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  1. CDR denied by BSNL

    Sir, I got help from the following thread and filed the RTI application with BSNL "Be prepared as their denial may be it is personal information. To avoid this write on bottom of Application as NB: if you treat the information on a record of BSNL, on another Government authority's call payment as personal information, please provide such justification with any such reference letter/clarification that states that official communication between two numbers alone amounts to invasion on privacy and personal security is at risk)" The CPIO, BSNL carried out sec 11 procedure and stated that AE, the third party communicated not to disclose his official CDR of his mobile number. CPIO, BSNL sent a copy of the letter from AE today by post. Will AE of electricity office have CDR data? Whom should I send the following query suggested by Prasad Sir 1)Please provide certified copy of Call Data Report of Mobile No...........................as this is not personal information as the subscriber is a Government authority, and CDR is not a private data of official in individual capacity. and the details are expenditure to Govt that states on transparency and accountability on such expenditure proper utilization.
  2. CDR denied by BSNL

    Sir, CPIO, BSNL has carried out sec 11 third party procedure and then denied information.Third party i.e A.E of electricity office in his reply to sec 11 notice stated not to disclose CDR details of official mobile number. Please advice on the query to be asked to AE in RTI application.
  3. CDR denied by BSNL

    Sir, 1. BSNL CPIO replied that AE of Electricity Office stated not to disclose his official CUG mobile number CDR outgoing call details.CPIO stated that "Copy of letter from AE enclosed". However,no enclosures. It's missing.I've written to BSNL asking for the copy of third party notice sent to AE and his reply. 2.Should I ask CDR from AE? or lodge a complaint on AE. Sorry Sir, I'm not able understand. Please advice on grounds of appeal to BSNL.
  4. CDR denied by BSNL

    Sir, I've requested for CDR outgoing call details of official CUG mobile number of Assistant Engineer,Electricity Office in our village .AE is the head of the EB office in our village.There are lot of alleged corruption,nexus with politicians,corruption in providing free power connection to sugarcane farmers ,threatening RTI applicants by that AE. Filed RTI with BSNL to get CDR outgoing call details of CUG official mobile number of AE for specific 2 months only along with copy of monthly bill . AE has stated not to disclose the CDR details in his reply to BSNL's third party notice.So, CPIO BSNL stated that as per sec 8(1) (e) (j) of RTI act third party information cannot be disclosed.However, BSNL has stated that I can get outgoing CDR for landline number of AE office. Please advice with respect to FA
  5. Information on registration with EC

    After filing FA, PIO replied as follows
  6. Hindu Religious and Charitable Department has refused to allow Inspection citing sec 7(9).Can I go for Appeal? sub: Request for Inspection and providing of selected documents as certified copies during Inspection u/s 2(j) (i) RTI Act 2005 [1] Please provide entire documents in file related to the temples in ABC District for Inspection by the applicant and his associate with prior intimation and also specifically permit for taking those copies as certified. Inspection requested on the following subject matter (a) renovation, restoration,construction,conservation & civil works during 2015-2017 PIO reply: Section 7(9) in The Right To Information Act, 2005 (9) An information shall ordinarily be provided in the form in which it is sought unless it would disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the record in question. Provide specific name of temple for which you want to inspect files [2] Inspection of entire documents in file related to missing idols in ABC District PIO reply: Section 7(9) in The Right To Information Act, 2005 (9) An information shall ordinarily be provided in the form in which it is sought unless it would disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the record in question.
  7. Sir, Whenever organizations and political parties submit application with TN Police seeking permission to conduct demonstration,meetings,processions etc,seldom they respond in writing.They inform the applicant over the phone regarding permission granted/denied for the meeting.SHO stated that they can provide letter in writing in case of meeting denied and not for meetinf permission granted.However they don't send anything in writing for both.In this regard i would like to clarify with the PIO of Police
  8. RTI Inspection of Records

    I need to inspect records related to 498 A cases and funds allotted for rehabilitation of Sex workers.
  9. I intend to file an application with All women police station for Inspection u/s 2(j) (i) of RTI Act 2005.Should I mention the type of records in my application? I would like to inspect records like FIR,statement of parties involved,police enquiry report etc. Pleaselet me know the list of records at police station that can be inspected u/s 2(j) (i) of RTI Act 2005
  10. Sir, My friend intends to file RTI in the office at which he is working.However his superiors stated that he cannot use his official designation or office address and file an RTI in his own department.Second, they have received a circular in TN State that filing RTI by employees of same office is against TN Government servant Conduct rules.Please clarify
  11. Need Information on water Tax

    Sir, Thanks for your advice.I intend to contest in local bodies election.Also its a kind of social audit. Sir, I need only the numbers something like Ward 1 to Ward 51 tabular column, water tax Rs 50lakhs,UDG 10 lakhs etc.It may comeup only to less than 25 pages. I'm not looking for individual data.I need the total amount of tax sectorwise paid in each wards. I could not draft a proper RTI for the same.
  12. Sir, 1.There are 51 wards in our Town.I need information on total tax paid including water tax,UDG(drainage) tax,property tax and all other taxes paid by citizens to corporation from 2015 to 2017.I need wardwise information. 2. I need information on total number of public toilets,feeding rooms for women,drinking water tap connection,UDG Connection,street lights,water tanks in 51 wards. I need information wardwise
  13. Sir, In our State, there are new political parties coming up every now and then.They conduct meetings,raise funds.stage demonstrations.etc. I' d like to seek list of registered political parties as on date in our state,list of de-listed parties in our state Also , like to know whether a political party can function without registration with EC and conduct meetings,raise funds and stage demonstrations Any inspections conducted by EC on the same
  14. RTI on CCTV footage of ATM

    FAA response as follows.
  15. Often, Police tend to obtain compromise or undertaking letter from complainant and counter-complainant and resolve cases at PS.Is it leagl for police to get such undertaking or compromise letters at PS.Are those letters admissible in the temple of law as evidence. In this regard,need to seek information from Police or Court

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