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  1. Is this only for BSNL?? How many yrs back details can I have? Sent from my SM-G610F using RTI INDIA mobile app
  2. Regarding rti second appeal

    I filed second appeal which they rejected on grounds first appeal was not filed in time. Since my first appeal was in time I sent them an application again clarifying my first appeal with calculation of dates. But I didn't t receive any response. What stud I do pl. guide. Thanx for yr support. Sent from my SM-G610F using RTI INDIA mobile app
  3. RTI regarding land

    Thanx so much Sir
  4. RTI regarding land

    I did an RTI regarding a land which belongs to somebody and the person has slips of paid chalans too. The rti was whether is it land area , if yes give the rakba and disha . The forest department has replied it is forest area. Since the land chalan is there it is contradictory. How can I proceed further? Pl. guide. With thanx
  5. First Appellate address

    I filed first appeal to anumandal padadhikari ka karyalay .. It is returned back to me without opening the envelop with note on envelop .." Refused".. Please explain me the reason and also guide me in next step to be taken .
  6. First Appellate address

  7. First Appellate address

    I had done RTI to Election Commission of India Secretariat of Election Commission of India forwarded it to PIO Office of Chief Election Commission Ranchi And from there it was forwarded to pIO District Election Office Bokaro. AT last it was forwarded to anumandal padadhikari Chas dt 19.9.17 Yet I have not recvd any reply. Where shud I do 1st appeal. Plz help me giving complete address. With thanx...
  8. 2nd appeal

    Thanx Sir, pls tell me one thing more. In filing writ mandamus will the HC not tell me that it is all about third party and the matter is not related to you so u can' t proceed with it..
  9. 2nd appeal

    Thanx Sir, pls tell me one thing more. In filing writ mandamus will the HC not tell me that it is all about third party and the matter is not related to you so u can' t proceed with it..
  10. 2nd appeal

    Can u tell me something about writ mandamus u suggested. I am totally ignorant about it
  11. 2nd appeal

    Ya right .. before that I wanted to get a straightforward written from the commission that apart from the 4 subjects, other subject graduates r not eligible which they r not giving anyway. ( so that no any discrepancy arises at a later time because then I cud directly challenge the commission that u have given me in writing that other subject is not eligible then how this candidate has been given the joining. I have a fear all will be done setting with the candidate on money. Even they have informed the candidate regarding my RTI. ) But in this RTI I am puzzled from almost 2 yrs without any benefit so far filing different RTIs for the same issue. Pls suggest Sir.
  12. 2nd appeal

    It is 2013 recruitment. Exam conducted in 2014 Joining perhaps in 2015. I am not its employee but they have recruited somebody without eligible qualification as mentioned in recruitment notification. And I have proof of it. FAA is entertaining me because he wanted to delay me from filing 2nd appeal . He knows the wrong in recruitment and wants to burry it . I am having recruitment advertisement mentioning eligibility and for my RTI application also they have provided the same . What can I do for this corruption in recruitment . Pl suggest the other way..
  13. 2nd appeal

    In an RTI application I got reply of 1st point in 3 pages. I did first appeal for getting incomplete information 2nd point not provided. They gave 2 pages of again information related to point no 1 dated 2.2 17 and gave me date for hearing . 17.2.17 When I went there they told information no 2 as asked is questionnaire and it is not in record in office so it will not be provided. Pls see the attachment of rti application. They also told since only 4 subjects are mentioned any other subject is not eligible for recruitment which is self understood but can not be provided as it is question and not on record in office . When I said apart from the 4 mentioned subjects , recruitment has been done of which I have proof, they said same permission has been taken from UGC and the person who can tell about it is on leave as his leg is fractured. So don' t go for 2nd appeal, U contact on phone and we will give u appointment when he rejoins. I got the appointment on phone which was after 3 months of 1st hearing of 1st appeal. 14.6.17 When I went there they said the same reply as in 1st hearing and that any other subject was not eligible and no any extra information can be provided regarding 2nd point. I did second appeal 3 days after 2nd hearing 17.6.17 but due to addressed to same office it reached again to FAA and he again gave date of hearing of 1st appeal by letter dated 6.7.17 to be 17.7.17. They repeated the same thing that it is question and not on record. They posted an order of hearing and gave me next date 27.7.17. Since I was not well I asked for new date and they gave it 17.8. 17 by a letter dated 9.8.17 I did not recover and I asked for a new date . And in the mean time I filed 2nd appeal to SIC .24.8 17 I got new date of 1st appeal 18.9.17 by letter dated 7.9.17. Since I was suggested by doctor not to travel, I asked FAA to give whatever information in written and did not appear on 18.9.17. In the mean time SIC REPLIED my 2nd appeal is not filed within time duration. I think the time duration of 90 days can be calculated from with respect to last date of hearing of 1st appeal. 2nd appeal shud not be rejected. Pl guide me . Sorry attachment is not going . My information asked in RTI is.. 1. In ladies supervisor CDPO exam 2013 conducted on 8.6.14, What is minimum educational qualification required and in what subject. 2. Whether anthropology honours, subsidiari subject 1 Hindi, subsidiary subject 2 economics graduates eligible for recruitment for this post . If yes pl provide me certified copies of official recruitment advertisements through they are eligible for it.
  14. Public interest

    Pls guide me can' t I do it in 2nd appeal of same RTI
  15. Public interest

    Thanks so much

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