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  1. information from CISF

    Hello, CISF is exempted in RTI Act but if a person working in CISF needs information regarding his promotion,salary,transfer etc what should he do.How to get the information if he doubts or has problems regarding his promotion or salary? Kindly throw some light on this matter.
  2. Sir, Thank you for your prompt reply. ACB OFFICE had collected from OLD CUSTOM HOUSE to produce it in the court for some criminal case.Now when ACB OFFICE wrote to court they say that register is not with them.The record keeper at mazgaon said that only xerox copy was submitted in the court. ACB claims that they have submitted in the court.So it is not clear where is the register.I would like to know who is responsible for this register?Who is responsible for the search of this register?Land & revenue dept says that since ACB office has taken it is their duty to return it. ACB office says it is the duty of the land & revenue dept to demand & collect it from the court because they are the owners of this register. Court says after the case all the records go to the godown & it is very difficult to search it.Ever one says they are helpless & do not want to take the trouble to search it. Common man's property matter has come to a halt because of this register.Now what to do?? Even BMC prepares bill in the old owner's name because the name is not transferred to the new owner i.e. co - operative Society in the property card.Kindly suggest what action should be taken on these departments. Thanking you once again.
  3. Sir, Than you for the prompt reply. Many people are suffering because of this problem,but either they are unaware what to do or they prefer to remain quiet Since last 20 years we hear from LAND & REVENUE DEPT ' We are doing the follow up ' STILL THE ORIGINAL REGISTER IS NOT FOUND.Land revenue dept says ACB Office has got,ACB Office says they had sent to the quilla court,Quilla court says it was transferred to godown after the case was over.When went to sewri godown we were sent to Mazgaon godown.Mazgaon record keeper says that register was not produced in the court only the xerox copy was given.When asked ACB Office they said that it is mandatory to produce the original records in the court during the case.When asked land & Revenue dept, they say they are helpless.It was their mistake that the original register was sent to ACB Office due to panic at that time.Since the register is very old nobody wants to take the effort to search it nor own the responsibility.
  4. Hello, The original property card register no 156 was confiscated by ACB office & was presented in the court for some criminal case of 1985 This case was cleared in 1995 but till date no body is aware of the whereabouts of this register & officers say they are helpless.Without the register names cannot be transferred in the property card.Nearly 20 years have passed still the original register is not found. Who is responsible for this original document/register of property card details?Is it the land & revenue dept,ACB Office,civil court,Quilla court..????? What is the solution/alternative to transfer the names in property card in the absence of this register many property card holders have become helpless in such a situation.Even the RBI is stuck in the absence of the original register.To which authority should this matter be referred?Can we apply right to public property /right to service Act? How?Some guidance or help is requested & will be appreciated. HEMA SAMPAT
  5. Property & assessment Dept [bMC C-WARD] has been overcharging applicants for information on property extract since 2009 inspite of the new circular.They have been charging Rs.235/-instead or Rs.2/-for the information.I would like to know how many people have been overcharged.If u have been overcharged kindly send me ur proof of ur payment receipt.C WARD has got instructions from headoffice to refund the money.U can contact me on hemasampat@gmail.com. We should get the refund.
  6. I would like to know the charges to be paid for property extract information of a particular room asked under RTI ACT.As per BMC the fees are already prescribed as Rs.230/-by the assessment dept & so they charge Rs.230/-from everyone.Now as per RTI Act the charges for an A4 size is Rs.2/- only.When asked for the rateable value of a particular room from BMC C-WARD the officer charged Rs.230/-showing the circularof charges prescribed by the dept.The information supplied is only the rateable value & it is typed on the computer [hardly a couple of words]When approached the Asstt Commissioner Mrs.Jadhav [AA in C-Ward] she also claimed that since the charges are already decided by the department they have to take Rs.230/- as fees for the given information.Can anyone throw light on the exact fees paid for the info.on property extract? Is it Rs2/- or Rs.230/-.According to one officer if they charge only Rs.2/-under RTI Act then the BMC will be at a loss.Has BMC started such profit making business by looting the people? I was told by few people that they always charge Rs.230/-from everyone.I would like to know that if information is asked under RTI who should be at a loss?The Applicant or the BMC?One has to pay Rs.2/- or Rs.230/-? Is there any circular or any decision regarding this matter ?Inputs on this topic will be highly appreciated & helpful to the public.
  7. wish you a very very happy new year

  8. wish you a very very happy new year

  9. READ SEC.6(3)of the RTI Act which states that it is the duty of the PA to transfer such application to the appropriate PA & INFORM THE APPLICANT immediately about such transfer. HEMA SAMPAT.
  10. Hai friends.....


    I am chandrasekhar working at indiamart.com,hyd..as a marketing executive..

  11. Hai friends.....


    I am chandrasekhar working at indiamart.com,hyd..as a marketing executive..

  12. Hai friends.....


    I am chandrasekhar working at indiamart.com,hyd..as a marketing executive..

  13. Hai friends.....


    I am chandrasekhar working at indiamart.com,hyd..as a marketing executive..

  14. The highest authority in an institution is a PIO .To assist him there is another officer who helps him in collecting the info.He is equally responsible for giving the info.If he fails to do so it becomes deemed refusal for which he might be punished.

  15. The highest authority in an institution is a PIO .To assist him there is another officer who helps him in collecting the info.He is equally responsible for giving the info.If he fails to do so it becomes deemed refusal for which he might be punished.

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