed a section which states that I kept her forcibly in the house against her will for 5 days. The original contract is ceased by police and the owner is not ready to provide the attested contract letter back to me. I feel like I must have the contract letter as its mine, the police mentioned in their report for police custody that the accuser and the accused looked to be in living relationship, a joint contract is found, but we need to inquire the owner about it. 2. All of my pen drives and memory cards are ceased by police. These contain some photo evidences. I feel like I must get it back somehow. 3. I did not understand the below statement, please don't mind and please help me by explaining it to me : "If there is any fact in your statement, that lady never approaches or goes to police station, and always use CIVIL way and the criminal way is to threaten and to get final settlement in civil way only." 4. The police didn't have any idea or clue about who I am, what relationship I have with the accuser etc. So when they arrested me they thought that I am a criminal and I have been doing this in different states to different girls. The inspector clearly asked me "to how many girls you have done in how many states" I had to explain them that I am a respectable software engineer and the girl is engaged to me and exploiting me. Only when they saw the original rental agreement they were baffled. Then they asked me 5 lakhs to drop all charges. I didn't have any money and rest is as explained by me. It was clear to me that they didn't do any investigation before taking the FIR. 5. During my DNA tests, because the constable who prepared the application did a copy paste job (right in front of me) from other case doc, there was an extra item to collect my blood came in. The hospital staff repeatedly told the constable that you need not take a vile of his blood, we have handled many Rape related DNA tests and it is absolutely not required. But the constable asked them to take my blood. So the police have my blood with them. Is it possible for them to misuse it to create false proofs ? 6. The girl claims in FIR that she knows me as only a friend and I asked her to come to my home, and raped her for 5 days. But only 7 months before we went to Taj Mahal and stayed in a hotel for 5 days (I have gps tagged photos, videos and hotel bills, flight tickets for taj mahal visit and engagement photos and videos) and the house where the alleged rape happened was rented in both of our names and she was living there and I was living in a PG that time. I have the PG bills also. We were staying separate as she intelligently asked me to not have sex till our marriage first night. The last time we had sex was when we went to Taj Mahal. 7. After bail when I went to station, the police clearly threatened me to extend the case for more than 10 years and put two more cases on me and beat me a lot ! Also to be very frank, I do not have any money, as the girl completely exploited me financial and even made me take several loans, maxxed out my credit card. Some background information before she filed the case on me: I resigned my job. I couldnt pay her expenses for 2 months, I asked her to sell off the marriage jewellery that she took (stole) from me and manage. She threatened me to do prostitution if I do not pay her in the coming months. She also denied to marry me at that time and asked for 2 more years time and a hefty 3lakhs dance course fees. I was due getting my PF, she knew that. It was already 2 yrs over from the time we got engaged. So I told her "marry me now, we can sell of marriage jewellery and live for 3 months and I can take a job, as i will be relaxed and happy". She asked 2 years time. As it will be 35 thousand per month for her and her course 3 lakhs and I dint want to pay anymore, I told her "marry me now or get lost from my life, if you wish so, return my jewellery or you can keep it, just don't bother me anymore". She begged for 1yr. Reluctantly I agreed. After 20 days she filed a complaint and had me arrested. The police even after knowing all these are asking me money. They look at the bank statements and It shows that I have transferred more than 10 lakhs to her, every month 25-30k, they are now asking me "you paid so much to her, take care of us also". But the then account balance was zero. They forced me to call to a lot of friends to get at least 1 lakh to station during police custody, even forced me to call to my owner to get 1 lakh from the advance money. She demanded 25lakhs to withdraw the case. Fortunately this is recorded in my call recordings. I fear that the police might destroy the proofs if I delay more. I have been to two lawyers, and both of them have misguided me. The former lawyer demanded more money even after paying more that what we agreed for and when I denied to pay he didnt help me get the phones with police after my bail. He also asked me to pay them 2.5lakhs and apply for 482 in high court. But I didnt have that kind of money and the lawyer denied to continue further. The current lawyer doesn't want to do anything. He asked me to stay quiet even if the chargesheet filing takes 5 years and he is not interested in filing an fir on that girl. I feel at least I should take my phones and pen drives and the documents that the police have with them and file an FIR against her with the proofs that I have, as she promised to marry me and exploited me. After this I can lay quiet for some time concentrating on getting a job and concentrating on making some money for lawyer fees etc. Sometimes I feel that I have substantial proofs, if only I could collect the Rape complaint she gave on other guy and recollect my phones I can defend myself. Section 376 is like a nuclear missile which is unprotected, any woman can come and use it. Very powerful but must also be guarded with carefulness. Below are the two incidents that made me come to this conclusion: 1. Read in news paper that a girl is arrested, she was noting down high class car numbers in mumbai and used to goto station in the morning and file FIR stating that she was kidnapped and raped in this car. Then she used to blackmail the car owner and demand hefty amount to take the case back. After doing this for a long time, some good police found this out and arrested her. 2. The below link I coppied from Sajib Nandi's post. Thanks to him: HC: Navi Mumbai cops part of false-rape racket? | Mumbai News - Times of India Its like a unsupervised nuclear bomb, so much power to con-women! I feel like someone should fight for this. Some changes are needed as before filing the case, it must be mandatory to do investigation. It almost ruined my life. Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh
  9. Hello Sajib Nandi, I am also a victim of such a girl and trying to fight back. Do you know how the below information is found: 1. That the girl filed Rape and Gang Rape in several police stations ? 2. How the information is found that the FIR is not filed in several other cases. If FIR is not there, what kind of documentation will be there and how the complaint is withdrawn when FIR is not filed. This information will be very help full for me. Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh
  10. Hello all, I'm a HoneyTrap victim. A girl promised to marry me, got engaged and financially exploited me. When I stopped paying money to her she filed a rape complaint against me. I got bail and I'm in the process or collecting evidences using RTI as a helping tool. 1. I know that 11 months before filing rape complaint on me, she filed rape complaint on another guy in another police station. When enquired by my lawyer (this might be false), the police said that around that date an email complaint came on the accused, but the accuser name is different and that they have deleted that email now. How to file an RTI to get this information, giving reference to my crime number, pointing out that I am a victim and I deserve this information. I know the below items: a. Accuser name b. Accused name c. Approximate date d. The Police station where its filed. 2. I came to know some how that she was arrested for prostitution in 2011-2013, not sure if the fir is registered, but she was released based on some influence maybe. I do not know the exact police station, but I know that it is in xxxnagar, I donot know if its xxxnagar 1st block. How to file RTI in this scenario when information is scarce. 3. She attempted suicide in 2013. I have seen the report. I hope this will affect the case. I know the hospital where she was admitted and its not govt hospital. How can I file RTI to get this information. 4. The police has not filed charge sheet yet, even after 8 months after my arrest. Also they have taken my mobiles and other important documents from my house in the name of investigation. How can I get a copy of the documents they have taken via RTI ? They have not filed receipts to court that they have taken the mobiles and they are kind of denying it now that they have it. How to approach this problem ? My friend and his trusted lawyer visited the station recently and the police clearly told them that the accuser girl has made a deal with police station that she will pay ~20 lakhs to them, which is astounding to me. Any RTI activists from Bangalore, please help me in this regard. Thanks and Best Regards Ramesh

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